Spruce Up Your Living Room With Stylish Black Side Tables

Tired of your lackluster living room? Want to add some stylish flair but don’t know where to start? One simple yet dramatic way to transform the look and feel of your space is by incorporating fashionable black side tables. These versatile accent pieces provide both form and function to instantly elevate your decor. Keep reading to discover the array of chic black side table options and clever ways to weave them seamlessly into your current layout and palette.

Black side tables are currently trending for good reason – their bold color makes a dramatic impact but still matches a variety of styles and color schemes. Plus, they provide additional surface space and storage solutions in even the tiniest living rooms when floor space is at a premium. Whether your aesthetic is modern, bohemian, industrial or traditional, the right black side table can bring cohesion and flair. We’ll explore popular black side table styles, creative placement ideas, and styling tips to pull your whole look together.

Black Side Table Styles

With the sheer variety of black side table designs available today, you’re sure to find one that speaks to your personal taste and complements your living room’s current furnishings and architecture. Consider the following trendy styles when selecting a black side table:


If you dig sleek, contemporary spaces, modern black side tables are the way to go. Characterized by minimalist shapes, smooth lines and an absence of ornamentation, these tables have an airy, fuss-free feel. Common materials for modern tables include metal, glass, plastic and wood. Their simple geometric or oval shapes mesh well with sectionals and mid-century armchairs. The lightweight, transparent quality of glass topped models makes them appear to float while taking up minimal visual space.


On the flip side, if you adore farmhouse or cottage vibes, consider a rustic black side table. Typically crafted from reclaimed or untreated wood, these charming tables feature visible imperfections like knots, cracks and distressing. Their unfinished look provides contrast to polished living rooms. Opt for vintage inspired metal accents for industrial flair. Pine and oak are popular woods used in this style, which coordinate nicely with woven rugs, printed armchairs and cozy textiles.

black side tables for living room


Loving the modern loft or urban chic look? Then an industrial style black side table will perfectly complement your existing furnishings. Look for tables with metal legs, piping, exposed joins, casters and wire mesh accents. Vintage factory carts make inventive and practical side tables. Black adds punch – pair with wood tones and colorful furniture like chartreuse or crimson for an eclectic vibe. The imperfections and mixed materials of these tables inject bold personality into sterile, cookie cutter rooms.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern aficionados will swoon over the sleek retro vibe of tapered leg black side tables. With origins in 1940s and 50s design, these tables feature clean lines, simple trapezoid or oval shapes and legs that taper from top to bottom. Lucite and glass tops were popular, adding lightness while contrasting dark wooden frames. For living rooms with Mad Men inspired furnishings, this iconic style adds a dash of retro flair.

How Black Side Tables Complement Living Room Decor

While their chic style makes a dramatic statement, black side tables aren’t just about looks – they provide practical purpose and enhance overall living room decor in clever ways:

Add Stylish Contrast

Black side tables give your living space an instant style injection. Their darkness pops against neutral walls, sofas and rugs, making decor colors more vibrant. The striking contrast provides bold emphasis without overwhelming. Group multiple black tables together for high-impact drama.

Provide Additional Surface Space

Lacking in tabletop real estate? Black side tables come to the rescue in even the most compact living rooms. Position tables adjacent to sofas or between chairs to maximize every inch. Their tops offer space for table lamps, framed photos, refreshments and more. Their slim shape can squeeze into tight spots and skinny entryways. For media lovers, side tables provide a handy spot to rest remotes, game controllers and devices.

Match a Variety of Decor Styles

With an incredible range of styles covered, black side tables seamlessly slide into all types of living room decor schemes and color palettes. Their neutral darkness lets them blend in yet stand out simultaneously. Match black tables to existing black accents or make them the bold focal point. Their versatility allows you to alter their look by swapping table lamps or trays to match changing seasonal decor.

Black Side Table Styling Tips

Now for the fun part – it’s time to style your fashionable black side table! Use these tips to craft a pulled-together vignette:

Decorating Top Tips

When decorating your black side tabletop, opt for hue schemes featuring neutrals, metals and your accent colors. Incorporate ceramic, leather or wood objects that texture complement the table base. Use trays to corral smaller items and contain spills. Stack decor books for height and interest. Position table lamps adjacent to seated eye level for ideal lighting. Finish the look with a small plant or sculptural object.

Choosing Table Lamps

Table lamps balance and illuminate side table vignettes. Select a lamp height that aligns with your furniture height for cozy lighting. Opt for drum, orb or pyramid shapes for stability. Material and base should coordinate with table style – sleek and modern or earthy and organic. Put USB ports nearby to conveniently charge devices. Position adjustable lamp heads to avoid glare.

Selecting Practical Storage

While you want your table to look stunning, it still needs storage to tuck away unsightly necessities. Look for styles with drawers, cabinets and lower shelves to neatly conceal electronics, controllers, cords and clutter. Baskets add natural texture for organizing books, blankets and more. Prioritize concealed storage if your table is in a high-traffic area.

Black Side Table Placement

To maximize form and function, consider these prime spots for your chic black side table:

Beside Seating

This is the classic side table arrangement. Flank sofas, loveseats and chairs with matching end tables at arm height for easy access to items. Make sure the surface is within comfortable reach – around 16 to 18 inches from seat edge. Leave a bit of breathing room too. For recreational seating, position tables to hold refreshments and devices.

Fill Empty Spots

Have awkward gaps or dead spaces in your living layout? Fill them stylishly with a black side table. Long narrow console tables can fit in many spots larger pieces can’t. Nestle a petite table in a neglected corner to balance the room. Use behind a sofa facing a TV so multiple people can set down drinks. Avoid blocking walkways or view lines.

Entryway Accent

Welcome guests in style by placing a slim black table or console in your entryway or hallway. These high-traffic spaces reap rewards from extra surface space. Try a demilune style that hugs corners for a space-saving option. Top with decor that reflects your style, then use the surface to toss keys, hold mail and drop handbags.

Black side tables are a living room game-changer. Their striking silhouette makes decor colors pop while their versatility allows them to complement all styles from traditional to modern. Try out unusual shapes like demilune or pyramid tables for added flair. Incorporate rustic, industrial and retro tables into your existing decor by simply swapping table lamps or trays to match changing seasons and color schemes. Position black side tables cleverly beside seating, in dead spaces or narrow entryways to maximize their form and function. Finally, pile on decor like books, baskets and table lamps to pull together a stunning yet functional tableau. With endless options, it’s easy to spruce up your living room and create a killer look with the addition of fashionable black side tables.

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