The Revelatory Power of Console Table Baskets

Console tables serve an important role in home decor by providing a slim surface to display cherished items and accents. Yet often the space below these elegant tables goes unused. This is where the revelatory power of baskets comes into play. Strategically placed baskets breathe new life into the vacant space beneath console tables in entryways, living rooms, and beyond. They reveal the possibility to stow belongings, amplify style, and curate a welcoming abode. Through mindful selection and arrangement, the humble basket morphs into an invaluable storage and design asset.

When it comes to console table baskets, not all options are created equal. The materials and construction play a pivotal role that pave the path to success. Or, failure. We’ve evaluated the positives and drawbacks of various popular materials to help illuminate the best direction for your space.

basket under console table

Different Types of Console Table Baskets

Woven Baskets

Hand-woven baskets exude texture and global appeal. Varieties crafted from natural fibers like seagrass, willow, rattan, and bamboo bring organic warmth. They meld effortlessly into casual aesthetics like coastal, farmhouse, or boho spaces. Woven console table baskets come in open and lidded varieties, with sizes scaling from petite to oversized. Smaller baskets work well for corralling remote controls, gadgets, or mail. While, more capacious woven baskets store bulky throw blankets or a pile of glossy coffee table books with ease.

Since they hail from natural materials, most woven baskets are relatively affordable. Those made by hand methods or sourced via fair trade do come at a higher cost. With proper care they can last for many years, developing lovely patinas over time. However, moisture and abrasions can damage woven baskets more readily than sturdier metal and plastic versions in the long run.

Fabric Baskets

For a soft and lightweight option, fabric console table baskets impart breezy style. Materials like cotton, chenille, velvet, linen, felt, burlap, or canvas shape up into homey storage solutions that feel nice to the touch. Tapered bins and rectangular shapes stand available, along with lidded hamper styles. Their supple nature makes collapsing fabric baskets a cinch for compact storage when not in use.

Fabric baskets come at an affordable price point compared to other materials, keeping replacements budget-friendly. To extend longevity, spot clean when needed and avoid overloading. Lidded bins that fully enclose contents will maintain structure better long-term. Those made in natural fabrics like linen and cotton will gain character as they age, similar to woven varieties. Overall, fabric console table baskets amplify cozy vibes that harmonize with any laidback decor approach.

Other Material Options

Baskets crafted from materials like rattan, metal, ceramic, plastic, and more widen selection for console table storage solutions. Mixing up textures through different finishes prevents the space from feeling flat or overly matchy-matchy. Rattan makes a natural pairing with woven varieties, while powder coated metal and matte ceramic baskets lend modern and contemporary spaces a dose of sleekness. Clear acrylic or lucite baskets provide discreet storage for more intimate belongings. And plastic options from bright hues to clear to faux leather offer budget-friendly points of interest. Determine which direction complements your existing decor best when selecting alternative material console table baskets.

Perfect Places to Use Console Table Baskets

Now that we’ve illuminated basket construction possibilities, where exactly should they go? Console tables inhabit common living zones like entryways, living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways where their slim statures are least obtrusive. Baskets tucked underneath these svelte furnishings bestowpurpose upon overlooked voids throughout the home.


In entryways, console tables provide a welcoming touch and a place to toss keys, sunglasses, and other possessions carried in from the outside world. A basket underneath helps to neatly corral these everyday items so they don’t end up strewn across the console tabletop itself. We recommend a generously sized woven basket for entry console organizing. Inside, stow extra sets of keys, small umbrellas, reusable shopping bags and any other frequently used items. Keep remotes, chargers and tech accessories tidy in a small lidded basket beside it.

For supplemental decor, layer a few pretty throw blankets or seasonal accessory baskets on built-in shelves below the console table. Their visibility each time one comes in or out makes a cheerful statement.

