What is a Husband Pillow and Why You Want One Now

Husband pillows have recently surged in popularity, but what exactly are they? Let’s explore what sets these supportive backrest pillows apart and why they deserve a spot in your home.

What is a Husband Pillow?

A husband pillow is a specialized cushion that props you up in an ergonomic lounging position, providing back, neck, and arm support without needing to sit upright in bed. It features a high-density backrest and extendable side arms that prevent you from slouching or straining as you read, watch TV, or browse your phone or tablet.

Where Did The Name Originate?

The name comes from the pillow’s resemblance to leaning back against a husband’s chest and encircling arms. Picture cuddling with your partner as you both relax – it replicates that cozy feeling!

Alternative Names

You may also hear it referred to as a bed rest pillow , reading pillow , backrest pillow , upright pillow , or even boyfriend pillow . But husband pillow specifically indicates that signature back and arm support design.

Key Features and Components

Today’s high-quality husband pillows boast features to take your comfort to the next level.

what is a husband pillow

Adjustable and Supportive

The extended sides keep your shoulders aligned while the fluffable fill conforms gently around your upper back. Some come with adjustable lumbar support and headrests to customize based on your needs.

Convenience Additions

From built-in cup holders and side pockets to handy reading lights and soothing massagers , many options cater to technology use and leisure activities. The features allow you to multi-task from a relaxed yet functional position.

Size, Shape, and Fabric

Whether you want a space-saving compact pillow or one large enough to cuddle the kids with, there is a perfect fit. An array of neutral and bold colors suit any decor. Plush, breathable covers feel gentle against skin.

When Would You Use a Husband Pillow?

Husband pillows lend themselves nicely to an array of situations.

Leisure Activities

  • Reading books, magazines, and news articles in bed
  • Browsing on phones, tablets, laptops without straining your neck
  • Watching movies or television shows without needing to sit upright

Working and Studying

  • Using laptops for extended periods while comfortably reclined
  • Teleworking while maintaining healthy posture support

Recovery and Caregiving

  • Convalescing after surgery, injury, or illness in a relaxed position
  • Providing extra comfort and support during pregnancy and nursing

The versatility suits nearly any activity typically done upright or on-the-go – but from the ease of bed instead!

Benefits of Quality Husband Pillows

Let’s explore why you’d want one of these handy helpers:

Spinal Alignment

The contoured structure keeps your back stacked naturally with lower lumbar curve intact. This alleviates aches from poor posture and strained muscles over time.

Pressure Point Relief

Thick, molded foam evenly distributes weight across surfaces rather than creating concentrated stress zones around the shoulders, neck, and tailbone.

Improved Circulation

Maintaining an inclined recline opens airways and allows easier breathing relative to lying flat. The posture also helps blood flow return from the lower body.

Health BenefitsSitting upright, as promoted by husband pillows, may help prevent back pain and poor posture associated with prolonged sitting positions.
VersatilityPeople use them as makeshift desk chairs for working, during physical therapy sessions, and even as comfortable floor chairs for yoga and meditation.

What Defines Top-Notch Husband Pillows

With so many sizes, shapes, and styles available, what qualities should you look for? Here are key considerations:

Fill Material

High-density memory foam, down alternative fibers, and microbeads rank among the most comfortable and supportive fills.

Cover Fabric

Look for soft, durable covers that feel nice against your skin and won’t pill or tear over frequent use.

Weight and Shape Retention

Heavier pillows with reinforced edges tend to provide the most stable base without losing structure or collapsing.

Comparison of Top Husband Pillow Brands

Now that you know what defines a quality husband pillow, let’s evaluate some best-selling options…

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FAQs About Husband Pillows

For quick answers to some common husband pillow questions, see below:

Do husband pillows really help posture and back pain?

Yes! The elevated recline takes pressure off the spine while supporting the back’s natural curvature to minimize pain and strain over time.

What size husband pillow should I get?

Consider your height, weight, bed dimensions, and needs to choose the right support level and surface area.

Check your pillow’s tag, but most covers are machine washable. Set to cold water delicate cycle and air dry.

We hope this overview helped explain exactly what a husband pillow is and why it deserves a top spot on your wish list! No more compromising comfort or straining your back just to read or watch shows in bed.

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