Customize Every Detail of Your Pool with Our Designer

Dreaming of your own private backyard oasis centered around a stunning custom pool? With our innovative in ground pool designer tool, you can bring your ultimate pool vision to life and customize every aspect to suit your lifestyle.

Whether you envision lazy summer days floating on an expansive lounge pool or evenings spent soaking in a romantic spa under the stars, our pool design platform makes it easy to see your ideas take shape with just a few clicks.

Choosing the Right Pool Shape

When starting your pool design journey, one of the first decisions is picking the overall shape. The most popular options are rectangle, oval, and freeform “kidney” shaped designs.

in ground pool designer

Rectangular pools are classic and efficient, while oval and kidney shapes offer a more organic look. For smaller yards, a unique pizza slice pool can maximize space. Consider your backyard footprint and how you want to use your pool to determine the ideal shape.

Common Pool Shapes

  • Rectangle – classic, efficient use of space
  • Oval – curved ends, organic shape
  • Kidney – freeform, curved design
  • Geometric – rectangles, triangles, circles

Determining the Perfect Pool Size

One of the biggest factors in choosing your pool size is assessing how you intend to use it. Do you want long open laps for swimming, space for pool parties, or just a dipping pool for cooling off?

Larger pools accommodate swimming lanes and groups, while compact sizes like plunge pools are great for tight spaces. Our pool visualizer lets you input measurements to scale and see different sizes in 3D.

Consider Your Pool Use

  • Lap swimming – longer lengths needed
  • Lounging and relaxation
  • Entertaining larger groups
  • Family play area

Customizing Your Pool Finishes

The colors, textures, and materials used in your pool enhance its aesthetic and determine the overall vibe. Cool tones like blues and greens give a natural, beachy feel, while vibrant hues create a more energetic backdrop.

Mix and match tile patterns, or go for a pebbletec or quartz finish. Darker bottom tones beautifully contrast light walls. All the options are at your fingertips with our designer.

Pool Finish Ideas

  • Tile colors, materials, patterns
  • Pebbletec
  • Quartz
  • Painted bottom

Designing Pool Features That Fit Your Lifestyle

When envisioning your pool, think about which features will enhance your experience. Do you enjoy lounging in the sun? Add a sun shelf with easy entry steps. Frequent night swimmer? Underwater lights add ambiance.

Raised spas create an area for soaking muscles after swimming laps. Our designer tool allows you to incorporate features like waterfalls, fountains, and fire bowls to your 3D model.

Custom Pool Features

  • Entry steps and benches
  • Sun shelves
  • Raised spas
  • Underwater lights
  • Water features

Selecting Decking and Coping That Complement Your Pool

Your pool’s surroundings should complement its look and feel. Warm, natural materials like flagstone decking and brick coping suits a tropical design. For modern pools, concrete and porcelain tiles in cool tones work well.

Visualize different patio and coping materials using our designer. The colors and textures you choose complete your backyard oasis.

Decking and Coping Options

  • Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Flagstone
  • Tile
  • Brick
  • Natural stone

Visualizing How Everything Comes Together

Our pool design platform makes your vision a reality. Simply upload a photo of your actual yard, choose a pool shape, and start selecting custom elements until you have your perfect backyard paradise.

Seeing your ideas rendered in lifelike 3D, right down to the patio furniture, lets you experience the final product before breaking ground. Modify aspects or swap materials to experiment with what delights you most.

Key Features

  • Upload photo of your yard
  • 3D model from every angle
  • Customize shapes, finishes, features
  • Modify until perfect

Save and Share Your Custom Pool Design

Found your dream pool configuration? Our designer allows you to name and save creations to revisit later. Download images from any angle to share with family and your builder for feedback.

Keep experimenting and creating new designs. When ready, submit your plan to have a pool construction expert review and provide guidance on bringing it to life.

Design Options

  • Name and save designs
  • Download images
  • Get feedback from builder
  • Make revisions

Bring Your Dream Pool to Life

We make building your custom inground pool easy. After finalizing your design, our team handles permitting, excavation, installation, and integrating any accessories you select.

See a detailed overview of the construction process and get an accurate price quote for your design. Our FAQ answers common questions about timelines and costs.

Construction Process

  • Permitting
  • Excavation
  • Installation
  • Adding accessories
  • Finishing

Stop dreaming and start creating your backyard paradise. Our pool designer gives you the power to envision, customize, and see your pool ideas come to life with just clicks.

Become your own designer and bring your unique vision into reality. Contact us to start designing your custom inground pool today!

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