Choose the Perfect Curtains to Match Your Kitchen Decor Above the Sink

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and for good reason. It’s where we gather with family and friends, prepare delicious meals, and carry out everyday tasks and chores. The kitchen sink area specifically tends to see a lot of activity. Having curtains above the kitchen sink window is about more than just covering up an otherwise bare window. This small but significant design choice can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen.

Kitchen sink window curtains deserve thoughtful consideration because they impact so much – from the natural light situation to the overall aesthetic. With the right curtains that align with your functional needs and decor goals, the kitchen sink window can shift from being an afterthought to a stunning focal point.

curtain for window above kitchen sink

Why Your Sink Window Curtains Matter

When designing your dream kitchen, the sink window curtains likely don’t jump out as a priority. More obvious elements like cabinetry, appliances and countertops tend to demand the most attention. However, your kitchen curtains carry significance that can’t be ignored.

Here are some of the key reasons why properly dressing your kitchen sink window is so important:

  • Set the tone and style of your kitchen decor – your curtains impact the overall vibe.
  • Control how much natural light fills the kitchen – affect both task lighting and ambiance.
  • Provide privacy while still allowing light to filter through.
  • Can enhance your existing decor or establish a completely new look.
  • Will either complement or clash with your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Kitchen sink window curtains influence both tangibles like lighting conditions and intangibles like the overall energy of the space. So don’t gloss over this design decision – your curtains carry more weight than you might assume.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Sink Window Curtains

Selecting the perfect kitchen sink window curtains involves weighing several factors carefully. Before even beginning to shop for specific products, keep these elements in mind:

Size of the Window

Taking precise measurements of your window’s width and height is a crucial first step. Your curtains need to fit properly within the window frame. Standard advice is to choose curtains that are about 2-3 inches longer than the actual window height. This provides a small amount of puddling at the bottom.

Also account for any obstructions around the immediate window area. For example, if you have a large faucet that protrudes outward, measure the clearance to ensure your curtains won’t collide with plumbing fixtures.

Privacy Needs

Consider how much visibility or separation you want between the kitchen and outside world. Sheer curtains allow plentiful natural light to permeate while still obscuring the direct view somewhat. Opaque blackout curtains provide full privacy.

Evaluate your own preferences and needs to strike the right balance. Many people opt to hang lightweight sheer curtains to allow daytime light, and then draw opaque curtains closed at night.

Kitchen Style and Decor

Your choice of kitchen sink window curtains should align with the existing aesthetic of the space. Whether your style leans traditional, modern, farmhouse or anything in between, select window curtain fabrics and patterns that complement your decor.

If you want to pick up the color scheme already established in your kitchen, look for coordinating curtain colors and designs. Or make a dramatic statement by intentionally contrasting with bold, colorful curtains that pop against more neutral kitchen hues.

The options are endless – formal, casual, retro, contemporary – so home in on the look you want to achieve.

Natural Lighting Needs

The amount of sunlight your kitchen receives should inform the type of window curtains you select. South-facing windows demand ample light control during the day. North-facing rooms often beg for light curtains that allow sunlight to permeate.

Sheer curtains do a great job diffusing harsh or bright sunlight. Opt for blackout curtains if you need to block light entirely during nighttime hours or eliminate glare.

Moisture and Stain Resistance

Let’s face it – kitchen curtains withstand a lot. From frying bacon to boiling pasta pots, kitchen window curtains are prone to grease, steam, splatters and more. Choosing durable, easy-to-clean fabrics is crucial.

Look for moisture resistant, machine washable materials like polyester, acrylic or microfiber. Natural fibers like cotton and linen can work too but may require more frequent laundering. Avoid silk or other delicate fabrics above your sink.


You want curtains above your kitchen sink window to enhance, not hinder, functionality. They should allow easy access to open and close the window itself as needed. If the curtains have tiebacks, position them off to the side so they don’t obstruct your work zone.