Living Rooms

People tend to adorn living room console tables with special mementos and decorative objects. But, their contents quickly topple over and get dusty without contained storage. Enter baskets underneath for books, blankets, and anything else threatening coffee table real estate. For media storage, a lidded rattan or woven pic weave console table basket keeps DVDs, video games, and tech gadgets organized. Stacked baskets are another excellent option for categorizing by type. Small and medium baskets can be labeled for batteries, chargers, remotes. Keep an extra throw neatly folded in a larger basket beside them.

Get creative with additional concealed storage to pare down living room clutter further. Install pull out woven drawers to neatly stow games, puzzles, craft supplies. Or, try pull out cubbies with baskets inside for hiding spare candles, vases, table linens and other occasional use items.

Hallways & Foyers

High traffic zones like hallways and foyers are prone to attracting household clutter castoffs. From shoes and bags to umbrellas and paperwork, these in-between spaces morph into dumping grounds without intentional organization. Thankfully,console tables provide purpose amid chaos. They allow us to regain control through the power of storage baskets underneath.

Group multiple baskets together to handle foot traffic demands without blocking pathways. Label woven lidded baskets by family member to assign a “parking spot” for individual belongings. Install a row of clever pull-out metal baskets on gliders to stash odds and ends out of sight. For small spaces, gather most necessities into one large seagrass basket with customizable dividers inside.

Console table basket storage unlocks freedom from disorder that perpetually surrounds us. Their bountiful capabilities for stowing and sorting make household management far less overwhelming.

Storage & Organization Uses

We’ve revealed fertile opportunities for storage gains across popular console table placement zones. Now, let’s explore exactly what to stash inside all those marvelous baskets! Their versatility provides custom organization for possessions both small and large.

Household Essentials

Keys, chargers, wallets, and other daily carry items deserve an organized home outside our bags. Baskets located by the most-used entry and exit points help us to come and go with ease. Additionally, they provide easy access for household helpers and visitors needing items on hand.

Small console table baskets made of metal or plastic corrall remote controls, freeing up coffee and side table surfaces. While larger lidded baskets beside neatly wrangle cables, spare batteries and tech miscellany. Store office supplies or daily paperwork in woven magazine file baskets to access quickly. And keep frequently-used items like medical supplies, flashlights, candles or craft basics in easy reach for household convenience.

Everyday Items

Beyond household helpers, console table baskets reclaim space for our most cherished and frequently used possessions. Their sheltering forms tidy up items that find their way into main living areas daily like books, pet toys, throws, and electronics.

Lidded baskets prevent pet toys strewn about from excessive fur. And conveniently stow playthings out of sight but within reach. Fold extra throws into baskets rather than draped on every sofa and chair for guest-ready appeal. Slender magazine baskets vertical files store durable books within glance for pleasure reading and reference. While media console baskets stash our favorite movies, video games and gadgets behind closed doors.

Seasonal Accessories

Bulky seasonal accessories easily dominate closets and furnished surfaces shortly after swapping them twice per year. Scarves, gloves, hats, and umbrellas claimed their own designated baskets will liberate storage room for out-of-season apparel other times of year.

Attractive seagrass lidded baskets placed atop a lower console shelf present an elegant seasonal catchall. Alternately, a tall metal bin tucked beside the console gathers rain gear in one place when needed close at hand. For small spaces, install a row of narrow rattan baskets on a console shelf to assign one per family member or type of accessory.

Thoughtfully purposed console table baskets prepare us for the elements, keep our connections charged, and tidy our treasured belongings scattered about. Their revelatory power shines through with clarity as they bestow order among household chaos.

Decorative Touches

Thus far we’ve discussed the formidable organizing strengths exuded through console table baskets. However, their allure extends beyond storage functionality alone. Baskets located in main living zones remain visible even when closed or concealed inside cabinetry. So, they impart additional style layers through material finishes and contents displayed inside.

