Install an Eye-Catching Long Plate Door Knob in Your Entryway

An elaborate, decorative long plate door knob can transform the look of any entryway. With its elongated backplate and vintage-inspired details, this type of door hardware adds character and charm that truly makes an impression.

We’ll also provide a step-by-step installation guide to help you upgrade your entryway with one of these unique locks.

Long Plate Door Knobs Explained

What is a Long Plate Door Knob?

A long plate door knob refers to a type of lock hardware that features an elongated backplate trim plate surrounding the door knob mechanism. While a standard door knob backplate is typically around 2-3 inches long, long plate locks have backplates ranging from 8-12 inches in length.

These locks serve the same functional purpose as regular door knobs in operating doors, providing passage, privacy, or security. But they are distinguished by their ornamental, decorative long plates that allow for intricate artistic details.

long plate door knob

Key Features and Benefits

So what makes long plate door knobs such a popular choice for entryways and high-traffic doors?

  • Vintage, antique, and retro aesthetic style – The elongated plate has a distinctly vintage look, perfect for period homes or spaces with traditional charm.
  • Provides character and visual interest – Intricate engravings and molded shapes on the long plate give doors added personality.
  • Elongated plate allows for more decorative details – The extra length offers ample room for elaborate scrollwork, patterns, and other ornamentation.
  • Durable, high-quality materials and construction – Made to last from solid brass, bronze, nickel, and other sturdy metals.
  • Variety of finish options – Find knobs in rubbed bronze, polished brass, satin nickel and more to suit your decor.
  • Coordinates with other hardware – Match knob finishes with hinges, knockers and handles for a cohesive look.
  • Large plate covers up old holes from previous installs – No need to fill in unused screw holes from old hardware.

Different Styles and Designs

While long plate door knobs often lean antique or vintage in style, there is variety when it comes to specific designs and aesthetics.

Some feature very ornate, intricate engraving and relief molding work within the trim plate for added visual interest. Others have simpler elongated rectangular plates with beveled edges and minimal ornamentation beyond border accents.

Plates can incorporate vintage motifs like scrolling flowers, leaves, filigree, and geometric patterns. Match with crystal, porcelain, or glass door knobs for extra vintage flair.

Choosing Your Long Plate Door Knob

Assess Your Door and Hardware Needs

When selecting your long plate door knob, start by considering a few factors about your existing door and hardware requirements:

  • Door thickness – Measure to choose appropriate sizing for snug fit.
  • Finish – Pick a finish like oil rubbed bronze that coordinates with your other hardware.
  • Handing – Do you need a knob for a right or left-handed door based on which direction it opens?
  • Function – Decide between privacy, passage, dummy, or deadbolt functions.

Popular Brands and Manufacturers

Quality vintage reproduction hardware manufacturers like Nostalgic Warehouse, Top Knobs, and Baldwin are go-to sources for attractive long plate door knobs.

Look for durable materials like solid brass or zinc alloy, custom plate engraving options, and warranties that guarantee against defects.

Where to Shop Online

In addition to the major door hardware brands, there are many places to shop for long plate locks online. Sites to browse include:

  • Specialty vintage hardware stores like House of Antique Hardware
  • Classic manufacturers like Schlage, Emtek, and Rockwood
  • eBay or Etsy for buying authentic antique and vintage knobs

Installing Your Long Plate Door Knob

Gather the Proper Tools and Materials

A successful installation starts with having all necessary supplies ready. You’ll want to have on hand:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Chisel
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Masking tape

You may also need additional parts like adapter plates, extenders, or reducers to get the right fit.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Installing a long plate door knob follows the same basic process as other standard knobs with just a few variations.

Removing Old Knob and Measuring

Take out existing knob and all internal components. Measure door thickness and mark new holes if needed based on your long plate set’s template.

Chiseling Out Holes for Mechanism

Use a chisel or router to carve out recesses in the door edge for the lock mechanism housing.

Securing Exterior Plate and Interior Assembly

Position long plate against door edge, drill guide holes, and screw into place. Install interior mechanism assembly on opposite side.

Attaching Knob and Testing Operation

Attach knob exterior and interior knob roses with included set screws. Turn knob and test locking function.

Installation Tips and Tricks

Follow these tips for the smoothest long plate door knob installation:

  • Use included template so drill holes are accurately aligned.
  • Get plates positioned evenly by taping one side lightly in place before screwing in.
  • Ensure door edge recesses are deep enough for the full mechanism.
  • Adjust knob roses carefully to eliminate wobble.

Decorating with Your Long Plate Door Knob

Complementing the Style of Your Home

A major benefit of long plate door knobs is their ability to complement and enhance your interior style. Consider placement in areas like:

  • Front or back entryway – Greet guests with vintage charm
  • Living and dining rooms – Embellish high-traffic common rooms
  • Bedrooms – For a peaceful, classic ambiance
  • Kitchen – On a pantry or closet for a pop of retro flair

Look for finishes like antique brass or nickel to match existing decor. The aged style beautifully fits with period homes or traditionally styled rooms.

Coordinate with Other Hardware

For the most pleasing, pulled-together look, your long plate door knob should coordinate with other hardware in the space.

Pair it with vintage-style hinges, pulls, and knockers in matching or complementary finishes. The visual impact will be much greater with consistent hardware.

Accentuate with Other Decor Touches

To accentuate the vintage charm of your new knob, complement it with other interior touches like:

  • Antique-look light fixtures
  • Patterned wallpaper or textured wall treatments
  • Classic furnishings with hand-carved details
  • Vintage-inspired window locks and sash lifts

The long plate door knob can be the jewel that pulls your entire vintage or antique decor theme together.

With their elongated shape that allows for ornate detailing, long plate door knobs can instantly elevate the style of any entryway or interior door. Choosing a high-quality vintage-look knob and installing it properly lets you enjoy both decorative and functional benefits.

Coordinating your long plate door knob with other hardware and decor accentuates its eye-catching shape and unique charm. Let this distinctive type of lock add a touch of retro flair to your home.

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