Boost Your Kitchen’s Charm with Stylish Floral Roman Shades

Floral designs never seem to go out of style when it comes to home decor. From vintage floral wallpapers to modern abstract botanical prints, flower motifs continue to be a perennial favorite for adding a touch of beauty and natural charm to living spaces. And one of the best ways to incorporate this timeless trend into your kitchen is with stylish floral roman shades .

As a popular window treatment known for its graceful draped folds, the roman shade already brings aesthetic appeal and softness to any room. Pair that with gorgeously blooming floral fabrics and you have the makings of a beautifully inviting kitchen backdrop ripe for compliments. Beyond just looking fabulous, floral roman shades also offer practical privacy and UV ray protection–an added bonus for a high-traffic space like the kitchen!

Floral Roman Shade Fabric Options

From natural cottons to sleek synthetics, floral roman shades come in a spectrum of fabric varieties to match any kitchen design theme or need.

Common Fabrics

Linen – Made from natural fibers, linen offers a casual, laidback look and feel. It resists fading but is prone to wrinkling.

Cotton – Another lightweight natural fabric, cotton is both breathable and fade-resistant. However keep away from direct sunlight to avoid premature wear.

floral roman shades for kitchen

Polyester – Wrinkle-free polyester wears and cleans well, though some find it lacks the texture of natural fabrics.

Faux Silk – For affordable luxury, faux silk mimics the rich look of silk at a fraction of the cost while still draping beautifully.

Key Considerations

When selecting fabric, think about these kitchen-specific factors:

  • Durability – Withstand everyday wear-and-tear.
  • Moisture/Mildew Resistance – Deal with splatters and humidity in the cooking zone.
  • Easy Cleaning – Spot clean stains without special treatments.

Sheer vs Blackout Options

Sheer floral shades filter light beautifully for an airy vibe, while room-darkening shades prevent harsh glare.

Best Floral Patterns & Colors For Kitchens

From sweet and subtle to lush and dramatic, floral roman shades set the scene. Scale, color and print style all make a statement.

Trending Floral Patterns

Large Scale Blooms – Make everyday feel like a luxury English garden with big peonies, roses and hydrangeas demanding attention.

Small Scale Blooms – Laden with dainty posies or tiny sprigs, infuse delicate charm into compact kitchen corners.

Classic vs Modern Styles

Vintage Florals – Romantic faded roses, delicate vines and scrollwork for cozy charm.

Contemporary Florals – Bold abstract shapes and designs, vivid colors and playful simplicity.

Unexpected Color Palettes

While blush pinks, jewel tones and classic greens thrive, today’s floral patterns celebrate every hue. Try:

  • Vibrant coral
  • Sunny yellow
  • Cool aqua
  • Soothing slate blue

Design Tips & Styling Ideas

Use these clever ways to play up your floral roman shades for full impact:

Mix & Match

Collect an eclectic mix of floral roman shades in various colors, scales and prints for an ultra-stylish mismatched look. The key is cohesion – repeat colors throughout for harmony.

Incorporate Supporting Accents

Carry flower power further with coordinating accents like faux floral centerpieces, fruit- or botanical-themed artwork, and area rugs with floral medallions. Herringbone wood floors also complement.

Paint & Tile

Choose wall colors that accent your floral shades. Add backsplash tile with organic shapes and patterns for a nature-inspired vignette around windows.

Table Top Style

Use your shade’s floral print as inspiration for mix-and-match table linens layered over wood grain tables.

And display fruit bowls and floral ceramic pieces for a pulled-together botanical feast for the eyes!

Functional Benefits For Kitchen Windows

Beyond their visual appeal, floral roman shades also provide utility by:

  • Controlling light and privacy as needed
  • Insulating windows for sound dampening
  • Softening incoming sunlight
  • Filtering views while allowing ambient lighting to filter in

Popular Placement Spots

Strategically install floral roman shades in these prime kitchen areas for maximum everyday enjoyment:

Sink Areas

Frame the workspace around your main cleanup zone beautifully! When tackling dishes, enjoy the semi-privacy and filtering light.

Flanking Windows

Line up matching or coordinating floral shades on window sets to magnify the floral fever!

Banquettes & Breakfast Nooks

Enjoy the full flowering view during morning coffee and meals in your dedicated dining zone within the kitchen.

Unique Styles To Consider

Customize dimensions and specialized top treatments to make your floral roman shades extra unique.

Curved Relaxed Roman

The relaxed roman gets its mellow drape from a curved fold along the bottom for super soft femininity.

Inverted Pleat

Inverted box pleats at the header add tidy structure. Choose a print that viewers can appreciate with this style’s slightly gapped folds.

Contrast Bottoms

For the best of both worlds, pick a neutral shade on top that transitions into a vibrant floral print band along the bottom! It creates a color blocked effect.

Measurements & Installation

Achieve the perfect custom fit in your kitchen windows with accurate measurements and proper installation:

Taking Window Measurements

Carefully measure each window’s height and width. For accuracy, measure to the nearest 1/8th inch. Having these precise numbers for your floral roman shade company ensures a flawless custom fit.

Mounting Considerations

Floral roman shades can be installed either inside the window frame for a layered look, or outside the frame to cover the existing trim.

For moisture-prone areas like above a kitchen sink, outdoor mounting helps protect shades from splatter damage.


Look for durable mounting brackets designed to handle the shade’s thickness and weight. For skylights out of reach consider remote control hardware options.

DIY vs Professional

If handy, you can likely install standard shades yourself by following manufacturer’s guidelines. But for specialty shapes like arched windows, leave it to the experts for the best fit.

Extra Touches For Full Florals Impact

Complement your fabulous new window shades with these coordinating embellishments for a completely on-trend botanical kitchen!

Herringbone Wood Floors

Crisscrossed organic-looking woodgrain floor planks enriched by natural knots and flaws make the perfect foundation for your floral oasis.

Glass Pendant Lights

Dappled lighting filtering through frosted glass illuminated pendants cast a wonderful modern cottage atmosphere.

Ceramic Accent Pieces

Handcrafted ceramic bowls and vases glazed with trailing blue florals, succulent-shaped salt & pepper shakers, and floral ceramic knobs give your kitchen added charm.

For a finishing touch – display faux floral sprays in empty ginger ale bottles on open shelving!

Fruit-shaped Knobs/Handles

Further feed kitchen visitors’ floral cravings with carved wood handles and knobs resembling juicy lemons, plump strawberries and rosy apples.

With the right style, fabric and placement, stylish floral roman shades let you bask in the botanical beauty. Softly diffuse the light while their gentle folds add gorgeous dimension to frame picturesque views outdoors.

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