Wall Décor that Transforms Your Vaulted Ceiling Living Room

Decorating a living room with a vaulted ceiling presents unique design opportunities. While the abundant headspace can feel cold and cavernous, the right wall decor can turn that unused vertical real estate into a gorgeous focal point. We’ve gathered our favorite tips for utilizing statement artwork, textured panels, floating shelves and more to create a comfortable, inviting vaulted ceiling living room you’ll love.

A strategically decorated sloped ceiling draws the eye upwards, accentuating the architecture rather than competing with it. Visual interest directed towards the ceiling also makes the space feel larger and airier. Implementing even a couple of these decor ideas can dramatically transform an empty vault into a stylish, warm gathering place.

Complement Architecture with Statement Artwork

One of the best ways to enhance those beautiful vaulted angles is by hanging a piece of large-scale artwork. An oversized painting, print or tapestry positioned at the peak of the ceiling or cascading down the slope creates a natural visual focal point.

living room vaulted ceiling wall decorating ideas

Abstract prints and geometric shapes work especially well to complement the straight lines and angles of a modern vaulted ceiling. For a more subdued look, stretched canvas prints in neutral tones can blend with the wall color. Aim for scale – the bolder and bigger, the better for filling all that open space.

Strategic Placement Draws the Eye Up

Hanging artwork above eye-level enhances the dramatic effect even more. Place a grand statement piece at least 8 – 12 inches above a sofa or sectional so it’s viewpoint is angled upwards. This forces the eye to follow the art from the furniture towards the apex of the ceiling. Floating the frame within that negative space creates a gallery aesthetic.

Use Wall Murals to Expand the Space

If you’re looking to add the illusion of extra height and depth, consider a wall mural. These oversized graphics applied directly to the wall seamlessly expand architecture and add vibrancy.

For sloped ceilings, sky scenes work beautifully to enhance the sense of expanded space. Billowing clouds, treetops and birds in flight open up the area above eye-level. Forest murals with tall trees also embrace the height, carrying visual interest right up to the ceiling line. Even a striking mountain landscape or ocean seascape can make a vaulted living room feel more grand.

Mural IdeasBenefits
Trompe l’oeil windows with “views”Add depth and interest
Faux architectural arches or columnsHighlight vertical lines

Display Collections with Floating Shelves

Floating shelves provide a practical solution for displaying cherished items against that unused vertical space. Without visible brackets, floating shelves seem to magically hover on the wall. This open and airy look works perfectly for rooms with high ceilings.

Stagger shelves at various heights for better balance – place them high enough so space flows smoothly under and around them. Curate your shelves with framed photos, houseplants, books and meaningful collectibles to reflect your personal style. Go eclectic with a mix of sizes, shapes, colors and materials for the shelves themselves to add visual interest.

Maximize Wall Space

Get creative with how you utilize the wall area. Try mounting shelves in zigzag or stair-step formations. Or, affix shelving to echo the slope of the ceiling for a customized look. Floating cabinets can become book nooks or display cases. For larger collections, consider covering an entire accent wall with open shelving from floor to ceiling.

Incorporate Hanging Plants for an Inviting Feel

Plants can infuse life and vibrancy into sterile vaulted spaces. Greenery softens hard surfaces and brings nature indoors. Hanging plants, like suspended ferns or trailing ivy, are perfect for utilizing vertical space above eye level.

Position hanging pots near windows where plants can soak up bright sunlight. For varieties that require less light, use grow lights or strategic placement to meet their needs. Visually balance plant groupings throughout the room and vary heights for texture and fullness.

Get Creative With Hangers

Have fun with your plant hangers by using hoops, macrame, ropes or chains. Unusual vessels like baskets, driftwood pieces or repurposed items add quirky flair. A mix of hanging methods at different levels creates an organic feel that complements the height of the ceiling.

Add Warmth and Texture with Wall Panels

Sleek drywall stretches seamlessly up to vaulted ceiling peaks, which can exacerbate the clinical, boxy effect. Warm up the architecture by incorporating textured wall panels.

3D shiplap boards add beautiful dimension in an alternating pattern across large surfaces. The unfinished wood grain boosts cozy appeal. Natural woven rattan makes a lovely accent against white walls. Try boldly geometric designs or abstract carved patterns for serious visual impact.

Color Combos Create Drama

Beyond texture, don’t be afraid to add color with your panels. Pairing navy blue or charcoal grey panels with crisp white vaulted ceilings and ivory walls creates chic drama. For a retro wood-paneled den vibe, stain panels in rich espresso or mahogany tones.

Use Mirrors to Reflect More Light

Vaulted ceilings can make a space feel dark and enclosed, with light struggling to reach all corners. Strategically placed mirrors amplify natural and artificial light sources. Hang mirrors directly across from windows to double incoming sunlight. Position mirrors to reflect pendant lights or sconces, increasing their brightness.

Anchor an oversized mirror on the main focal wall to create the illusion of more space. Place it high enough to reflect the ceiling itself. The expansive reflective surface also enhances the feeling of height in the room. For a retro touch, hang round mirrors in entryways to reflect architectural details.

Display Personal Style with Photo Collections

Personalize your vaulted living room with treasured photos styled into a display collection. Fill a floating picture ledge with a curated row of framed snapshots and art prints. Create an eclectic gallery wall showcasing special memories and travels. Mix in digital prints, Polaroids, panoramic photos – anything meaningful you want to highlight.

Display collections express your distinct style. Update galleries frequently with new chapters and adventures. The freedom of the vaulted ceiling provides the perfect space to exhibit rotating features of your life creatively through cherished photography.

With soaring vaulted architecture, area rugs help delineate individual spaces within an open concept living room. Define sitting areas by layering rugs under sofas, chairs and tables. Choose cozy fabrics like wool, cotton or jute in warm, earthy color palettes. Anchoring each furniture grouping gives a comfortable sense of intimacy.

Make sure rug sizes are proportional to both furnishings and overall room dimensions. Extend by at least 18 – 24 inches beyond furniture legs. Rugs pull focus towards the center of the space. By grounding key activity zones, the architecture recedes to provide an inviting backdrop.

A vaulted ceiling living room presents a gorgeous opportunity to elevate your decor. With the right scale, positioning and style, wall accents can transform unused airspace into an artful display. Any of these inspiring tips will help you warm up the ambiance, reflect your personality and turn heads upwards to appreciate the vaulted grandeur.

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