Giant Outdoor Wreaths – Glam Up Your Home for the Holidays Without Going Overboard

An extra large outdoor wreath is the perfect way to decorate the exterior of your home for the holidays. Festive and eye-catching, oversized wreaths make a gorgeous statement at the front door or on an exterior wall. But how big is too big when it comes to giant decorative wreaths? And what should you consider before purchasing one?

What Qualifies as a Giant Wreath

When searching for an extra large outdoor wreath, you’ll likely come across sizes ranging from 4 feet to 12 feet in diameter. The most popular oversized wreath sizes tend to fall between 6 and 8 feet. Anything under 4 feet is considered a standard or large wreath, while wreaths over 8 feet definitely classify as giant showstoppers.

For most homes, a 6 to 8 foot wreath offers plenty of drama and flair without looking cartoonishly huge. You want the wreath to stand out but keep things in proportion.

Materials for Withstanding Outdoor Conditions

Since giant wreaths live outdoors year-round, they need thick, durable materials that can withstand rain, snow, wind, and sun exposure. Look for artificial wreaths made from plastic, nylon, or metal structures. Natural greenery won’t last more than one season when exposed to the elements.

extra large outdoor wreath for house

Secure metal frames and support structures prevent your giant wreath from slipping down the wall or falling off the door, while dense artificial foliage resists fading and deterioration.

Ideal Seasonal Placement for Maximum Impact

The best time of year for displaying a giant ornamental wreath is late fall through winter. When buying for holiday decor, plan to install your oversized wreath in November for maximum enjoyment and timely curb appeal to welcome guests.

While the obvious choice is to place a giant wreath at the front entrance, there are also lots of creative ways to use these showstoppers:

  • Flank a garage or patio entrance
  • Line a driveway with coordinating pairs
  • Adorn columns or posts
  • Drape vertically over a fence or brick wall

Measuring for Proper Size and Fit

Before purchasing an extra large holiday wreath, be sure to measure your space properly. You want something eye-catching yet complementary to the size of the wall or door where it will hang.

First, evaluate the height and width of the space you intend to fill. Account for doors and other fixtures so you don’t obscure entrances or signage.

Oval, round, and square wreath shapes each create a different aesthetic, so decide which route fits your home’s facade. Many retailers also do custom sizes on special order if you have a tricky space to decorate.

Colors and Themes for a Festive Look

Traditional extra large outdoor wreaths feature evergreen, red, gold, and plaid accents for a lush, Christmasy vibe. But let your creativity run wild when selecting colors!

For Hanukkah, try cool tones like silver, white, and blue with sparkling LED lights. Pastels and bright spring shades give a giant wreath cheerful curb appeal. Or keep it neutral with natural jute and eucalyptus greens to complement landscaping.

Installation Tips for Proper Support

Due to their large size and weight, giant wreaths require special precautions and hardware for hanging.

Outdoor wreath hangers usually include sturdy hooks, nails, or scrolling arms specifically rated to hold heavy decorative pieces in place.

Ensure you affix hangers to solid underlying material like wood framing or brick behind the siding. For added peace of mind, use tethers as a second line of defense against strong winds or storms.

With the right location, materials, and installation approach, an oversized outdoor wreath makes a gorgeous focal point for seasonal celebrations without going over the top.

Looking to really wow your guests with your holiday decor? Use multiple giant wreaths on your property for a coordinated, upscale look. Line your driveway or walkway at regular intervals, alternate evergreen and themed designs, or flank multiple doors.

Oversized wreaths also transition beautifully across seasons. Swap the traditional holiday green for pastel blooms in spring or faux eucalyptus in summer. Keep the basic structure in place year-round and just change accents.

So don’t hold back when planning exterior ornamentation this holiday season. An extra large outdoor wreath dazzles without overwhelming your facade. With creative placement and installation, it makes the ultimate first impression.

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