The Secret to Keeping Your Kitchen Organized? Pull-Out Cabinets

Does your kitchen seem to grow more and more disorganized by the day? No matter how diligent you try to be about putting things away, items inevitably end up strewn across the counters and spilling out of overstuffed cabinets. If you’re tired of the clutter and chaos, it may be time to consider installing pull-out cabinets. These clever storage solutions just may be the secret to finally getting your kitchen in order.

Pull-out cabinets utilize smooth, rolling tracks to allow drawers, trays, baskets, and shelves to glide out fully from the cabinet space. This provides easy access to everything stored inside without the hassle of reaching deep into dark corners or rummaging through a jumbled mess. Keep reading to discover the many pull-out cabinet options that can transform your kitchen storage and organization.

Pull-Out Cabinet Options for Every Storage Need

There are numerous styles of pull-outs designed to suit any kitchen layout and storage requirement. Consider where you need more efficiency and access, and choose the pull-out features that best fit your space.

Pull-Out Shelves

Installed on full extension slides, pull-out shelves bring items stored at the very back of cabinets right to your fingertips. They can be customized to fit the exact width and depth of your cabinet box and provide an organized surface for displaying cooking gadgets, plates, cans, and more. The smooth gliding motion makes contents totally accessible.

Pull-out shelves are great for corner cabinets or any hard to reach areas. You can get complete use of the space while eliminating the frustration of not being able to see what’s inside.

kitchen cabinets that pull out

Roll-Out Trays

Rolling trays mounted on tracks or slides are another excellent pull-out option. They are well-suited for holding bakeware, small appliances, pots and pans, and other bulky items that tend to get buried in cabinets. Just give a gentle pull, and everything rolls out for convenient access and unloading.

Try using roll-out trays to corral all those lids, cutting boards, oven mitts, and other awkward kitchen items. The smooth glide technology makes them so satisfying to open and close.


Who doesn’t love a good drawer? Pull-out drawers maximize your vertical storage real estate by utilizing every inch of cabinet height. Custom dividers and compartments keep contents neatly organized inside the drawer. This is a great option for organizing utensils, cooking gadgets, cleaning supplies, and more.

Look for drawers with soft-close glides for ultra smooth and quiet motion. There are even pull-down baskets that mount under cabinets to provide additional easy-access storage without using floor space.

Base Cabinet Pull-Outs

Base cabinets near the floor are the perfect spot to install pull-outs to store those heavy, bulky pots and pans. A pull-out platform provides easy access to items way in the back without having to kneel down and rummage around. Customize with racks, dividers, and bins to keep everything tidy inside.

For corner base cabinets, you can install a diagonal pull-out that swivels for ergonomic access. This transforms an awkward dead space into functional storage territory.

Pantry Cabinet Pull-Outs

Walk-in pantries can often end up disorganized chaos. But pull-out shelves and drawers inside pantry cabinets provide visibility and prevent items from getting buried in the back. The contents are neatly displayed so you can locate what you need at a glance.

Try adjustable pull-outs that can be angled up or down for even easier visibility. Spinning corner carousels are also great for pantries to access items stored deeper inside.

Ideal Areas to Install Pull-Outs

While pull-outs can go just about anywhere, there are some particularly smart spots that will maximize your kitchen’s storage potential.

Toe-Kick Space

Take advantage of the usually wasted toe-kick space underneath your cabinets. This area is the perfect spot for pull-out storage to avoid having to bend down to access items. Try pull-out drawers to neatly organize cleaning supplies, garbage bags, or baking pans right at your fingertips.


Make use of tricky corner cabinets by installing space-maximizing pull-outs. A combination of shelves, drawers and roll-outs transforms hard-to-reach dead zones into ultra functional storage. Pull-outs installed diagonally or in an L-shape provide complete access.

Between Countertop Appliances

Take advantage of the gap between countertop appliances like your refrigerator, stove, and sink by fitting pull-outs in them. This allows you to utilize the narrow spaces for storage without taking up precious counter real estate. It also reduces appliance footprint.

Features and Customizations

Today’s pull-outs offer conveniences like soft-close hinges and custom adjustability. Upgrade to these features for an even greater kitchen storage experience.

Soft-Close Hinges

Who enjoys the jarring slam of closing cabinets? Soft-close hinges prevent this by slowing the motion and bringing cabinets to a gentle, quiet close. While a bit pricier, soft-close hardware is a worthwhile upgrade that will keep your kitchen serene.

Full Extension Slides

Full extension slides allow cabinet pull-outs to be extended fully outside of the cabinet box. This enables complete visibility and ergonomic access to contents. Look for quality ball-bearing slides that glide smoothly when opening and closing.

Adjustable Shelves and Dividers

To truly customize your pull-outs, look for adjustable elements. Shelves that lift, drop, or slide allow you to accommodate different item sizes. Removable dividers also keep contents neatly organized while offering flexibility.

Wood Types, Finishes and Colors

For a seamless, built-in look, select pull-outs in wood species and finishes that match your existing cabinets. Custom stains and paints enable totally integrated pull-outs. Explore options like white shaker style racks or butcher block organizers.

Pull-Outs for Specialty Storage Needs

Beyond general cabinet storage, pull-outs can be designed for specialized purposes. Get creative with ways to use them throughout your kitchen.

Knife Drawers

Install magnetic strips inside a pull-out drawer to store knives safely within arm’s reach. This keeps your most-used knives right where you need them without cluttering up counter space with a bulky knife block.

Wine Racks

Built-in wine racks inside a pull-out cabinet provide organized display for your wine collection. Custom slots keep bottles securely in place so you can gaze at your cherished vintages. No more digging way in back just to find a bottle.

Cutting Board Drawer

Save precious counter space by storing your favorite cutting board inside a dedicated pull-out drawer. Just slide it out when prepping ingredients then tuck it back inside when finished. Cleanup is easier too.

Spice Organizers

Keep spices neatly arranged and easy to locate with pull-out organizers like spinning carousels or tiered racks. Browse all your herbs and seasonings in a glance instead of rifling through a chaotic cupboard.

If reaching and rummaging through your kitchen cabinets has you fed up, innovative pull-out storage solutions can completely change the game. There are so many customizable options to create your ideal layout.

The brilliance of pull-outs lies in their accessibility. No more straining for items way in back or moving everything up front. Contents are displayed right at your fingertips. Combined with specialized trays and dividers, pull-outs keep everything neatly organized.

Take some measurements and think about your kitchen’s trouble spots. Whether it’s tucked-away corners, crowded pantries, or base cabinet chaos, pull-outs can help. Install them wherever your kitchen needs some storage and organization magic.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to cook and clean with strategic pull-outs. No more cluttered counters or messy cabinets. Just tidiness, efficiency and ease. Pull-outs truly are the secret to kitchen organization success!

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