Deck Your Mantel With Holiday Garland in 5 Easy Steps

There’s nothing quite like a holiday mantel decked out with beautiful garland to set the festive mood in your home. The sight of fresh evergreen branches and berries adorning the fireplace creates an instant feeling of coziness and charm. If you’re looking to decorate your mantel for the holidays this year but aren’t sure where to start, have no fear! We’re breaking the process down into 5 simple steps so you can easily transform your mantel into a magical holiday focal point.

With these tips, you’ll be able to display elegant, on-trend garland on your mantel just like a professional designer. So let’s get started decking those mantels for the holidays!

Step 1: Choose Your Garland Style

Types of Greenery Garland

When selecting a garland for your mantel display, you’ll first want to decide on the type of greenery. There are several classic options to choose from:

  • Pine garland: Featuring soft green pine needles, this traditional garland variety has an inviting, woodsy aroma.
  • Cedar garland: With its flat, wispy branches, cedar garland provides beautiful texture.
  • Balsam garland: Known for its full, bushy shape and rich green color.
  • Magnolia garland: Characterized by large, waxy leaves and an elegant look.

You can also easily mix and match garland varieties to achieve your perfect holiday style. Play with different textures and shades of green to create visual interest. No matter which greens you choose, opt for fresh, high quality garlands so they last throughout the season.

Garland Display Styles

In addition to choosing your garland greenery, you’ll also want to decide how you’d like it to be displayed. A few popular mantel garland styles include:

how to put garland on mantle
  • Draped flat along the length of the mantel for a traditional linear look.
  • Swooping garland that cascades down in sections to add dimension.
  • Long garland wrapped from floor to mantel in a continuous cascade for a dramatic effect.

Determine the look you’re going for, whether a simple horizontal drape or swooping garland masterpiece. The possibilities are endless when decking your mantel for the holidays!

Step 2: Prepare Your Mantel

Before bringing out the garland, it’s important to get your mantel ready by:

  • Cleaning the mantel surface thoroughly to allow any adhesives for the garland to adhere properly.
  • Removing any existing decor, frames or objects on the mantel that could get in the way of garland installation.
  • Evaluating the weight capacity of your mantel if using heavier garlands.

Taking these prep steps ensures you’ll have a clean slate to work with for gorgeous garland display.

Step 3: Select Your Installation Method

Command Hooks or Garland Hangers

Two easy, damage-free ways to hang garland are using Command hooks or garland hangers affixed to the wall above the mantel. Adhere them evenly along the top of the mantel facing outward to hold the garland in place while allowing it to drape or swoop beautifully. Choose hooks or hangers with an appropriate weight capacity for the garland you selected.


Hammering nails into the mantle is another option, although this does risk leaving holes in the mantel once removed. Place nails in the corner edges and middle of the mantel for support. Take care not to break the garland when hanging on the nails.

Draping Without Support

For a lightweight garland, you may be able to simply drape it along the mantel without any additional support needed. Ensure the mantel has been cleaned so the garland adheres and stays in place as it naturally drapes down.

Step 4: Install Your Garland

Once you’ve selected the best installation method for your garland and style, it’s time to hang it! Use floral wire as needed to attach the garland to hooks or nails evenly along the mantel. Drape, swoop and adjust the garland to achieve your desired look, fluffing out any compressed sections. Stand back occasionally as you work to ensure the garland appears full, balanced and attractively placed for optimal impact.

Step 5: Finish With Style

After your beautiful garland is in place, consider adding twinkle lights, holiday bows, pinecones or faux berries to amp up the festive style. You can also layer on stockings, candles, and other treasured holiday decor for a personalized mantel display. Finally, take a step back and bask in the magical charm of your holiday mantel makeover!

Once the holiday season winds down, properly store any extra garland you have leftover to preserve its freshness. Carefully pack greenery into plastic bins, label the containers so you can easily find them next year, and keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. With proper storage, your beautiful garlands can be brought out season after season for holiday decorating!

Decorating your mantel for the holidays with beautiful garland allows you to instantly infuse your home with festive charm. With these simple tips, you can easily install holiday garland on your mantel like a pro. So break out the greenery and let’s start decking those mantels! The holidays await.

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