Captivate With Living Room Feature Wall Tiling

Adding a feature wall covered in stylish tiles is one of the hottest trends for transforming living rooms. Strategically tiling a single statement wall draws the eye, adds artistic flair, and completely re-energizes your space. With the array of colors, textures, materials, and layout patterns available today, feature wall tiling makes it easy to create a focal point that displays your personal taste.

From modern metallic mosaics to vintage-inspired encaustic tiles, there is an endless variety to choose from. Thoughtfully designed feature walls also provide clever ways to define spaces in open floor plan homes. Visually striking tiles can make a room appear more expansive too. Let’s explore how to captivate with the perfect feature wall tiling for your living room.

Choosing Feature Wall Tiles

Tile Materials

The textures and properties of your feature wall tiles set the overall design tone. Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer an affordable classic look, available in all types of colors and finishes. Going for a more sleek, contemporary statement? Consider glossy glass or polished metal tiles.

Elegant marble-look stone tiles emulate high-end luxury and work beautifully in traditional living rooms. For a bit of natural zen, wooden wall tiles introduce gorgeous grain patterns and warmth. There are so many materials for unique feature walls with the exact vibe you want.

Colors and Patterns

Feature wall tiles present the perfect chance to create a colorful focal point or integrate intricate patterns. If integrating bold or dark colors, consider limiting to just the single feature wall so the room doesn’t feel too heavy or overpowering.

living room wall tiling

Lighter neutral foundation walls contrast nicely if you want the tiles to truly stand out. Geometric print tiles are ideal for making a small living room appear larger too. Just take care not to choose an overly busy pattern for compact spaces, which can sometimes make rooms feel cluttered.


The type of tile finish impacts the overall look, feel, and practicality of your feature wall. Matte and honed finishes nicely hide small imperfections. They tend to show less dirt too. Glossy mirrored tiles add brilliant luminosity, but do require more frequent cleaning.

Textural finishes like wood-look planks and molded tiles add stylish depth, while crackled glazes offer Old World charm. Choose finishes that align with your interior decor and how much tile maintenance you want to manage.

Arrangement and Installation

Tile Layout Patterns

From playing with scale to angled layouts, get creative with your feature wall’s tile arrangement. Stacked layouts involving differently sized rectangular tiles make for lots of visual movement. Classic brick patterns and zig-zag herringbone add tidy tidy sophistication.

Contemporary subways tiles arranged in offset rows give illusion of wider planks while keeping things clean-lined. Be adventurous playing with layout patterns, allowing your tiles to make an artistic statement.

To help your feature tiles shine, properly prepare walls by cleaning, repairing divots, applying primer and adhesive correctly. Carefully plotting layouts on the wall first prevents misaligned mistakes.

Be sure to use tile spacers for even grout lines, letting the spacing enhance the design. Take time applying tiles smoothly, periodically checking they remain even. Once laid out, apply grout between tiles. Wipe any excess grout immediately for easiest cleanup.

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