Using a Box Spring with a Platform Bed Frame – Pros, Cons and Alternatives

Platform beds have become a popular modern alternative to traditional bed frames. With their sleek, minimalist design and built-in slatted support system, platform beds eliminate the need for a box spring or foundation. But can you still use a box spring if you want to? Let’s look at the pros, cons and alternatives to help you decide.

When a Box Spring is Necessary

Box springs are usually paired with traditional bed frames that have slats across the frame. The box spring sits on top and provides extra shock absorption, noise isolation, and lifts the mattress to a more accessible height.

Box springs are particularly beneficial for innerspring mattresses, giving the coils room to compress while maintaining shape and resilience. They can also extend the life of the mattress. Certain manufacturers may also require a box spring to keep the warranty intact.

Are Box Springs Compatible with Platform Beds?

Platform beds are designed to eliminate the need for a box spring or foundation. The solid, flat platform surface acts as a built-in mattress base, providing ample support through integrated slats or a solid panel design.

can you use box spring on platform bed

Using a box spring on top of a platform bed adds unnecessary height and defeats the all-in-one purpose of the platform base. Most mattress companies do not recommend it.

Pros of Using a Box Spring on a Platform Bed

While platform beds provide ample support alone, there are some potential benefits to using a box spring on top:

  • Gives innerspring and orthopedic mattresses the extra lift they need
  • Increases overall height of the bed for easier access
  • Adds a cushion layer for a softer, plusher feel
  • Allows use of a preferred standard bed frame style
  • Lets you customize the setup to your comfort preferences

Cons of Using a Box Spring on a Platform Bed

On the other hand, using a box spring with a platform bed also comes with some drawbacks:

  • Adds unnecessary costs if the platform provides enough support
  • Increases overall height more than intended
  • May void warranty if not recommended by the mattress maker
  • Can create an unstable, less durable setup long-term
  • Defeats the space-saving purpose of having an all-in-one platform

Alternatives to Pair with a Platform Bed

If you want to customize the setup of your platform bed, there are a few alternatives to consider instead of a box spring:

  • Bunkie board for a bit of cushioning and softness
  • Adjustable bed base for ergonomic customization
  • Low-profile box spring for a small lift
  • Mattress toppers to tailor the feel and plushness
  • Leg extensions to raise the height minimally

Tips for Proper Platform Bed Setup

Careful setup is key to get the most out of your platform bed and mattress:

  • Always check mattress manufacturer requirements first
  • Select needed height based on personal preference
  • Ensure mattress is centered and secure on platform
  • Use a mattress protector and fitted sheet
  • Consider bunkie board density and box spring height if adding

While it’s possible to use a box spring on a platform bed, it’s generally not recommended unless you have a specific mattress type or height preference that requires it.

Make sure to consult the mattress manufacturer’s guidelines first. Opt for bunkie boards or toppers if you want to customize comfort and softness instead.

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