Get The Details On The Orbit Chandelier’s Features And Finishes

The Orbit chandelier brings a distinctive statement look to any space with its vintage inspired design. This flexible lighting fixture features a spherical metal frame encasing a single tier of crystal drops and candelabra sockets. With two finish and size options, it provides transitional style that transcends traditional to contemporary decor aesthetics. Read on to discover all the details about this chandelier’s construction, versatile design, and available options to find the perfect fit for your home.

Distinctive Orb Chandelier Design

The Orbit chandelier’s unique orb-shaped design sets it apart from typical chandeliers. A spherical metal frame forms the foundation of this fixture, providing an open yet substantial presence. The metal is commonly made from wrought iron or steel for durability. The frame’s smooth orb shape eschews sharp corners or edges, creating a soft, integrated silhouette.

Spherical Metal Frame

The chandelier’s namesake orb frame is what gives it its signature look. Skilled metalworking forms the metal sphere, which ranges between 24 and 36 inches wide depending on the size. This ample diameter makes the orb frame an eye-catching statement. The open frame maintains an airy, weightless aesthetic while still having bold impact. The pleasing symmetry and balance of the sphere appeals to the eye while making an impressive decor focal point.

Crystal Drops

Dozens of crystal drops suspend elegantly from the orb frame, capturing and refracting the light beautifully. The drops range from small single crystals to longer strands of cascading beads. The crystals may feature diamond, octagon, round, or prism cuts in clear or lightly hued cognac and amber tones. This glamorous drapery of crystals contrasts with the chandelier’s strong lines for chic allure. The drops elevate the simple sockets to create cohesive vintage style.

Candelabra Sockets

The Orbit chandelier features single-candle candelabra light sockets lining the interior of the orb frame. The number of sockets varies between six to eight depending on chandelier size. These socket arms extend into the center, each meant to hold a candelabra-base 60-watt incandescent bulb. When illuminated, these bulbs cast a warm ambient glow through the surrounding crystals for decorative, functional lighting. The candelabra sockets reinforce the chandelier’s old-world style.

orbit chandelier with crystals

Transitional Style for Diverse Spaces

With its unique blend of strong lines and crystal glamour, the Orbit chandelier embodies flexible, progressive design. The orb shape provides a timeless profile that eschews trendy embellishment for subtle style. This makes the chandelier’s transitional look perfect for rooms with traditional to contemporary aesthetics. Whether your decor features ornate accents or sleek, modern materials, this lighting fixture can complement your space beautifully.

Fits Traditional to Contemporary Decor

The Orbit chandelier defies style pigeonholes to fit diverse aesthetics. Its elegantly straightforward orb form complements both formal living rooms with traditional furnishings and open-concept great rooms with contemporary elements. For traditional style, its crystal drops and candelabra sockets provide familiar old-world flair. But the spherical modern frame prevents embellishment overload, ensuring the chandelier still suits contemporary trends.

With its chameleon-like adaptability, the Orbit chandelier can make a statement in everything from sleek metropolitan penthouses to cozy farmhouse-inspired spaces. For urban lofts, its gleaming finishes and orb curves add a touch of glamour. In rustic cottages, an oil-rubbed bronze Orbit warms up reclaimed wood beams beautifully. This versatility comes from a thoughtful design fusion of eras and materials.

Entryway Statement Chandelier

Make a striking first impression by hanging an Orbit chandelier in your entryway or foyer. The ample presence of its orb frame instantly creates impact as guests walk through your front door. Position the chandelier at eye-level or slightly above to capture attention. For standard 8-foot ceilings, a height of around 66 to 72 inches is ideal. This provides comfortable clearance while still showcasing the fixture boldly.

In long, narrow foyers, hang the Orbit chandelier directly above the entry console or table to center it beautifully. For wide foyers or open floor plans, use the chandelier to define the entry space by placing it above the area where guests typically stand to remove shoes or coats. The right placement highlights your Orbit chandelier as a dazzling entry focal point.

Finishes and Size Options

Finding your ideal Orbit chandelier means selecting both a finish and size that complements your space perfectly. With two finish choices that range from warm to cool tones, and size options accommodating varying ceiling heights, you can customize this statement lighting fixture.

Two Finish Choices

The Orbit chandelier comes in two hand-applied finish combinations to match diverse decor schemes:

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze with Cognac Crystals – This dark, burnished bronze finish has old-world appeal. Paired with amber cognac crystals, it creates moody vintage ambiance perfect for traditional rooms.
  • Anthracite and Polished Nickel with Clear Crystals – A modern combo of charcoal gray anthracite and bright polished nickel finishes. Matching clear faceted crystals provide contemporary sparkle and shine.

The bronze and cognac crystal option has bold, masculine warmth. Meanwhile, the anthracite and nickel combo exudes chic, polished restraint. Choose the finish that best fits your decor style and desired aesthetic tone.

Available Sizes

The Orbit chandelier comes in two size options to suit varying ceiling heights and room proportions:

  • 24-inch – Ideal for bedrooms or dining rooms with standard 8 to 10 foot ceilings.
  • 36-inch – Perfect for making a dramatic statement in two-story foyers or living rooms with higher ceilings.

A general rule is to choose a chandelier with a diameter spanning around a third of your room’s width. This provides ample presence without overpowering. However, in small spaces like corridors or bathrooms, opt for a smaller chandelier even if it falls below the one-third width rule.

Alternatively, embrace the chandelier as an oversized focal point in expansive great rooms with dramatic double-height ceilings. Just ensure the Orbit chandelier hangs at a height that maintains its impact while keeping the space feeling balanced.

Choosing Your Chandelier

When selecting your Orbit chandelier, consider your room size, ceiling height, and overall decor scheme. Hints of cognac color in your existing furnishings? The bronze and cognac crystal option brings that accent hue into your lighting. Have cool-toned woods and metallics? The anthracite and nickel combo enhances that palette. Frame size also depends on your proportions.

Keep overall style harmony in mind too. Traditional rooms may lean towards a darker, burnished bronze chandelier. For contemporary spaces, a lighter gray or nickel finish maintains that airy aesthetic. Let your Orbit chandelier’s finish and size choices enhance (rather than compete with) your space for a cohesive decor statement.

The Orbit chandelier has its signature spherical frame and candelabra-socket lighting. But its thoughtfully straightforward design also provides incredible versatility to complement both traditional and contemporary spaces. Explore the available finishes, from warm bronze to cool anthracite and nickel. Consider sizing options to suit your exact ceiling height too. With the right selections, the Orbit chandelier can become your personalized decor statement shining elegance on any room.

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