Learn a Pro’s Trick to Keep Cabinets Spotless During Painting

Painting the kitchen cabinets can completely transform the look of your space. However, it also comes with the risk of making a mess if paint drips or splatters onto surfaces it’s not supposed to. To achieve flawless results without spending hours cleaning up afterwards, follow this pro tip for keeping cabinets pristine during the painting process.

Get All the Necessary Prepping Supplies

The key to neat and tidy painting lies in properly masking off anything you don’t want to get paint on. Arm yourself with these essential supplies:

how to cover inside of kitchen cabinets
  • Painter’s tape
  • Drafting tape (for delicate surfaces)
  • Brown packing paper
  • Newsprint paper
  • Plastic sheets
  • Low-tack masking film

Protect Surrounding Surfaces First

Before opening a single can of paint, prep the rest of the kitchen. Clearing counters and covering floors, walls, backsplashes and appliances prevents stray paint splatters from adhering. For appliances like fridges and stoves, seal them off completely with plastic sheets. Carefully apply tapes to create clean paint edges where walls meet cabinets.

Seal Off Cabinet Interiors

Now for the fun part! Framing cabinets with tape and paper keeps paint restricted only to intended exterior surfaces. Run strips of drafting tape around the inner perimeter, then lay packing paper over the tape. Make sure shelving edges and removable drawers get wrapped too. This professional technique forms a temporary protective barrier.

Paint and Allow Proper Drying Times

With everything safely covered, start brushing and rolling on your new paint color. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for dry times between coats. To speed things up, switch on overhead fans or crack open a window to keep fresh air circulating.

Carefully Remove All Coverings

The final step lets you admire your hard work! Slowly remove tapes and protective sheets. Clean up any minor spills right away before drying. Now your kitchen has a fresh updated look and the inside of cabinets remain pristine!

Proper prep takes a bit more time upfront, but saves the headache later of dealing with paint where you don’t want it. Implement this handy trick used by painting pros to keep cabinets looking spotless no matter how many coats it takes to get your desired coverage.

To make your kitchen cabinets look like new for years to come, be mindful of how you use and clean them. Avoid placing dripping wet items inside initially. Immediately wipe up spills on freshly painted surfaces using a soft cloth. Over the long-term, clean cabinets gently using mild soap and water only.

You can also add another layer of protection. Most cabinet paint brands recommend applying a fresh clear topcoat once a year. This maintains the sleek finish and further prevents wear and tear over high-traffic and high-moisture areas.

Now get ready to sit back and enjoy your kitchen’s amazing transformation! No one but you has to know the secret behind how the inside of cabinets stay so clean even after a fresh coat of paint.

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