Entryway Table Style Ideas – Create A Stylish & Functional Landing Spot

A beautifully styled entryway table serves as a welcoming first impression for your home. It provides convenience for stowing away essentials like keys and bags while also elevating your decor. With the right style ideas, you can create an entryway table that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Read on to learn how to maximize your entryway real estate and design a stylish, useful landing spot.

Choose the Right Table for Your Space

When selecting an entryway table, the first consideration is properly fitting the size and shape of the furniture to your room. Here are some of the most popular entryway table options:

  • Round tables make great entryway choices if you have a small space. Their curved edges allow traffic to flow around them.
  • Rectangular console tables fit well against a wall or in an entryway that gets narrower towards the interior of the home.
  • A square table is a versatile pick that works with many decor styles from modern to traditional.

Evaluate the layout and existing furnishings of your entry space. An extendable console option is excellent for adaptability. Wall mounted shelving frees up floor space in a cramped entrance. For small entryways, consider a table with hidden storage or a tall and narrow silhouette.

The ideal table height depends on your needs. Standard counter height (36 inches) accommodates leaving bags or boxes on top. A bar height option (40 to 42 inches) is better for quick standing tasks like sorting mail. For seating, look for tables around 30 inches tall.

Style for Functionality

While looks are important, don’t neglect your entryway table’s functionality. Consider which tasks you’ll use it for, like storing keys, charging devices, sorting mail, or dropping bags when coming inside.

Built-in organization helps keep items orderly. Look for features like drawers, cabinets, and shelves. Trays, boxes, or baskets also neatly corral smaller objects. A table with a wireless charging station provides a dedicated spot for topping up phones.

Maximize your vertical real estate too. Wall mounted hooks or a coat rack adjacent to your table opens up surface space. You can hang bags, keys, and coats conveniently by the entrance while keeping your tabletop clutter-free.

entry way table ideas

Quick Tidy Up Tips

With frequent use, entryways tend to collect clutter. Make tidying up quick and easy by following a regular routine:

  • Designate a spot for items like keys, glasses, or wallets so they aren’t left randomly.
  • Remove items from table surfaces and return them to their proper place.
  • Straighten any pillows, books, or decor items.
  • Use a duster to remove dust and fingerprints.

Spending a couple minutes daily maintaining order prevents your space from becoming disorganized and overwhelming.

Decor and Styling Elements

When decorating your entryway table, aim for an overall collected yet eclectic look. These design elements add visual flair while also serving practical purposes:

  • Rugs add color, texture, and sound absorption. Go for low pile so dirt and moisture are easy to clean.
  • Houseplants bring nature in and purify the air. Opt for low maintenance varieties like pothos, zz plant, or snake plant.
  • Artwork makes a bold statement. Choose a large impactful piece as your entry’s focal point.
  • Table lamps provide task lighting for sorting mail or finding keys, while also setting a warm ambiance.
  • Books lend color, texture, and personality. Stack horizontally to use as platforms for decor.
  • Personal relics like framed photos, souvenirs, or nostalgic items add originality.

Incorporate special objects that hold meaning for you and your family to give your entry individuality and welcome guests.

Entryway Plant Tips

Here are some tips for picking and caring for entryway plants:

  • Low light varieties like snake plant and zz plant thrive with little sunshine.
  • Select a pot with drainage holes and use well-draining soil to prevent overwatering.
  • Group a few small plants together for greater visual impact.
  • Wipe leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust and keep plants looking their best.
  • Rotate plants to encourage even growth towards the light source.

Create a Cohesive Look

Tying your decor together results in a polished, designer look. Use these techniques to make your entryway feel cohesive:

  • Repeat colors in your rug, pillows, artwork, and plant pots for consistency.
  • Echo textures like wood, glass, metal, cotton, or leather in different elements.
  • Incorporate your interior’s existing color scheme into the entry for flow.
  • Pair modern and traditional elements like sleek console table + classic art print for juxtaposition.
  • Limit clutter and designate everything a “home” to keep surfaces neat.

The right balance of decor creates a welcoming entry that seamlessly flows with your interior design.

Lighting Sets the Mood

Entryway lighting serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. Use a layered lighting plan incorporating:

  • Overhead lighting for ambient illumination.
  • Sconces or picture lights to accent artwork and architectural details.
  • Table lamps for task needs like reviewing mail and sorting keys.
  • Dimmers to adjust brightness for day or nighttime use.

Consider light color temperature as well. Cool white lighting keeps energy levels up for morning arrivals. Warm white light sets a relaxing tone in the evening when returning home.

Quick Lighting Fixes

  • Increase wattage in existing fixtures for more brightness.
  • Layer lighting like overhead + table lamp for versatility.
  • Add lighting under cabinets or shelves for a soft glow.
  • Swap out light bulbs for different colors like vintage Edison bulbs.

With simple updates, you can dramatically change the ambiance to suit your needs.

Refresh Seasonally

Rejuvenate your entryway’s look each season with easy updates:

  • Evergreens, pinecones, and red berries in winter
  • Fresh flowers and greenery in spring
  • Shells and driftwood for summer beach vibes
  • Gourds, dried leaves, and pumpkins in autumn

Rotate out accent pillows, throws, and artwork to complement the season too. Essential oil diffusers or soy candles infuse a subtle seasonal scent.

Maintaining Your Entryway

With heavy daily use, entryways tend to get grimy. Follow this maintenance routine to keep your space fresh and tidy:

  • Quick daily straighten up to put items away and remove dirt.
  • Weekly deeper cleaning like dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming.
  • Seasonal deep cleaning like washing rugs, wiping down walls, etc.
  • Check lighting and replace burned out bulbs promptly.
  • Touch up paint nicks and scuffs to keep walls looking fresh.

By regularly tidying and deep cleaning your entry, it will always provide a welcoming first impression.

Your entryway table plays an important role in the look and function of your home’s entrance. Use these style ideas to create a space that wows your guests while staying highly useful. From selecting the right table to decorating and maintaining it, our guide makes elevating your entry straightforward.

A beautifully styled table complements your interior, keeps essentials organized, and makes your house feel homey. And most importantly, it provides guests a charming first glimpse into your personal style. So go ahead, gather inspiration from our tips and create an entryway you’ll be excited to come home to everyday!

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