12 Striking Curtain Tieback Ideas To Refresh Window Style

Monotonous curtains can make a room feel lifeless. But with a little creativity, you can easily breathe new life into tired windows. Decorative tiebacks offer an simple, affordable way to showcase your personal flair.

From repurposed home items to colorful custom creations, options abound for crafting distinctive holdbacks. Read on for 12 striking tieback ideas that will refresh the look of any space.

Ribbon or Hair Clip Tiebacks

For an easy DIY route, look no further than the accessory stash in your home. Ribbons, hair clips and leftover necklaces or scarves effortless transform into chic tiebacks with a simple click of a clasp or clip.

Attach these quick no-sew creations directly onto curtains or hang them from command hooks for customizable placements. This allows you to group coordinating tiebacks at intervals across the rod to ornately frame the window.

Repurposed Scarves

Instead of buying new tiebacks, repurpose old scarves as tiebacks. This is a great way to add color and texture to your curtains while also reducing waste. Simply attach the scarf to your curtains using a clip or hook.

Repurposed Leather or Belt Tiebacks

For a more polished statement piece, upcycle leather belts or strips into striking holdbacks. The rich texture pairs perfectly with velvet, brocade or heavy drapes.

Cut the leather to your desired length and finish the ends for a clean, decorative touch. Use clips, command hooks or sew ties directly into luxe curtain panels. Position in groupings for an ultra-chic look.

DIY Fabric Tiebacks

Cut strips of fabric and attach them to your curtains using a clip or hook. This is a simple and inexpensive way to create custom tiebacks that match your decor.

tieback ideas for curtains

Braided or Twisted Fabric Tiebacks

For a relaxed, boho vibe, fabric strips make the perfect DIY material for bohemian tiebacks. Raid your scrap bag or old sheets and clothes for patterned fabrics with personality.

Once you’ve gathered your materials, braid, twist or plait the fabrics into one long piece to use as a holdback. Finish the ends with trim or metallic accents. Affix permanent ties across the rod or use clips to interchange styles.

Beaded Tiebacks

String beads onto a length of ribbon or chain and attach it to your curtains using a clip or hook. This adds a touch of glamour and sparkle to your windows.

Bobble Fringe Curtain Ties

Make a bold decorative statement by lining your curtains with colorful bobble fringe. The bubbled texture and swaying tassels make an eye-catching frame for windows. Group strands at intervals across the rod to ornately draw back panels.

For lighter curtains, secure bobbles directly to the fabric. On heavier materials, tie fringe to hooks attached along the lining. This guarantees your curtains stay perfectly draped as you tie them back.

Wooden Dowel Tiebacks

Cut a wooden dowel to size and attach it to your curtains using a clip or hook. This is a simple and rustic option that adds a natural touch to your windows.

Cord Tassels with Decorative End Pieces

Update plain tassel tiebacks by attaching them to unique end piece embellishments. Choices like large rosettes, sparkling crystals or ornate metal plates attach easily to cords for hanging.

Place tassels at calculated intervals along your curtain rods. Typically, spacing tassels at one-third the total height creates excellent proportions. The striking fixtures draw the eye while elegantly framing the window.

Decorative Branches

Tie a length of ribbon or chain to a decorative branch and attach it to your curtains using a clip or hook. This adds a natural and organic touch to your windows.

Tiebacks for Portiere Curtains

Also called door curtains, portieres gracefully frame openings throughout homes. Utilize cord loops to tie back these luxurious space dividers in style.

Loop slim cords or ball-tipped pull cords at regular intervals along the top hem. This creates an adjustable tieback system perfect for traversing openings. The elegant loops keep the lines and flow beautifully.

No-Sew DIY Tiebacks

Don’t let a lack of sewing skills deter you from DIY designs. Clever no-sew tieback ideas utilize materials easily transformed by hot glue, liquid stitch or fabric fuse.

Upcycle old jewelry, lugar straps, mittens or silk flowers into distinctive holdbacks. Clip embellished pins, brooches or Christmas ornaments directly onto panels too. The options for creative no-sew tiebacks are endless!

Unique Curtain Weights as Tiebacks

Sometimes simple is best. For an understated yet still eye-catching tieback alternative, utilize househould items as curtain weights instead.

Dumbbell weights or sleek metal paperweights hold panels back while allowing curtains to hang straight. For a coordinated look, paint the weights to match your decor. Talk about handy home design solutions!

Contrasting or Coordinating Tieback Colors

When selecting tiebacks, consider whether you want high-impact contrast or subtle coordination. Mixing metals, textures and complementary or same-hue shades creates depth.

On light curtains, vibrant jewel-toned ties pop beautifully. Against darker shades, pastels and deeper accents work well. The color combinations are truly endless, so have fun with your pairings!

Meaningful Memorabilia as Tiebacks

Infuse your space with personal history by utilizing cherished keepsakes as tiebacks. Showcase heirloom jewelry, photos or artwork in decorative curtain clips.

Feature hummingbird figurines from Grandma, seashells from family vacations or your kid’s artwork. The creative ideas for sentimental tiebacks are endless. They add beautiful bursts of nostalgia to any room!

With a dash of imagination, drab curtains transform into striking focal points. Repurposed items, tactile textures and vibrant pops of color enliven the look of any window. Which of these striking tieback ideas inspires you?

Breathing new life into tired windows is simple with this array of easy yet high-impact ideas. So unleash your inner creativity and refresh the look of your space with DIY curtain tiebacks as unique as your personal style.

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