Get the Resort Look with an Intex Pool Deck Makeover

Intex pools provide an affordable and low-maintenance way to bring a backyard oasis to your home. But their above-ground design often lacks the polished look of an in-ground luxury resort pool and surrounding patio area. By building a custom deck around your Intex pool, you can instantly upgrade your backyard with the elegance of a hotel or spa courtyard without the exorbitant costs.

We’ll cover everything from choosing decking materials to designing an integrated layout to installing special touches like lighting, planters, and railings. These tips will have your outdoor space looking fit for a 5-star resort in no time – all on a DIY budget!

Materials for Intex Pool Decks

The decking boards you choose make a major impact on not just appearance but performance and maintenance. Consider options like:


Natural wood like cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine offer inherent beauty and a variety of stain colors. They can be more affordable than composites but require periodic sealing, staining, splinter management, and hold moisture.

Composite Decking

Composite and PVC deck boards like Trex are popular since they blend wood-like looks with ultra-low maintenance. Made from recycled plastics and wood fibers, they resist moisture, stains, mold, and insect damage.

deck around intex pool

Other Decking Materials

For a contemporary aesthetic, concrete or stone pavers can make sleek poolside surfaces. Rubber, tile, or textured deck pads also introduce eye-catching patterns.

When researching materials for building a deck around an Intex pool, it’s essential to weigh factors like budget, appearance, durability, traction, and ease of cleaning. Consult with knowledgeable deck builders at your local home improvement store.


Safety railings finish a deck while preventing falls. Glass panels offer transparency to appreciate views, while cable rail maintains visibility without blockage. Wooden balusters or metal railings are affordable options. Select materials that integrate with your decking style.

Design & Layout Considerations

A deck’s shape, height, accessories and size significantly affect functionality. Plan yours to complement both your Intex pool and surrounding landscape.


Rectangular decks efficiently maximize space, while curved or freeform shapes add organic style. Reflect your pool’s shape or create contrast.

Height & Level

Graduated, multi-level decks generate visual interest and delineate functions. Or choose one consistent height based on views and transitions to yard area. Ensure proper elevation allows decking boards to drain properly.

Stairs & Access Points

Strategically place stairs, entryways, gates and paths. Facilitate access from patio doorways to pool steps to lawn spaces beyond. Meet code railing requirements.

Space Planning

Incorporate lounging, dining and waterplay zones in your layout. Allow clear circulation routes between areas. Hardscape or landscape around deck perimeter.

Building a Deck Around an Intex Pool

Constructing a deck beside an above-ground pool involves crucial preparation and structural considerations.


Outline exact deck shape and location with spray paint. Map out support post holes and footings per local codes. Ensure proper drainage slope away from pool and house.

Framing & Attachment

Ledger boards securely attached to Intex pool frames anchor decks. Optional floating deck alternatives involve no physical bonds. Use corrosion resistant joist hangers, hardware, fasteners.

Installing Deck Boards

Allow small gaps between boards for water drainage and contraction space. Use hidden fasteners for clean looks. Alternate board direction for structural integrity.

Adding Railings

Mount posts safely into footing holes. Space balusters according to code. Include self-closing gate hardware for pool access. Confirm entire railing assembly feels rigid.

Finishing Touches

Power wash new wood decking before sealing or staining. Add eye-catching railing planters, lighting, benches or storage bins as desired.

Maintaining and Improving Your Pool Deck

With proper care and occasional enhancement, an Intex pool deck can provide lasting relaxation and style.

  • Sweep debris, check for splinters, loose nails, or cracks in deck boards.
  • Consider expanding deck footprint or adding built-in benches or tile accents over time.

Adding a deck around above-ground pools like Intex models represents one of the most impactful yet affordable backyard upgrades. Use these savvy savings tips:

  • Buy lumber, composite boards, hardware in bulk quantities.
  • Rent post hole digger tools vs purchasing.
  • Install deck lighting on a timer to slash electric costs.
  • Mix-and-match board sizes to reduce waste.

By following the techniques here for envisioning, planning and building a custom deck adjacent to your Intex pool, you can craft a gorgeous backyard retreat perfect for making endlessly magical memories. Let the luxury resort vibes commence!

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