Wave Goodbye to Bad Curtain Lengths with This Chart

Have you ever spent time and money picking out beautiful curtains, only to realize they are way too short or long for your windows? We’ve all been there. Choosing the right curtain length can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! This comprehensive guide will provide all the standard curtain length measurements you need for any room.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

When selecting curtain lengths, it’s easy to make some mistakes that leave you with ill-fitting window treatments. Here are some common errors to steer clear of:

  • Opting for lengths that are too short or too long for the space. This throws off room proportions.
  • Neglecting to take exact measurements of your windows and rooms. Precise lengths are a must.
  • Forgetting to account for clearance under the curtain rod. This factors into length.
  • Focusing only on curtain width rather than length. Length should be priority.

Measuring Methods for Proper Length

To determine the perfect custom or standard curtain length for your windows, you’ll need to pull out your tape measure. Follow these instructions:

  1. Measure from the top of where you want your curtain rod to the spot where you want curtains to fall. This may be the floor, window sill, or somewhere in between.
  2. For a floating curtain look, add 2-3 extra inches to allow curtain to clear bottom of the window.
  3. Round your measurement up to the nearest standard curtain length. Example: 67 inches rounds to 72 inches.

Having your exact window measurements is crucial for getting the lengths right. Don’t guess – always measure!

Standard Curtain Lengths Chart

The most commonly used standard curtain lengths are:

63 inchesIdeal for average 8 foot ceilings, floats above window sill
84 inchesCovers larger windows, provides fullness and drama
96 inchesGoes from ceiling to floor for 8 foot ceilings
108 inchesFloor length with puddling
120 inchesSuper long curtains for dramatic tall windows
144 inchesFloor to ceiling for 12 foot ceilings
216 inchesTwo story floor to ceiling curtains

Use this standard curtain length chart as a guide when selecting your window treatments.

standard curtain lengths chart

Considerations for Choosing Length

While the standard lengths are a useful starting point, you’ll also want to take into account:

  • Ceiling height – Standard is 8 feet. Adjust lengths for taller or shorter ceilings.
  • Window measurements – Height, width, and placement impact length needed.
  • Fullness – More fabric equals a fuller look. Less fabric provides a sleek style.
  • Floor clearance – Floating curtains require more space between window and floor.
  • Privacy and light – Longer lengths provide more coverage.
  • Aesthetics – Modern, traditional, casual all factor into ideal length.

Specialty Curtains and Unique Spaces

For specialty curtain applications like these, the length requirements vary:

Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen curtain lengths tend to be:

  • Cafe curtains – 30 to 36 inches
  • Tier curtains – 20 to 30 inches per tier
  • Full length – 84 inches or custom to floor

Bathroom Windows

For bathrooms:

  • 63 to 72 inches standard
  • Above the tub/shower curtain rod
  • Leave space between curtain and ceiling

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding door curtains demand extra length for coverage. Go for:

  • 120 to 144 inches floor to ceiling
  • 96 to 120 inches to stack attractively
  • Add 18 inches per curtain panel beyond glass width

Measure precisely and account for stacking when figuring slider curtain lengths.

Tips for Curtain Length Success

A few helpful reminders for getting your curtain lengths perfect every time:

  • Take detailed measurements of all windows and rooms.
  • Include added clearance in floating curtain lengths.
  • Mind ceiling height – don’t let curtains drag or bunch.
  • Consider added length from decorative headers.
  • When in doubt, go longer rather than shorter.

If you need your curtains tailored to a more precise length, there are easy options:

  • Order custom lengths for eyelet curtains.
  • Hem curtains to your ideal length.
  • Use extension or double rods to add length.

You’ll find curtain lengths that fit your windows beautifully with all the standard measures. No more guessing games or coming up short. Simply refer to this handy chart for lengths tailored to your space and style.

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