A Complete Guide To Perfectly Placing LED Lights Behind Your Bed

Looking to add a stylish accent lighting feature to your bedroom? Installing LED strip lights behind your bed creates a gorgeous glow that enhances your space beautifully. LEDs provide the ideal accent and ambient lighting to transform how you relax and wind down in your personal sanctuary.

LED lighting offers many benefits over traditional lighting options. The long lifespan, energy efficiency, and cool operation makes LED strip lights a smart choice. For bedroom installations, LEDs provide the perfect accent lighting. They can be dimmed to just the right moody glow behind the bed, or to softly illuminate under-bed areas. LEDs also come in a range of colors, from warm white to vibrant red, green, blue, and more.

Types of LED Strip Lights for Behind Beds

When choosing LED strip lights for a bed installation, go for flexible LED tape that can tightly adhere behind headboards and bed frames. Look for lights encased in silicone rather than PVC for maximum flexibility. Waterproof LED neon strips work well too. For headboards, LED light bars provide vivid illumination. Consider lights with adhesive, clip, or magnet mounts for easy install.

LED Tape Lights

Flexible LED tape lights, also called ribbon lights, are ideal for neatly mounting behind beds. The slim profile hugs the contours of headboards. Choose tape with strong 3M adhesive strips on the back for secure attachment. Tape lights as narrow as 3/8 inch wide are perfect for subtle backlighting.

LED Neon Flex Strips

For bright, vivid colors, flexible waterproof LED neon light strips are perfect. The soft, uniform neon glow creates a sleek ambiance. Use neons to accent behind beds, especially if you want an eye-catching LED wall art look.

LED Light Bars

Sturdy aluminum LED light bars provide brilliant illumination for headboards. They come in various lengths and can be end-to-end connected. The solid bar shape ensures consistent lighting without any dark spots.

led lights behind bed

Design Inspiration and Ideas

Get creative with LED strip lights to make your bed a stunning centerpiece. Use lights to inject personality into your sanctuary and support restful sleep.

Bedhead Lighting

Install LED tape lights along the top back edge of your headboard to create soft, ambient bedhead lighting. The diffused glow adds a relaxing accent. Hide the strip just behind the headboard to get a floating LED look.

Under-bed Lighting

Affix LED strips to the underside of the bed frame to cast a gentle under-bed glow. This handy lighting lets you find items and avoid stubbing toes. It also creates a chic floating bed effect.

Fun and Creative Ways to Use LED Lights

Make a bold statement by using color-changing LED strips behind the bed. Set lighting scenes like bright white for daytime to mellow amber for sleeping. Sync the lights to music for an animated party wall. Get creative with letter and shape LED neon signs that light up behind the bed.

Installing LED Lights Behind the Bed

Installing LED strip lights behind your bed properly ensures they adhere securely and function reliably.

Getting Started

Before starting, make sure you have the LED strip lights, a power supply, mounting hardware, and any connectors or wiring needed. Use a stud finder to mark stud locations to mount any control boxes. Make sure to safely turn off power at the breaker before wiring.

Prepping the Mounting Surface

Thoroughly clean the mounting surface behind the headboard or under the bed with isopropyl alcohol. Remove any dust and oils so the LED strip adhesive firmly sticks. Carefully plan the layout so connections are easily accessible.

Attaching and Securing the LED Strips

Peel off the adhesive backing and firmly press the LED strip to the surface. Hold for 30-60 seconds to ensure proper adhesion. Use mounting clips or tacks for extra support if needed. Take care around corners and edges. Connect strips and test lights.

Powering Options

Pluggable LED strips are easiest, requiring an outlet behind the bed. For a seamless look, hardwire the lights to a switch. Include a dimmer for lighting control. Power LED tape off a hidden transformer.

Get the Right Ambiance and Improve Your Sleep

The advantage of LED lights is that they can be fully adjusted to set just the right mood in your sleep sanctuary.

Look for adjustable color temperature LEDs, ranging from energizing cool white (5000K) down to soothing warm white (2700K). Set the mood with cooler hues for evening activities, later transitioning warmer as bedtime nears.

Dim the lights to your preferred low glow for sleep. Program lights to gradually dim and change color leading up to bedtime. Slowly easing into darker lighting cues melatonin release for better rest.

Troubleshooting LED Strip Lights

While LED lights are fairly trouble-free, issues can occasionally arise. Here are some common problems and solutions.

Strip Lights Suddenly Stopped Working

Check all connections to ensure strips did not come loose. Test the power supply and cables for damage. Replace any defective parts.

Lights Flickering

Flickering is often from a poor connection. Reattach any loose wire connections and connector ports. Secure the LED strips more firmly to the surface.

Press detached tape back into place for at least 10 seconds for the best readhesion. Or, clean with alcohol and apply fresh adhesive strips.

With proper installation and care, you can get a stylish accent and soothing glow behind your bed. Follow these tips to artfully illuminate your bedroom retreat.

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