Assess the window’s operability – does it slide sideways or lift and tilt? Make sure your curtains won’t impede these motions. Cordless curtains or easily accessible pull cords are best for kitchen convenience.

Top Curtain Options for Above the Kitchen Sink

Given the unique demands of a kitchen setting, certain styles rise above the rest when it comes to sink window curtains. Here are some of the best options to consider:

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains, constructed from lightweight translucent fabrics, are a popular choice over kitchen sinks. They provide a pleasant filtered light while still allowing some privacy. Sheer panels typically layer beautifully with other treatments like hard shades.

Look for sheers made from lace, linen, polyester voile, nylon or other light-diffusing materials. Warm your space with fabrics like bamboo or try modern faux silk sheers.


Valances provide graceful functionality above kitchen sink windows. Mounted high, they conceal any unappealing hardware or structural elements like curtain rods and brackets.

Match your main curtains’ colors and patterns by using the same or coordinating fabric for a cohesive finished look. Valances establish visual harmony in your window design.

Tier Curtains

Tier curtains feature beautiful cascading layers of fabric that gently overlap and ripple. The softness and fullness of tiers work especially well for large or wide windows.

Gathered tiers diffuse light perfectly for kitchen settings. Go dramatic with three or more tiers or keep it simple with just two. This classic style brings elegance and dimension.

Roller Shades

Clean and modern, roller window shades offer a versatile blend of privacy, light control and style. Just roll them up or down to adjust visibility and lighting.

Choose roller shades in calming solids or bold patterns constructed from easy-wipe polyester, durable vinyls and other kitchen-friendly materials. Simplicity at its finest.

Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains split the window into upper and lower sections, typically only covering the bottom portion. The divided look provides privacy while still welcoming light from above.

This casual, relaxed style works in all kitchen aesthetics from modern to cottage. Cafe curtains flutter gently so select billowy sheer or lace fabrics.

Tips for Hanging Your New Sink Window Curtains

Once you’ve selected the perfect curtains for your kitchen window over the sink, it’s time for proper installation. Follow these tips:

  • Invest in quality curtain rods that extend well beyond the window frame and can be adjusted to fit different wall lengths.
  • Mount the rod several inches above the window molding – standard is about 6-12 inches above.
  • Refer to specific product instructions for how high to mount your chosen curtain style.
  • Use decorative holdbacks/tiebacks to define the curtains elegantly when open.

Ample clearance around the window prevents your lovely new curtains from looking cramped. Complete the polished look with holdbacks that keep the fabric neatly off to the sides. Now your window is ready to enjoy!

The kitchen sink window often gets overlooked, but your choice of curtains can make all the difference in elevating this utilitarian space. Now that you know what to consider when shopping, take your time finding options that check all the boxes.

Measure carefully, select quality materials, and choose designs befitting your kitchen decor theme. Follow proper installation guidelines once your dream curtains arrive. Soon you’ll have a kitchen sink window area you can’t stop admiring – and your kitchen’s style will thank you!

Functionality: When selecting curtains for your kitchen window above the sink, it’s essential to consider their functionality. Look for curtains that are easy to clean and maintain, as kitchens can be prone to spills and messes. Also, consider the amount of light you want to filter through the curtains. If you prefer a brighter space, go for sheer or lightweight materials that allow plenty of natural light to come through. If you prefer more privacy, opt for thicker or opaque curtains that can be closed when necessary.

Material: The material of your curtains is also an important factor to consider. Kitchens are often humid and prone to moisture, so you’ll want to choose a material that is resistant to mold and mildew. Additionally, look for materials that are durable and can withstand frequent use and washing.

Style: The style of your curtains should complement the overall decor of your kitchen. Consider the color scheme and design elements of your kitchen and select curtains that will enhance these features. For example, if you have a modern, minimalist kitchen, go for clean, simple lines and minimalistic patterns. If you have a more traditional kitchen with warm wood tones, look for classic curtains with lace, ruffles or other ornate details.

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