The Complete DIY Guide to Installing Decorative Wrought Iron Porch Columns

With their striking durability, endless customization potential, and inherent decorative flair, wrought iron porch columns are increasingly popular. Breathing new life into tired exteriors, these versatile metal columns introduce opportunities for showcasing personal style along with serious strength. From classical to contemporary and everything between, properly installed wrought iron columns lend porches, patios and porticos an instant upgrade.

Adding custom wrought iron columns is also an easy and affordable DIY project for handy homeowners. With proper planning, materials and safe installation techniques, you can build a beautiful new porch foundation to suit your home’s character and your own design tastes. We’ll outline everything you need to know for dialling up your home’s exterior with decorative wrought iron artistry.

Gather the Essential Materials

Completing a custom wrought iron column project requires gathering a few essential supplies:

  • Wrought Iron Columns: Choose your preferred height and order Class A columns for maximum durability against corrosion and wear.
  • Concrete Materials: For cementing column anchors, you’ll need quick-drying concrete, gravel and cinder blocks.
  • Tools: A drill, wrench set, driver bits, clamps, level, tape measure and safety gear will all prove essential.
  • Protective Finishes: Consider durable spray paint or powder coating to protect against weathering.

When selecting your wrought iron columns, consider your home’s architectural style. More traditional homes may suit decorative columns with filigrees and scrollwork details. Contemporary spaces can pull off slim, unadorned columns in bold metal tones. Ensure any decorative accents won’t impede shoveling concrete around the column anchor points.

Measure and Mark the Installation Area

First, demarcate exactly where you want to install your new columns. Measure the overall length and depth of your porch roof to find the optimal column positioning. Generally, columns placed too close together or too far apart will look imbalanced. Adhere to any specific structural load requirements as well.

modern wrought iron porch columns

Use a level and tape measure to determine the ideal height, spacing and symmetry for your wrought iron columns. Mark their precise positions with spray paint or chalk. Remember to account for accent plaques if capping your columns.

Prep the Site for Installation

Installing custom columns begins by removing any existing supports and clearing debris. This reveals the surface material you’ll be anchoring to, whether wood framing or a concrete pad. Eliminate any connections to fences or railings that could interfere with new column placement.

Ensure you have a perfectly flat and level foundation for each wrought iron column. On concrete pads, grinding down any uneven areas prevents wobbling columns. Those anchoring to wood will need proper reinforcement beneath the surface to prevent sinking or cracking over time.

Set the Column Anchor Bolts

Wrought iron porch columns require securing to a sturdy subsurface with anchor bolts. You’ll first drill into the designated areas for installing these essential mounting hardware.

Concrete Anchor Bolts

For concrete substrates, use a masonry drill bit matching the anchor bolt diameter. Drill deep enough for the entire bolt length plus an extra inch. Thoroughly clear all debris from the holes before dropping your anchors in place.

Ensure bolts remain centered and perfectly plumb in their holes. Check this with a level while temporarily screwing the nuts onto the threading. The nut ends should finish flush with the concrete surface. Surrounding the exposed anchors with quick-drying cement then keeps everything secured.

Wood Framework Anchors

Those installing wrought iron columns on an existing wood framework will use lag bolts. Drill pilot holes slightly narrower than the bolt diameter to allow threads to grip the wood. Stagger adjacent bolts at least an inch apart to evenly distribute load forces.

Pre-drilling also prevents wood splitting as lag bolts are driven in. Make sure bolts sink to sufficient depths for holding column weights. Anchoring them to sturdy horizontal framing is ideal, with added bracing underneath if needed.

Hoist and Fasten the Wrought Iron Columns

With anchored hardware now awaiting in the substrate, it’s time to mount the decorative wrought iron columns themselves. Carefully position each column over its anchor bolts, adjusting as needed until properly aligned.

Use an assistant to safely lift and hold the column base over the exposed bolt ends. Slowly lower it into place while guiding the threads through the pre-drilled footing holes. Add a washer and tighten the nuts once seated to temporarily hold things stable.

Ensure your assistants can comfortably support the column’s weight before releasing your grip. Verify the alignment is still accurate before finalizing with a wrench. For added strength, apply thread locking fluid to the hardware.

Include Decorative Accents

Wrought iron porch columns present the perfect opportunities for adding your own decorative touches. Column capitals provide natural focal points, looking especially striking when backlit or accented with lighting. Cast metal corbels, finials and accent bands also embellish columns with eye-catching details.

Consider creative applications of color as well. For instance, lightly distressing black columns with blue or green hues introduces an elegant, timeworn quality. Metallic gold and brass accents also shine against darker wrought iron backdrops.

Safety Checks and Protective Finishes

Before enjoying a completed wrought iron column installation, make safety and preservation top priorities. Reconfirm all anchors, brackets and bolts remain fully secured after weighting the columns. Check plumb alignment; adjust footings if any settling occurs.

Sealing your investment with durable finishes protects from rust, scratches and UV damage over time. High-grade enamel spray paint offers brilliant gloss and color options. For professional-grade protection, powder coating creates an ultra-tough barrier against corrosion.

Achieving Cohesive Style Throughout

Move beyond just the columns themselves when planning your porch or patio aesthetic. Cohesive style requires considering the space as a whole, not merely as individual design elements.thoughtfully unifying mixed textures and architectural eras with smart finishing choices.

For example, accenting wrought iron’s industrial edge with reclaimed wood introduces organic contrast. Balancing dark metal tones with plenty of illumination keeps things airy while playing with shadow and dimension.

Most importantly, embrace creative freedom in your exterior upgrades without overcomplicating the design. Rustic, modern, Victorian or Mediterranean, wrought iron adapts to every personality and preference.

Incorporating Sustainability

As environmental concerns become increasingly important, modern wrought iron porch columns are being designed with sustainability in mind. These columns are now being made using eco-friendly materials and production methods, reducing their carbon footprint and making them a more sustainable choice for homeowners.

Customization Options

Modern wrought iron porch columns offer a high degree of customization, allowing homeowners to choose from a wide variety of designs and finishes. From classic to contemporary styles, there’s a wrought iron column to suit every taste and requirement.

Modern wrought iron porch columns are engineered to be stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting than their predecessors. They are treated with special coatings to protect them against rust, corrosion, and weather damage, ensuring their longevity and performance.

With proper planning and care, decorative wrought iron columns promise to adorn homes with creativity, strength and ageless beauty.

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