This Holiday Season, Wow with Picture-Perfect Outdoor Window Wreaths

The holiday season will soon be here, bringing with it festive lights, gatherings with loved ones, and timeless traditions. One tradition many families enjoy is decorating the exterior of their homes with beautiful Christmas accents. Outdoor window wreaths provide a simple yet charming way to spread holiday cheer in your neighborhood.

When strolling down a street lined with homes donning outdoor wreaths, it’s easy to get lost in the magic of the season. This year, you can be the one to wow passersby with picture-perfect wreaths on your windows. Achieving this timeless look is easier than you think. With the right materials, positioning, and creative touches, your outdoor window wreaths will look like they came straight from a Christmas card.

Why Decorate Windows with Wreaths for Christmas?

Outdoor wreaths on windows have remained a popular Christmas decorating tradition for good reason. They instantly add visual interest, personality, and curb appeal to the exterior of any home. The burst of green, red, gold, and other festive colors helps convey the warmth and welcoming spirit of the holidays.

Hanging decorative wreaths provides homeowners with a fun outlet for creativity and self-expression. You can customize the size, materials, and embellishments on your wreaths to reflect your personal taste and complement your home’s existing color scheme.

outdoor wreaths on windows

For many families, seeing holiday wreaths in the windows signifies the official start of the Christmas season. It sparks nostalgia and feelings of togetherness. The tradition connects generations, reminding us of happy times decorating with loved ones who have passed.

Windows also provide ideal display spots for wreaths. They allow the decorations to be viewed both up close and from afar. Strategic placement makes them visible to not just your family but also neighbors and visitors.

Wreath Materials for Outdoors

When selecting an outdoor window wreath, your first consideration should be durability. The wreath must withstand exposure to sun, wind, rain, and snow. You want something that will last more than one season without falling apart or fading.

For an authentic look and smell, many prefer wreaths made from real evergreen branches. Noble fir, pine, and cedar are common options. The natural materials retain their crisp appearance and scent for weeks. Check for any signs of drying or browning before purchasing.

High-quality artificial wreaths mimic real evergreens while holding up better outdoors. Look for ones made with UV-resistant polyethylene or PVC plastic. The faux foliage should be thick and lifelike. Bendable wire within the wreath helps you manipulate its shape as needed.

Along with the base wreath itself, any ribbons, bows, or other embellishments must also withstand the elements. Opt for weatherproof wired ribbon and plastic bows over delicate fabrics. Outdoor-rated materials will not fray or bleed when wet.

Real vs. Fake Wreaths: Weighing Your Options

When deciding between natural or artificial wreaths, consider the pros and cons of each:

  • Real pine wreaths smell incredible but require more maintenance. Over time, natural wreaths dry out and lose needles.
  • Fake wreaths offer longevity at a lower cost but lack the authenticity of real evergreens.
  • Both types come in a range of sizes and designs to suit your home’s aesthetic.
  • Artificial wreaths tend to hold up better in rain, wind, and snow.
  • You’ll need to store natural wreaths properly between seasons to extend their lifespan.

Determining Wreath Size

Choosing the right wreath size depends mainly on the width of the window and its visibility. Larger 24-30 inch wreaths make more of an impact if your windows face the street. They create a dramatic welcoming effect that can be seen from cars driving by.

For windows not easily visible, 18-22 inch wreaths provide sufficient decorative flair. You can still appreciate the beautiful details up close. Standard front doors are well-suited for 22-26 inch wreaths.

When deciding size, maintain a sense of proportion. An oversized wreath will look awkward and overwhelm the window. An undersized wreath can get lost against the building exterior. Use your best judgement to balance the wreath with the scale of windows and your home.

Measuring Windows for Wreaths

Follow these simple steps for finding the ideal wreath size:

  1. Measure across the exact width of your window including the frame.
  2. For a proportional look, choose a wreath about 2/3 to 3/4 the size of the window width.
  3. Allow several inches on each side for hanging the wreath.
  4. Consider the window’s visibility from the street or sidewalk when deciding between standard and larger wreath sizes.

