Compare Color Combinations For Your New White Metal Roof

A new roof is a major investment that can dramatically transform the look of your home. For many homeowners, a white metal roof is an appealing option that offers versatility, durability, and timeless curb appeal. But choosing the right color scheme is key to maximizing the visual impact of your new white metal roof.

In this post, we’ll explore popular white metal roof shades, factors to consider when selecting exterior colors, and inspiring color combination ideas to suit different architectural styles. With the right complementary hues, your new white metal roof can take your home’s exterior from drab to fab.

White Metal Roof Benefits

Before diving into color schemes, let’s first look at why white metal roofs are a popular choice:

  • Energy savings – White metal roofs reflect UV rays and absorb less heat from sunlight than darker roofs. This keeps attics cooler and can reduce air conditioning costs.
  • Brightness – The light color reflects natural daylight, making homes appear larger and more spacious.
  • Versatile aesthetics – White roofs complement diverse architectural styles and color palettes.
  • Timeless curb appeal – Crisp white roofs always look clean, classic, and elegant.

With benefits like these, it’s easy to see the allure of white metal roofs. Now let’s look at popular color shades.

white metal roof house color combinations

Popular White Metal Roof Color Shades

Not all whites are created equal. When selecting a white metal roof, you’ll want to consider finishes and hues like:

Regal White

Regal White has a bright, clean look, reminiscent of fresh snow. This shade works well for both modern and traditional home styles.

Stone White

Stone White has subtle grey undertones that give it a more natural, muted look compared to brighter whites. It complements earthy color schemes.

Solar White

Solar White has a slight warm, creamy hue. This versatile off-white shade pairs well with various colors.

Choosing the right white means considering factors like the roofing material, your home’s size and architecture, and personal preferences. Your roofing contractor can help you review shade samples to find the perfect white for your house.

Factors For Exterior Color Scheme

When designing your home’s exterior color palette, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • House size – Darker or bolder colors tend to suit larger homes, while light neutrals complement smaller spaces.
  • Architecture style – Coordinate colors with architectural details. For example, white works well with modern, farmhouse, cottage, and craftsman styles.
  • Landscaping – Tie in colors from plants, trees, fences, and other landscape elements.
  • Personal preferences – Decide on a mood, from elegant to whimsical, and choose colors accordingly.
  • Future exterior updates – Select a versatile base color like white for flexibility with future changes.

Now, let’s explore some eye-catching color combinations to show off your new white metal roof.

White Metal Roof Color Combination Ideas

Black Trim and Accents

One of the most popular color pairs is classic black and white. The high contrast creates a striking, dramatic look:

  • Black window shutters and doors
  • Black garage doors
  • Black fascia, gutters, and downspouts
  • Black exterior lighting and hardware

When using black, choose matte finishes to prevent looking too harsh. Add texture with natural stone or wood elements. Also balance black accents with plenty of white siding, trim, landscaping, and paving surfaces.

Gray and Beige Color Scheme

For a more subtle scheme, consider cool grays and warm beige:

  • Light gray siding or stone
  • Medium beige shutters
  • Warm beige trim accents

The blend of grays and beiges creates an understated, sophisticated look. Add greenery like olive trees or sage shrubs to complement the earthy tones.

Red, Blue, or Green Accent Colors

Make your white metal roof pop with bold accent colors like crimson red, navy blue, forest green, or emerald green:

  • Red, blue, or green front door
  • Matching window shutters
  • Coordinating planting beds
  • Pots with colorful blooms

Limit bright accents to doors, shutters, planters, or other smaller features. Otherwise, the extensive white siding and roofing will become overwhelming and feel unbalanced.

All-White Monochrome Scheme

For a super clean, modern look, consider an all-white color scheme with different white textures and finishes:

  • Bright white standing seam metal roof
  • Crisp white siding
  • Pristine white trim
  • Weathered whitewash brick or stone accents

An all-white exterior can feel stark and cold if improperly executed. Add visual interest with varied material textures and dynamic landscaping. Evergreen shrubs, light-colored perennials, white painted fencing, and gravel pathways maintain the monochrome look.

With so many possibilities, selecting an exterior color scheme can feel overwhelming. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Order shade samples to view colors on your home
  • Look at neighboring houses for ideas
  • Use visualizer tools to experiment with combinations
  • Select a versatile white roof color to allow future changes

Most importantly, choose a palette you’ll enjoy for years to come. Your roof and exterior colors should tie together and complement your home’s unique architecture and surroundings.

We hope this guide has inspired you to explore the fantastic color combinations possible with a new white metal roof installation. With a well-designed exterior scheme, your home will make a lasting great impression.

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