Which Door Color Should You Go With? Tips for Red Brick Homes

Choosing the perfect door color for your red brick house can really enhance your home’s curb appeal. But with so many options, where do you start? The door sets the tone for your home’s exterior, so picking the right hue is an important decision. Follow these tips to select a door color that complements your red brick facade.

First, consider how the door color will complement the architectural style of your home. For traditional red brick houses like Colonials or Farmhouses, classic hues like black, navy, or dark red are ideal picks. These stately colors enhance the traditional vibe. On the other hand, for a red brick house with a more modern style, go for bold and bright colors that pop against the red bricks. Vibrant options like teal, chartreuse, or orange will suit a contemporary home.

Match or Contrast the Existing Trim and Roof

Another factor is how well the door color matches or contrasts your home’s existing trim and roof accents. If your house has white or light-colored trim, choosing a door color that contrasts the trim can make your entryway stand out. Darker shades like crimson, hunter green, or charcoal would look beautiful against light trim. Conversely, if your home has black or darker trim, select a door hue that complements this. Lighter colors like sage, soft yellow, or robin’s egg blue will pop next to dark trim.

Likewise, take into account your roof color. If you have light or neutral roof shingles, a darker door amplifies the curb appeal. But if your roofing is already dark, a lighter door prevents an imbalanced look.

Warm and Inviting or Cool and Sophisticated?

The ambiance you want to create also guides the door color selection. Warm red and orange tones evoke a welcoming, cozy feel on brick facades. Cool blues, greens, and grays have a more relaxed, sophisticated vibe. For an authentic look, match the door’s undertone to your home’s style. Warm hues suit Craftsman bungalows, while calm colors complement modern designs.

best door color for red brick house

Factor In Surroundings and Facade Orientation

Additionally, choose a door color that aligns with neighboring aesthetics. A wildly bright door might clash amidst neutral, subdued schemes. But it makes a statement on an eclectic block. Also, consider the sun exposure based on facade orientation. South-facing reds soak up light, while north-facing facades benefit from darker blues absorbing warmth.

Mind the Lighting and Hardware

Visualize how the door color will look in your home’s lighting. Well-lit entrances can handle deeper shades, as the light shows off the detail. In shaded areas, lighter colors reflect more light. Finally, coordinate finishes with the door hardware. Matching the metal finishes creates a cohesive look, while opting for contrast makes the hardware pop.

Recommended Color Options for Red Brick Homes

Now that you know what to consider, here are some specific door color recommendations to pair with red brick:

  • Black or white for traditional charm
  • Navy blue, forest green, or charcoal gray for timeless elegance
  • Red, yellow, or orange for energy
  • Sage, light gray, or robin’s egg blue for laid-back style
  • Teal, violet, or lime green for modern flair

In most cases, it’s best to opt for a subdued shade rather than a bright, saturated color. So consider soft, muted versions of the above suggestions. With the right door hue that suits your home, you can accentuate your red brick exterior and give your entryway curb appeal.

Selecting that one ideal color for your home’s personality and style takes thoughtfulness. But properly accenting your red brick facade with a complementary door shade gives your house outstanding curbside presence. Use these tips to narrow down colors, then order sample swatches to visualize the hues on your home. With creativity and the right hue, your entryway will go from drab to fab.

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