Complete Your Dream Bedroom Style with Platform Bed Skirts

A beautifully styled bedroom can be a sanctuary and your own personal oasis. From the decor to the linens, every detail comes together to create a relaxing retreat. Platform beds are a popular contemporary style that can anchor your bedroom. Adding a coordinating bed skirt is an easy way to pull your bedding ensemble together for a polished designer look.

Bed skirts are useful and decorative. Let’s look at how they complete the aesthetic of platform beds and build your dream bedroom.

Benefits of Using Bed Skirts with Platform Beds

Platform beds have a solid, flat base rather than a box spring. While some platforms have built-in storage drawers, this leaves open space between the mattress and floor. Bed skirts provide visual appeal to fill this void.

  • A tailored bed skirt gives platform beds a polished, finished look.
  • Bed skirts conceal anything stored under the bed from view.
  • They prevent dust and pet hair from collecting under the bed.
  • Bed skirts complement the clean lines and minimalist style of platform beds.

Bed Skirt Styles for Platform Beds

From casual ruffled styles to sleek pleated looks, bed skirts come in many forms to match your aesthetic.

Wraparound and Split Corner Styles

These tailored bed skirts drape around the bed with split seams at corners. They provide full coverage and a smooth look.

bed skirt with platform bed

Pleated Bed Skirts

Pleated skirts with knife or box pleats have a more formal, elegant style. Crisp inverted box pleats look great on platform beds.

Ruffled Bed Skirts

For a romantic, cottage feel, a ruffled bed skirt with one or more tiers of ruffles offers charm. The ruffles can be gathered or pleated.

Custom-Cut Bed Skirts

Get an exact fit with a bed skirt custom-cut for your mattress dimensions. This streamlined look showcases the lines of your platform bed.

Materials and Fabrics to Consider

Bed skirts come in a variety of fabrics to match your existing bedding.

  • Cotton or linen offer casual wrinkled texture.
  • Satin, velvet, or velveteen provide richness.
  • Polyester blends hold pleats crisply.

Look for durable, easy-care fabrics that complement your bedding color scheme and the natural fibers of your platform bed frame.

Measuring and Sizing Your Platform Bed

A proper fit is key to a bed skirt’s aesthetic. Before purchasing, accurately measure your platform bed.

  • Measure mattress length and width.
  • Measure from the mattress top to the floor to get skirt drop length.
  • Order bed skirt 2-3 inches longer than mattress height.
  • Confirm weight capacity suits mattress.

This ensures your new bed skirt will provide full coverage. For non-standard sizes, custom bed skirts can be made-to-measure.

Installation Tips and Tricks

Platform beds make installing a bed skirt easy. Use the built-in ledges or side brackets to secure the bed skirt in place.

For adjustable platforms, tuck bed skirt fabric under mattress or use velcro fasteners. This allows easy lifting for cleaning. Proper installation prevents shifting.

Styling Your Platform Bed with a Bed Skirt

Now for the fun part – use your bed skirt to complement your bedding theme.

  • Pick colors to coordinate with comforter and sheets.
  • Add drama with multiple ruffled layers.
  • Use lights under the bed to illuminate decorative skirts.
  • Frame under-bed storage baskets or drawers with the skirt.

Become the bedroom stylist of your dreams with the ideal platform bed skirt!

Common Questions and Concerns

Will a bed skirt work with my platform bed height and mattress weight? Focus on proper measuring and sizing during selection. Adjustable platforms can adapt to fit needs.

Aren’t bed skirts similar to box spring covers? While they serve aesthetic purposes, bed skirts are tailored for platform beds without box springs. The fit, installation and drape differ.

Can I make my own bed skirt? Certainly, if you are adept at sewing. Be sure to allow for mattress dimensions and account for fabric drape.

How should I clean the bed skirt? Check fabric care instructions. Many are machine washable. Dry clean for delicates or spot clean as needed.

The right bed skirt completes the look of your platform bed and bedroom. With so many styles to choose from, you can find the perfect design to complement your bedding theme. Take measurements, select quality fabrics, and use creative styling to design a dream bedroom with platform bed skirts.

A bed skirt is an easy but impactful way to pull your platform bedding ensemble together. Your platform bed serves as a stylish centerpiece for building your ideal relaxing retreat. With a well-chosen bed skirt, you can infuse personality into your personal sanctuary and complete your dream bedroom style.

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