Complement Room Style

Console tables and their corresponding baskets neighbor sofas, chairs, media cabinets and other furnishings. Cohesion between finishes and styles helps to make the most of small but visible spaces. For farmhouse decor, choose woven or rattan console table baskets. Modern and contemporary rooms shine with metal, faux leather or bright plastic bins. While cottages and eclectic spaces get along nicely with fabric covered baskets for softness.

Match console table baskets to finishes already established in the room for good design flow. Yet adding contrast through an alternate texture prevents too much uniformity. Find balance between cohesive and complementary based on your personal style preferences.

Display Meaningful Items

Plain empty baskets, though neat, miss an opportunity to personalize a space. Use console table storage solutions to showcase meaningful home accessories that deserve visibility. Potted plants, sculptures, vases and candles elevate living spaces in need of greenery and artistry. While framed photos rotating seasonally provide a new glimpse into cherished memories and people.

Essential oils, pretty boxes, trinket trays and lean shelves offer vignettes to highlight favorite decorative objects. Incorporate accent colors and materials resonant with room details already in play. Then rotate accent baskets and new contents seasonally for refreshed decorative appeal.

Add Warm & Welcoming Accents

Beyond showcasing treasured items, smartly arranged baskets cultivate welcoming atmosphere through coziness factors. Bins filled with plush throws or neatly folded blankets soothe senses in high traffic spaces. While baskets brimming with accent pillows or rolled towels add softness to hard-surfaced console tablescapes.

Fill large lidded baskets with extra throws and pillows to grab for chilly nights. Or, stow cozy slippers inside for comfort literally at your feet. Incorporate candlelight ambiance through grouped pillar candles, trays of tea lights, or lanterns with woven or rattan console table baskets. Transform purely functional spaces into restful, reviving oases through considerate basket vignettes.

Basket Size Considerations

Console tables inhabit awkward yet highly useful spaces that require some finessing. Their slim stature won’t accommodate oversized storage bins swallowing up valuable square footage. Yet micro baskets frustrate by only holding a few small items. When selecting storage and decor baskets for console tables keep size top of mind.

Consider your console table proportions first when choosing basket scale. Low long console tables accommodate a row of narrow baskets or one long rectangular basket. While taller more narrow varieties do best with one medium sized basket. If your console table has interior shelves, small stacking baskets, divided magazine files and lidded bins optimize the space.

Tailor basket dimensions to what you need stowed inside. If media storage ranks important, have measurements on hand for DVDs, games and remotes. Frequently used items like throws and blankets need a little extra wiggle room for grabbing easily. And seasonal accessories fare best in long narrow bins to corral awkward shapes.

Before basket shopping measure your console table storage allowance to procure perfect proportions. Include any baskets plans for open lower shelves in your calculations. Preparation yields functional fusion between console furnishings and storage helpers.

Styling Your Console Table Baskets

With winning basket scale for your console table sorted, how does one artfully arrange them? Stuffing bins to overflow detracts from streamlined style. Yet leaving them empty deprives a chance to showcase what you hold dear. Thoughtfully curating console table vignettes strikes ideal aesthetic and functional balance.

Fold blankets and throws into basic trifolds that expose their textures and patterns. Stand books together like a tower displaying unique bindings. For media storage, angle cases attractively so titles are visible. Nestle baskets together interlocking shapes, then top with decorative trays or plants. Incorporate background hues from artwork or pillows for unified polish.

Aim for curated simplicity within console table basket assemblages. Draw the eye to favorite accent pieces without overwhelming the small area. Rotate seasonal, practical and sentimental items regularly for refreshed ensembles.

What sorts of baskets work best underneath console tables?

Woven, rattan and fabric baskets complement most decor styles nicely. Look for lidded baskets to fully enclose contents and rectangular bins to maximize awkward space.

Should my console table baskets match or coordinate somehow?

Baskets with unified finishes feel more styled and curated. Yet don’t overlook contrasting textures for added dimension. Find balance between cohesion and complementing other room details.

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