Above Toilet Decor Ideas to Make the Most of Your Bathroom

The area above the toilet is often one of the most overlooked and underutilized spaces in the bathroom. But with a bit of creativity, this void can be transformed into a stylish and functional decor feature that adds visual interest, storage, and style to your space. From eye-catching floating shelves to rustic ladder displays, the decor options for decking out your toilet topper area are endless.

Read on for plenty of decorating inspiration as well as tips for planning and executing your own over-the-toilet decor.

over the toilet decorating ideas

Why Decorate the Over Toilet Area?

It’s easy to ignore the narrow yet tall expanse above your toilet. But this oft-forgotten zone offers prime real estate to add storage, display decorative items, or just visually complete your bathroom’s look. Here are some of the top reasons to show your toilet topper area a little love:

  • Adds storage space – Install shelving or cabinets to stow extra towels, toiletries and cleaning supplies.
  • Displays decorative items – Show off beautiful soaps, framed art, potted plants and more.
  • Visually expands space – Drawing the eye up makes the room feel more open and airy.
  • Showcases your style – From modern to farmhouse, the possibilities are endless.

Decorating the toilet topper zone can make the bathroom feel more pulled together and complete. Don’t miss out on this often unused territory to elevate your space!

Planning Your Toilet Topper Decor

Before picking the perfect shelves or art print, it’s important to take some measurements and plan how you want to utilize the over toilet space. Here are some tips:

  • Measure the height, width and depth of the area above your toilet tank to ensure items fit properly.
  • Decide if you want open, closed or a mix of storage options.
  • Determine how much actual storage space you need for extra toilet paper, towels, etc.
  • Pick decorative items that align with your overall bathroom style and color scheme.

Thinking through your specific needs and vision will ensure your over toilet decor blends beautifully into your existing bathroom aesthetic.

Creative Over Toilet Decorating Ideas

Ready for some inspiration? Here are several of our favorite ways to deck out the often overlooked toilet topper zone.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great option for adding storage and display space above the toilet. Shelves can be mounted in a variety of configurations and sizes to work in your specific area. They provide perfect platforms for decorative objects, rolled towels, toiletries and more. Glass, wood, metal and other materials give you options to match your decor.

When selecting and installing floating shelves, pay attention to the weight capacity and anchoring system. Stagger heavier decorative items along the shelf rather than clustering them in one spot. If you’re renting, look for removable floating shelf options to avoid unnecessary holes when you move out.

Wall Art

An artfully arranged gallery wall can infuse style and visual interest to the once barren space. When choosing wall art, look for pieces that bring color, texture and a theme to tie them together. Opt for framed prints, paintings, photographs, textiles or mirrors in coordinating sizes.

Place the bottom of the wall art about 24-36 inches above the toilet tank to create the illusion of a taller room. Try offsetting the pieces at varying heights for a dynamic look. For a pulled together gallery wall, keep frames cohesive, limit the color palette and evenly space the art.

Storage Solutions

While the over toilet zone may seem narrow, you can maximize every inch with clever storage solutions. Woven baskets or fabric bins corral extra toilet paper rolls or bathroom odds and ends. Repurposed tin buckets, crates or boxes conceal backup supplies. Floating wall cabinets provide enclosed storage for toiletries and cleaning products.

For a budget-friendly DIY toilet topper storage solution, use a tension rod with canvas bags, fabric pouches or coffee bags attached with clips. Add a tension shelf above to hold rolled towels, candles or baskets. Use every bit of available space!

Ladder Shelf

A vintage ladder placed horizontally across the wall adds rustic cottage charm while serving as a handy towel rack and display shelf. Simply lean the ladder against the over toilet wall and drape folded towels over the rungs. Ornament the rungs with trailing greenery, decor objects or toiletries.

Look for a ladder with hues and materials that suit your bathroom’s color palette. A reclaimed wood ladder offers farmhouse flair, while a distressed white version fits shabby chic spaces. For extra stability, purchase ladder hooks to firmly secure it in place.

Pipe Shelves

Exposed pipes arranged in creative configurations inject industrial edge into over toilet decor. Black iron pipes joined with joints and brackets provide sturdy shelving to showcase toiletries, art and knickknacks. Opt for galvanized steel pipes for a more rustic warehouse aesthetic.

If plumbing isn’t your forte, you can purchase premade pipe shelves or kits in various shapes to easily DIY your own toilet topper storage. Use pipe shelves as towel bars, TP holders or standalone sculptures for urban modern appeal.

Design Inspiration and Examples

Need a dose of decorating motivation? Below we share some gorgeous over toilet designs sure to kickstart your creativity:

Modern Black and White

A black floating shelf stacked with white ceramic vessels and greenery exudes modern minimalism. Three small square prints continue the color scheme.

Rustic Industrial

Galvanized pipe configured into an X-shape holds neatly folded cream towels. A round metal mirror, framed botanical print and pendant light finish the look.

Scandinavian Style

Two open box shelves for toiletries complement a black-framed gallery wall with nature prints. A slender floor lamp illuminates the space.

Boho Chic

Woven seagrass boxes bring organic texture while providing toilet paper storage. Macrame hangings and an embroidered cotton rug enhance the laidback vibe.

Take inspiration from these stunning toilet toppers but ultimately decorate your space to fit your personality and daily needs. The options for transforming this often ignored zone are truly limitless!

The narrow yet tall space above your toilet is primed for decorating possibilities. With the right combination of storage solutions, artful displays and stylish accessories, you can turn this underutilized area into a functional and decorative focal point.

Hopefully this overview of diverse over toilet decor ideas – from floating shelves and ladder racks to gallery walls and pipe shelving – sparked some inspiration. Remember to measure, plan your storage needs and choose items that complement your bathroom’s existing motif. With a dash of creativity, this blank canvas can become one of your favorite refined spaces.

Don’t let the toilet topper zone go to waste. Unleash your inner interior decorator and make the most of your bathroom with these innovative over toilet decorating ideas.

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