Choosing Between Evo and Blackstone? Here’s Your Flat Top Grill Guide

If you love cooking outdoors, you may be trying to decide between an Evo Grill and a Blackstone Grill. Both Evo and Blackstone make high-quality flat top grills that allow you to cook burgers, steaks, vegetables and more with ease. But there are some key differences between these two brands to consider before making your purchase.

In this comparison guide, we’ll cover all the factors you need to weigh when choosing between Evo and Blackstone. You’ll learn about the construction, cooking surface area, temperature control, versatility, portability, ease of use, pricing and warranty for each grill. With the info here, you’ll be able to confidently decide whether the sleek Evo or the more affordable Blackstone is the right flat top grill for your needs.

evo grill vs blackstone

Construction and Build Quality

When it comes to construction, Evo Grills stand out for their luxurious design and commercial grade stainless steel build. This makes them very durable, able to withstand years of outdoor use without rusting or decaying. Evo Grills have a polished, modern look with smooth edges and sleek lines.

Blackstone Grills are also built to last, using high quality steel and sturdy construction. However, they do require some initial seasoning and maintenance to prevent rust down the line. The tradeoff for this is that Blackstone Grills come at a more budget-friendly price point.

Cooking Surface Area

One key difference between Evo and Blackstone is the total cooking area. Blackstone Grills boast a larger cooking surface, usually around 768 square inches. The Evo Grill cooking area is slightly smaller at 650 square inches.

Blackstone Cooking Area768 square inches
Evo Cooking Area650 square inches

For buyers who regularly cook for large groups and need maximum grilling space, the larger cooking surface of the Blackstone makes it the better choice. However, the Evo Grill’s surface is likely still sufficient for most family meals.

Temperature Control

When it comes to temperature control, Blackstone Grills have an advantage with their multiple independently controlled burners. Most Blackstone models have four different burners that can each be adjusted to high, medium or low heat as desired.

This allows you to cook different foods requiring varied temperatures at the same time – like searing a steak over high heat while cooking veggies over gentle heat. Evo Grills have just two burners, limiting your ability to cook diverse foods simultaneously.

Prime Temperature Control on the Blackstone

The Blackstone’s four burner configuration gives you the flexibility to cook foods at different temps across the grill:

  • High heat for searing steaks or burgers
  • Medium heat for hot dogs or chicken
  • Low heat for keeping veggies warm


Evo Grills provide an extra layer of versatility with their vented hood design. The hood allows you to trap heat and moisture for purposes beyond just grilling, like steaming vegetables or fish, poaching eggs or even baking bread or pizza.

Since Blackstone Grills are open without a hood, you won’t get steaming action for poaching or baking. For devoted outdoor cooks seeking a wider array of cooking functions, the Evo Grill is the more versatile pick.

Steam, Poach or Bake with Evo’s Vented Hood

With the vented hood, Evo Grills allow you cook with steam or gentle heat for dishes like:

  • Steamed clams or mussels
  • Poached salmon
  • Baked pizza
  • Bread or rolls


Transporting and moving your grill around is easier with the Blackstone, since the legs conveniently fold up to create a compact unit for storage. The Evo Grill cart does not provide the same level of portability.

Additionally, the Blackstone weighs less than 100 lbs in most configurations. This light weight makes it ideal for RV trips, tailgates, camping adventures and wheeling your grill out to the park.

The Evo is better suited as a semi-permanent fixture for your outdoor kitchen or patio. Its elegant design looks very sleek for backyard grilling. But the Blackstone is unmatched for portable grilling on the go.

Hit the Road with Blackstone

With folding legs and low weight, the Blackstone is built for portability:

  • Folds into a compact shape
  • Under 100 lbs for easy transport
  • Perfect for RV and camping trips

Ease of Use

Both Evo and Blackstone Grills are designed for convenience and ease of use. They both have simple push button ignition systems that allow you to fire up the grill quickly with the push of a button. This is much easier than using matches to light a charcoal or propane grill.

The grills also include comprehensive grease management systems. The Blackstone uses a rear-mounted grease tray that makes cleanup hassle-free. With the Evo Grill, grease falls around the edges of the cooking surface where it stays cool enough not to cause flare ups.

One area where Evo pulls ahead in ease of use is that you can start cooking right away. Blackstone Grills require an initial seasoning before the first use to prevent rusting and food sticking. Evo Grills come ready to use out of the box.

User-Friendly Features

Both Evo and Blackstone make grilling a breeze:

  • Push button ignition
  • Grease management system
  • Pre-seasoned surface on Evo

Pricing and Value

When it comes to price, Evo Grills are in a higher tier starting around $3,000. Blackstone Grills cost significantly less, with most models priced between $300 to $700.

The premium features of Evo including commercial grade steel, sleek design and versatility make it a professional grade product. But for shoppers on a tighter budget, the Blackstone provides excellent value and performance at a much lower cost.

One area where Evo excels in value is their lifetime warranty on grill construction and housing. This covers rust, corrosion and defects for as long as you own your Evo Grill. Blackstone’s warranty is more limited at 1-3 years depending on the model.

Budget Pick: Blackstone

If price is a major factor, Blackstone can’t be beat:

  • Most models $300 – $700
  • Significant savings over Evo
  • Leading choice for budget buyers

So which flat top grill is right for you – the luxurious, versatile Evo Grill or the affordable and portable Blackstone? Here are some final thoughts:

  • Evo is ideal as a permanent backyard grill for entertaining. The stylish design blends beautifully into outdoor kitchens.
  • Blackstone excels at portability for RVing, camping, tailgates. More budget-friendly too.
  • Evo’s vented hood enables steaming, poaching, baking – great for cooks who want to move beyond just grilling.
  • Blackstone’s larger surface area accommodates cooking for bigger groups.

Weigh your priorities in terms of budget, group size, desire for versatility and portability needs. This will point you towards the flat top grill – either Evo or Blackstone – that fulfills your wish list. With two great options, you can pick the flat top grill that brings you joy for years of outdoor cooking ahead.

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