Create a Safe, Spacious Shower with an Extra Large Pan

As we age or experience mobility issues, daily tasks like showering can become challenging. Navigating a standard-sized tub or shower enclosure may no longer be possible or safe. An extra large shower pan offers a solution, transforming bathrooms with ample interior space perfect for maneuvering, assistance, and comfortable use.

You’ll learn how to select the right size and layout, customize the design for your needs, and enjoy a revitalized bathing experience after upgrading to this accessible option.

Choosing the Perfect Extra Large Shower Pan

Extra large shower pans open up new possibilities for your bathroom by providing generous interior floor space. Models are available in many sizes, usually starting around 60 x 60 inches. Some rectangular or neo-angled options offer dimensions up to 70 x 40 inches. You can also request custom sizing if needed. Corner units with two entry sides utilize the room’s shape for maximum square footage.

Consider Available Space

First, look at the area where you plan to install the pan. Square and rectangular layouts need an alcove or existing tub space. Corner models are ideal for small bathrooms, fitting nicely into two intersecting walls. If roughing in new plumbing lines, you can create a shower space virtually anywhere. Just ensure proper drainage slope beneath the floor.

Accessibility Features

Select a low threshold model for easy roll-in access from wheelchairs or walkers. Textured floors provide anti-slip grip when wet. Some units even offer factory-installed grab bars, fold-down seats, and other helpful accessories. Choose options that suit your needs for stability, comfort, and independence.

extra large shower pan

Material Options

Extra large shower pans come in several durable materials like fiberglass, acrylic, engineered composites, and enameled steel. Each has advantages. Acrylic feels warmer underfoot but requires gentle care. Fiberglass resists damage if dropped. Steel offers unmatched strength. New terrazzo composite blends combine lightweight concrete and recycled materials for a stylish, eco-friendly choice.

Consider the pros and cons of each material regarding pricing, durability, and aesthetics. You’ll also want to pick a finish that completes the look you want–from matte to glossy to stone effects. Coordinating your pan material and color with wall tiles will provide a cohesive design.

Designing Your Bathroom Around the Extra Large Shower Pan

One benefit of installing an extra large shower pan is the flexibility it provides in re-imagining your bathroom layout. Here are some ideas for maximizing the spacious footprint of these pans.

Corner Placement

A corner pan configuration utilizes two adjacent walls, opening up floor space. The generous dimensions still allow ample interior room. Corner units often come with triangle-shaped cutouts to fit snugly. Ensure walls meet at a 90-degree angle for proper fitting. This placement works especially well in smaller baths.

Incorporate Accessibility

With ample interior space, it’s easy to add grab bars, fold-down seats, benches, and shelves right on the pan unit. Some companies offer these accessories factory pre-installed. You can also order custom sizing with blocking behind walls to simplify adding supports later. Keep ADA requirements in mind for optimal accessible shower design.

Contrasting Details

Select tile grout in a contrasting color to improve visibility of shower edges for visually impaired users. This also accentuates the spacious feeling. Install lighting on multiple sides to reduce shadows. A hand-held adjustable showerhead provides flexibility for users of all heights.

Cohesive Aesthetics

With larger shower pans, you have extensive wall, shelf, and niche space for a fully-customized look. Select tile shapes, textures, and patterns that complement the shower pan size and layout. Decorative inlays, borders, and mosaics work nicely. Repeat materials and colors throughout the bathroom for a polished, designer aesthetic.

Installing an Extra Large Shower Pan

Installing an oversized shower pan follows the same process as standard units, just with a few changes to accommodate the larger size. Here are some tips to ensure proper installation.

Preparing the Area

Remove old fixtures, wall materials, and flooring as needed to accommodate the new pan. Reroute supply lines and drains to align with the shower drain position. Waterproof surrounding walls to protect from moisture.

Leveling & Securing

Achieve a perfectly flat, sloped base by carefully leveling the pan frame. Test for high and low points. Shim the frame as needed to fine-tune. Anchor securely through the pan into studs. This prevents shifting or settling over time.

Plumbing Connections

Hook up hot and cold supply lines along with the main drain outlet. Check local codes for requirements on supply valve positions and anti-scald fixtures. Fully test water flow to prevent leaks before finishing.

Applying Finishes

With the pan solidly installed, add your choice of tile, grout, and sealants on walls. Use caulk and silicone for a watertight seal along edges. Avoid covering the drain with floor materials when completing the shower floor space.

Enjoy Your New Safe, Spacious Shower

After completing installation, an extra large shower pan delivers many rewards through upgraded comfort, accessibility, and aesthetics.

Peace of Mind

Gain confidence showering with generous floor space for secure footing, easy mobility, and supportive grab bars or seats. Caregivers also appreciate the clear open area.

Spa-Like Luxury

With expansive walls and floors, it’s easy to customize multiple shower heads, elegant niches, built-in shelving, and even room for a partner or pet! Enjoy a luxurious, spa-like retreat.

Increased Storage

Take advantage of ample area for recessed shelves, corner benches, and caddies that keep all bath essentials within reach but out of the way.

Low thresholds make cleaning and maintenance simple. Non-porous shower pan materials resist soap scum buildup and won’t trap dirt. Just wipe down with gentle cleaners to keep your shower sparkling.

By installing an extra large shower pan, you can create the perfect accessible, relaxing, and beautiful shower environment. Contact manufacturers like Accessibility Professionals to find the right pan to transform your bathroom. Revitalize your self-care rituals with a safe and spacious bathing sanctuary.

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