Hanging Methods for Outdoor Window Wreaths

Outdoor wreaths require a secure hanging method to keep them properly on display throughout the holiday season. Several easy yet reliable options exist for attaching your wreaths to windows:

Wire Hanging Kits

Wire hanging kits provide a quick, adjustable way to mount wreaths outside. Kits include two metal brackets and an S-hook. Simply install the brackets above the window with included screws. Then attach the S-hook to the top of the wreath and hang it on the brackets.

This method allows you to easily move the wreath up, down, left, or right to find the optimal position. The hook design keeps the wreath flush to the house despite wind or storms. No ladder is needed once the brackets are in place.

Ribbon or Festive Bows

For a decorative accent, hang your outdoor wreath using a bright, wide ribbon or an oversized festive bow. On most double hung windows, you can securely tie the ribbon around the top of the wreath then attach it to the top sash from inside the house. This avoids outdoor installation and creates a pretty draping effect.

Choosing UV-resistant, weatherproof ribbon prevents fading and fraying over time. Frequent winds may loosen knots, so check periodically that bows remain tightly tied. Reinforce with extra loops if needed. Trailing ribbon tails lend an elegant touch.

Command Hooks

Command strip hooks offer a SUPER easy no-nails solution for hanging lightweight wreaths outside. Press the adhesive hooks onto the window frame or surrounding exterior wall. Then carefully hang your wreath for instant decor.

This damage-free method is ideal for rental homes or historic properties where you cannot nail. It works best for smaller, artificial wreaths under 3 pounds. Check hooks frequently as adhesive can wear down from sun exposure and cause wreaths to fall.

Extra Touches for Picture-Perfect Style

Now that you have the basics covered, it’s time for the fun part – crafting a picture-perfect outdoor window wreath display! Adding extra flair and personality really takes your decor over the top. Here are some easy ways to make your wreaths shine:

Themed Embellishments

Ornaments, pinecones, bells, and other embellishments infuse holiday spirit into any wreath. Look for decorations that coordinate with your existing color scheme. Red berry sprigs and gold leaves accent classic green wreaths. Hang whimsical cookie or candy cane ornaments for a playful vibe. Incorporate items with personal meaning to make it uniquely you.


Strategically placed lighting casts a magical glow on outdoor wreaths at night. Tiny battery-operated string lights interwoven into the wreath itself create an enchanting sparkle. Spotlights installed above windows shine down to highlight wreaths’ texture and details.

Timers allow you to set lights to turn on automatically at dusk each evening. This ensures your decor radiates a welcoming glow whether you are home or away.

Positioning Tips and Creative Ideas

Now for the fun part – getting creative with positioning your wreaths! How and where you hang them impacts the overall visual effect. Here are tips for making displays dynamic and eye-catching:

Asymmetric or Angled

Hang wreaths at a slight angle or offset to create added visual interest. Straight, overly symmetric displays tend to look flat and boring. Breaking up the symmetry makes your decor more dynamic and whimsical.

Stacked or Layered

For a dazzling statement, stack wreaths of varying sizes on the same window. You can hang them at different heights or even overlap slightly. Combining complementary designs and colors ties the look together beautifully.

Large background wreaths provide an anchor point. Medium wreaths add festive detail. Smaller wreaths incorporate unique personality with embellishments.

Year-Round Outdoor Window Decor

The possibilities don’t end with Christmas! You can decorate windows for spring, summer, and fall with wreaths and other accents that match each season.

Flowery wreaths usher in springtime renewal and growth after winter. Summer inspired wheat, burlap, or seashell wreaths evoke carefree days and beach vacations. Change colors and materials to complement the rich hues of autumn.

Adorning windows with wreaths provides a rotating palette of charm all year long. Simply switch them out seasonally or for major holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

We hope these tips have inspired you to create picture-perfect outdoor window wreaths this holiday season. Remember to start with quality, weatherproof materials so your decor withstands the elements.

The right size and hanging method keep wreaths secure once they are up. Then make them shine by incorporating lights, embellishments, and strategic positioning. Your thoughtfully decorated windows will bring cheer to not just your family but the entire neighborhood.

Most importantly, have fun making this classic Christmas tradition your own. Get in the holiday spirit strolling outside to admire how your home’s wreaths spread joy to everyone who passes by. That’s what this season is all about!

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