Uncover the Top Small Round Nightstands With Drawers for Tiny Bedrooms

When space is limited, every piece of furniture needs to pull its weight. Small round nightstands with drawers are an excellent option to maximize function in a tiny bedroom without sacrificing style. With their space-saving circular design and added storage capacity, these petite bedside tables pack a lot of utility into a compact frame. Read on to learn why small round nightstands are ideal for diminutive dwellings and discover the best options to elevate your cozy sleeping space.

Finding the Right Small Round Nightstand

Before purchasing a small round nightstand, take stock of your needs and available space. Measure the area beside your bed to ensure the table will fit comfortably without blocking pathways. Note how many drawers you require and the amount of storage capacity needed to keep essentials handy but out of sight. The perfectly proportioned nightstand will blend seamlessly into your room without dominating the diminutive dimensions.

Assess Your Space and Storage Needs

Will a dainty 15-inch diameter tabletop suffice or do you require a more generous surface area? Consider how many drawers you need to organize watches, jewelry, books, and other bedside paraphernalia. If your space is truly compact, opt for a small single drawer model. Those with slightly larger bedrooms can size up to a double or triple drawer piece to maximize storage.

Choose Round vs Square/Rectangular Shape

A round table is ideal when floor space is limited. The curved edges take up less area than boxy corners. Circular tables also have an elegant, space-age feel that adds modern flair to any room. However, if you prefer a traditional style, rectangular tables may better suit your decor.

Consider Size – Truly Compact or Slightly Larger

Look for nightstands with diameters in the 15 to 18 inch range to maintain a dainty footprint. Scale up to 20-24 inches across if you need a bit more surface or storage space. Measure your floor plan to find the perfect fit.

small round nightstand with drawer

Measure Dimensions to Fit Nicely Beside Bed

Leave ample room to open drawers and pull chairs up to the bedside. Aim for around 18-30 inches of space between the mattress edge and nightstand. Scale width and depth to your room’s proportions.

Benefits of Small Round Nightstands

It’s clear that small round nightstands cater to space-deprived environments, but they offer other advantages too. Here are the top benefits of choosing a petite circular table for your tiny bedroom.

Space-Saving Design

With their compact circular shape, small round nightstands neatly tuck beside beds in the tightest of quarters. Their footprint is minimized, leaving more usable floor space for moving about the room. Strategic furniture placement prevents a cramped feeling.


While designed for bedroom use, small round nightstands multitask in any room. Their diminutive proportions allow them to slip seamlessly into home offices, guest rooms, and living spaces in need of a surface for storing remotes, books, and drinks.


Look for small round nightstands constructed from solid hardwoods like oak, maple, and mahogany which resist scratches and dents. Durable materials such as metal and tempered glass also maintain their integrity over years of use.


Though compact in size, most small round nightstands integrate at least one drawer for tucking away personal items. Some feature multiple stacked drawers to maximize storage capacity. This functionality keeps essentials accessible but out of sight.


Small round nightstands strike a balance between fashion and function. Their shapely silhouettes and compact profiles blend seamlessly into any bedroom aesthetic from traditional to contemporary.


The rounded edges of these nightstands eliminate sharp corners which can bruise knees and shins. Items placed on the tabletop are within easy reach when lounging in bed or sitting in a adjacent chair.

Materials to Look For

Small round nightstands come in a range of materials to suit any design sensibility. Consider the pros and cons of each when selecting the perfect bedside table.

Solid Wood

Hardwoods like oak, maple, and mahogany bring beauty and resilience to furniture. Opt for solid wood over veneers which scratch easily. Wood types range from affordable pine to upscale teak and walnut.


From sleek chrome to industrial black metal, metal nightstands bring modern appeal. Powder-coated finishes deter rust. Stainless steel offers durability and timeless style.


Tempered glass tops lend a lightweight, transparent look. Glass shows smudges easily but wipes clean with ease. Glass may crack if heavily impacts.


Prized for its elegance, marble blends seamlessly into both classic and modern rooms. Marble is vulnerable to staining and etching from spills and acids.


