Illuminate Your Bathroom With Restoration Hardware’s Striking Light Fixtures

With their dedication to quality craftsmanship and timeless, sophisticated designs, Restoration Hardware has earned recognition as a leading provider of breathtaking lighting for stylish, design-focused homes. This remains especially true when it comes to outfitting the bathroom–a space where proper illumination is a must for tasks like makeup application and grooming. Restoration Hardware’s extensive lighting collections include glamorous fixtures that can transform the bathroom into a shining showpiece. From crystal chandeliers to modern sconces, their signature options infuse luxury into any bathroom aesthetic.

Overview of Restoration Hardware’s Diverse Bathroom Lighting Selections

Since its founding in 1979, Restoration Hardware has curated an array of lighting options drawn from various influences, including industrial and vintage European styles. Their bathroom collections encompass designs suited for traditional, modern, and eclectic decors alike.

Vintage-Inspired Fixtures

For bathrooms inspired by the old world, Restoration Hardware offers lighting that feels freshly plucked from a European estate. Their vintage-style selections include:

restoration hardware bathroom light fixtures
  • Ornate gilded sconces and dazzling crystal chandeliers inspired by French chateaus
  • Industrial pendants and aged metal sconces channeling an antique warehouse aesthetic
  • Crystal table lamps with elegant silhouettes reminiscent of the Art Deco era

Sleek Modern and Transitional Pieces

Alongside their vintage-inspired designs, Restoration Hardware also provides clean-lined modern and transitional fixtures made from materials like brushed brass and polished nickel:

  • Slim linear sconces offer understated elegance
  • Modern takes on lanterns, pendants, and chandeliers balance contemporary and traditional notes

Creative Statement Lighting Solutions

Tired of builder-basic bathroom lighting? Restoration Hardware offers creative alternatives to tired flush mounts and basic vanity strips. Consider statement-making:

  • Pendant lights instead of a central ceiling fixture
  • Sconces mounted above or alongside a mirror
  • Layered lighting that combines task fixtures with beautiful ambient options

Spotlight on Restoration Hardware’s Bestselling Bathroom Collections

Within their vast array of bathroom fixtures, a few of Restoration Hardware’s collections stand out for their popularity. These include:

French Deco: Ornate Old World Inspiration

The French Deco collection spotlights the glitz and glamour of 1920s Parisian design via gilded accents, mirrored surfaces, and fine cut glass. The beaded chandelier options infuse spaces with both beauty and ample radiance for tasks like applying makeup. Meanwhile, curved arm sconces with cut glass shades have an elegant art deco shape that flatters any vanity.

Heath Ceramics: Handcrafted Midcentury Appeal

Lovers of midcentury modern style appreciate Heath Ceramics’ tile and lighting offerings. Their line at Restoration Hardware features handmade fixtures like globe pendants and ceramic plaques in muted, natural tones. Materials range from wood and clay to brass and painted steel for fixtures that feel fresh yet retro.

Bristol Collection: Coastal Inspiration

Ideal for bathrooms with a nautical vibe, the Bristol Collection includes rope-wrapped pendants with a casually elegant vibe. Glass shades allow their Edison bulbs to shine through, while combinations of metals–from rubbed bronze to aged brass–complement both bold and neutral palettes.

Design Considerations for Illuminating the Bathroom

When designing a lighting scheme for the bathroom, homeowners must weigh both functional needs and aesthetic goals. Key factors include:

Comparing Ambient and Task Lighting

While ambient lighting offers overall general illumination, task lighting directs focused rays where needed–usually by the sink or mirror. Bathrooms generally require ample task lighting and mood-setting ambient options:

  • Accent the vanity area with mounted sconces or adjustable picture lights
  • Use overhead fixtures like a pendant or chandelier for style

Bulb Types and Technology

For bathroom lighting, homeowners must pick bulbs suitable for damp areas with ideal color temperature and brightness. Top options include:

  • Crisp white halogen bulbs that render colors and skin accurately
  • Efficient compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs
  • LEDs for long-lasting brightness

Safety Tips from Electricians

Due to water and electricity mixing in bathrooms, lighting installations have extra safety considerations. Certified electricians strongly recommend:

  • Updating existing outlets to modern, safety-focused GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupters)
  • Using only “wet” and “shower-location” rated fixtures near tubs and showers
  • Seeking professional help with any major bathroom wiring projects

Achieving a Restoration Hardware-Worthy Bathroom

Homeowners who wish to implement Restoration Hardware’s high-end yet comfortable signature style in the bathroom have a few approaches for making it happen on any budget.

Curating Design Inspiration

Look to Restoration Hardware’s collections for style inspiration. If drawn to their French Country rustic chic, compile idea pins of painted wood vanities, vintage mirrors, and crystal sconces. Those preferring modern can assemble images of stone sinks, gold accents, and contemporary light fixtures.

Seeking Out Secondhand and Reproduction Pieces

Vintage and antique stores may offer chandeliers and sconces with old-world charm at less cost. Alternatively, for iconic Restoration Hardware styles, lighting designers can recreate the look with custom pieces. Consignment websites like Chairish also list pre-owned Restoration Hardware bathroom lighting at discounted prices.

Adapting the Luxe Look for Any Budget

Homeowners need not spend a fortune mimicking Restoration Hardware’s sophisticated style. Key to the look are:

  • Metallic finishes like unlacquered brass or nickel
  • Natural materials like wood, stone, ceramic, glass
  • Vintage shapes and silhouettes

Seeking out fixtures or DIY materials embodying a few of those elements keeps costs reasonable while still conveying Restoration Hardware’s signature aesthetic.

Restoration Hardware’s extensive lighting collections unlock beautiful new dimensions for the bathroom. Their offerings range from crystal chandeliers perfect for spacious master suites to space-saving sconces ideal for powder rooms. With curated vintage charm and sleek modern selections, Restoration Hardware’s fixtures satisfy both function and style.

By layering ambient and task options thoughtfully, homeowners can expect their Restoration Hardware lights to flood the bathroom with radiance and elegance for years to come. Professional electricians also provide key insights into safely incorporating statement-making lighting in bathrooms. For illuminating bathrooms with striking and sophisticated style, Restoration Hardware remains our top pick.

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