Shape Your Nest With Soothing Ivory Woven Flush Mounts

If you’re looking to add a decorative yet functional lighting element to your home, an ivory woven rope flush mount is an excellent option. With a shade made of natural ivory and jute rope in a stylish woven pattern, this flush ceiling light makes a statement while providing a soft, ambient glow. Its understated elegance works well in a variety of rooms and decor themes, from nautical and coastal to boho chic. Installing a flush mount light is also a relatively easy wiring project you may be able to DIY. Read on to learn more about finding the perfect ivory woven rope flush mount to complete your interior design.

Finding the Perfect Ivory Woven Flush Mount

An ivory woven rope flush mount refers to a flush mounted ceiling light fixture with a shade made of ivory-colored woven rope material. It typically has an adjustable hanging height and acrylic diffuser to radiate a soothing glow. Flush mount lights are mounted directly to the ceiling, as opposed to hanging pendant lights or chandeliers with chains. They are available in a range of styles, but for coastal, farmhouse, or bohemian inspired spaces, the ivory woven rope variety adds natural texture and dimension.

Determine the Right Size Flush Mount for Your Space

These fixtures come in a variety of diameters, so make sure to measure your room and preferred mounting area before purchasing. Generally, you’ll want the diameter of your light fixture to be at least 2 inches smaller than the wall or ceiling area it is being mounted on. Flush mount ceiling lights typically range anywhere from 12 inches to 36 inches across. You also need to consider the height of your ceiling to select the appropriate chain length if your light fixture is adjustable for height.

Complement Your Decor Style

One benefit of the ivory woven rope flush mount is that it works well with an array of interior design aesthetics. If creating a coastal or nautical -inspired space, this ceiling light with natural rope detailing is right at home alongside weathered wood accents, anchoring elements, and soft neutrals. Its textural shade also suits rustic , farmhouse , or vintage decor ; think worn wood furniture, galvanized metal touches, and whitewashed beams overhead.

ivory woven rope flush mount

Choose the Right Bulbs

Most flush mount light fixtures use medium or candelabra sized screw-in bulbs, either LED or incandescent. While LED bulbs are more energy efficient and last longer, incandescent bulbs emit a warmer, cozier light. When selecting bulbs, consider lumens, or brightness, needed to sufficiently light the intended space, along with the light color. The typical wattage capacity is 60 watts total for this type of ceiling light but may accommodate a range of wattages. Be sure the bulb style, wattage rating, and quantity match the specifications of the light fixture.

Shop Top Flush Mount Brands

Some popular lighting brands offering woven rope flush mount styles include Sea Gull Lighting, Hudson Valley Lighting, Craftmade, and Golden Lighting. Compare different product specifications like dimensions, materials, light bulb compatibility, etc. When it comes to pricing for light fixtures, Sea Gull Lighting and Golden Lighting tend to fall more in the budget to mid-range category, while Hudson Valley and Craftmade skew higher-end. However, you can find flush mount lights at varying price points across brands, starting around $80 up to $500 or more.

Installation & Placement Tips

Prepare for Hardwired Installation

Flush mount ceiling lights require hardwiring, which means the fixture gets wired directly into your existing electrical system. While it is possible to install these lights yourself if you have ample DIY wiring experience, it is often advisable to hire a qualified electrician to ensure proper setup for safety and compliance with building codes. The installation process involves connecting the light fixture wires to electrical wires inside the mount area during the rough-in phase of construction or remodeling. If wiring an existing home, be prepared to run potential new wires inside the wall or ceiling prior to installation.

Position for Maximum Decor Impact

Think about where to place your ivory woven rope flush mount for optimal visual effect. Centered above a crib or bed draws attention to the decorative light fixture while also providing practical illumination for the room. Alternatively, hang one over a seating nook or entryway table to infuse those vignettes with abundant glow while showcasing the woven artisanal style of the flush mount. Group multiple sizes and shapes together across a hallway or foyer for added drama and dimension.

Style Your Nursery with an Ivory Woven Flush Mount

The diffuse radiance and natural texture of an ivory woven rope flush mount make it a smart choice for a baby nursery or kid’s room. Rather than harsh overhead light, the soft illumination creates a warm, peaceful ambiance ideal for young children. Style it with other bohemian or Scandinavian elements for a relaxed yet elevated nursery aesthetic.

Blend with Boho Nursery Decor

Incorporate an ivory woven flush mount light into a boho-chic nursery with lyrical accents like a handcrafted mobile above the crib and embroidered cotton throws for cozy texture. Complimentary rattan or woven furniture like a bassinet, dresser, or storage bin furthers the natural vibe. The woven ceiling light fits seamlessly amongst an eclectic mix of lush greenery, global textiles, unique accessories, and muted, creamy neutrals.

Compliment a Coastal Nursery Theme

Or, pair your flush mount with light wood furniture, weathered frames showcasing imagery of shells or sea creatures, and accessories in shades of sea glass blue and green paired with sandy tans and whites. Echo the woven texture with jute rugs, natural fiber baskets, and raffia poufs. Accent with touches of rope, sailor knots, and framed maps to drive home the beach house inspiration.

Soft Lighting for a Calming Kids’ Retreat

In a kid’s bedroom beyond the nursery stage, an ivory woven rope flush mount emits the same soothing glow little ones love. For elementary through teen years when budding personalities evolve, the light keeps up, complementing palette shifts from neutrals to bold hues. The natural texture plays well alongside common children’s decor like colorful bedding, cozy reading nooks, posters, and favorite toys displayed. Promote restful sleep and a relaxing hideaway under a handwoven flush mount’s mellow illumination.

The ivory woven rope flush mount has a decorative shade of ivory rope and soft, ambient glow. This versatile ceiling light suits an array of aesthetics, from seaside cottage to urban farmhouse and everything between. Elegant and understated, flush mount fixtures like these offer plenty of visual impact without dominating a space. For a Nursery, the gentle radiance fosters tranquility. Style the woven ivory pendant alongside natural textures and oceanic-to-earthy elements whether Balinese inspired or Hamptons chic. So shape your nest and soothe your senses with the beautiful bespoke lighting display of an ivory woven rope flush mount.

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