Affordable laminate nightstands mimic pricier materials like wood and marble using printed photographic overlays. Laminate resists scratches but can chip with hard knocks.

Key Features to Evaluate

When selecting a small round nightstand, scrutinize the details to find a well-made piece that best fits your needs. Seek out these key features during your search.

Number of Drawers

Options range from no drawers up to three drawers stacked vertically. One drawer suits small spaces while two or three drawers provide ample hidden storage capacity.

Drawer Storage Capacity

Test the depth and width of drawers to ensure ample space for clothing, books, gadgets and anything else you need to stow away conveniently. Shallow drawers become cluttered quickly.

Drawer Glide Smoothness

Look for ball-bearing glides that allow drawers to open and close with ease. Wood glides bind up over time. Felt or plastic glides collect dust and debris.

Sturdy vs Delicate Legs

Blocky solid wood legs and wide-set metal bases prevent wobbling. Spindly legs collapse under weight. Ensure legs are firmly joined to avoid breakage.

Frame/Base Construction

Durable mortise and tenon joinery withstands years of use. Weak butt joints separate easily. Examine finishes for smooth, consistent coverage.

Finishing and Hardware

Smooth lacquers, stains and paints resist yellowing and wear. Detailed metal hardware lends elegance. Look for scratch-resistant surfaces.

Style and Design Options

Keep your existing decor in mind when selecting a small round nightstand style. Choose a look that enhances your room’s design motif and brings unity to the space.

Traditional All-Wood Designs

Rich stained wood nightstands bring warmth and elegance to traditional bedroom settings. Ornate legs and carvings add interest.

Painted/Stained Wood Colors

Add a pop of color with a stand painted robin’s egg blue or bold emerald. Grey washed and whitewashed looks lighten wood’s hue.

Novelty Shapes

Make a statement with oval, scalloped edges or curved fronts. Geometric shapes like hexagons or crescents create intrigue.

Metal Frames with Glass/Marble Tops

Sleek tubular metal legs or bronze castings support glass for an airy, modern statement. Marble tops exude refined elegance.

Vintage or Antique Inspired

Weathered paint finishes and decorative carvings hearken back to vintage charm. Look for true antiques or replicas.

Modern and Contemporary Styles

Clean lines, earthy wood tones, metal accents and minimal carvings embody contemporary chic. Think outside the box.

Shopping Tips for Small Nightstands

Follow these tips for scoring stylish, functional small round nightstands while sticking to your budget parameters.

Check Furniture/Home Stores and Online Shops

Shop furniture outlets, home goods stores and online retailers for the widest selection. Measure your space first.

Compare Prices and Reviews

Research different brands and models to find the best quality for your dollar. Check reviews for insights on fit, function and durability.

Consider Sale/Discounted Items

Watch for sales, coupons and outlet deals to slash costs. Discounted floor models or open box returns offer major savings.

Optimize Budget with DIY Options

Keep costs low by refurbishing a thrift store find or upcycling another used furniture piece into a nightstand.

Look for Free Shipping and Easy Returns

Online retailers with flexible shipping and return policies make ordering a breeze.

Top Brands and Places to Buy

Ready to search for the perfect petite nightstand? Here are some of the best brands and go-to shopping sources to check out.

Mainstays, Sauder (Budget)

Affordable nightstands at big box stores like Target and Walmart offer basic styling at wallet-friendly prices.

Zinus, Nathan James (Mid-Range)

Amazon and Wayfair feature sturdy, stylish mid-priced nightstands from furniture brands like Zinus and Nathan James.

Copeland, Modway (Higher-End)

Invest in quality craftsmanship and luxe materials from brands like Copeland Furniture and Modway, sold through online and specialty retailers.

Wayfair, Target, IKEA

One-stop furniture shops like Wayfair, Target and IKEA carry a wide array of functional and fashionable nightstands to browse.

When square footage is scarce, a small round nightstand pulls double duty as a space-saving furnishing and storage solution. With their pared-down circular shape and multiple drawer configurations, these versatile tables tuck neatly beside beds without dominating the room. Carefully assess your needs, research materials and features, and select a style aligned with your decor for nighttime necessities at your fingertips.

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