The Complete Guide to Finding & Hanging Farmhouse Living Room Art

Decorating your living room with beautiful, rustic farmhouse artwork instantly warms up the space and makes it feel like home. Farmhouse style embraces natural textures, vintage accents, and peaceful countryside scenes that inspire relaxation. Whether you lean more modern or traditional, artwork is an easy way to incorporate farmhouse design that reflects your personality.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to find the perfect farmhouse art for your living room and properly display it. Follow our tips to create a cohesive gallery wall or spotlight statement pieces that show off your decorating style.

Defining the Farmhouse Art Style

Farmhouse artwork celebrates the simplicity and charm of rural life. Here are some hallmarks of artwork and wall decor that captures that look:

  • Rustic elements like burlap, wood, and metal
  • Vintage and antique styles including signs, botanical prints, and photography
  • Distressed, weathered, or faded accents adding texture
  • Warm, neutral color palettes with blacks, browns, beiges, and whites
  • Scenes from nature like flowers, fields, forests, and animals
  • Typography and word art with inspirational phrases about home, family, or farm life

Some of the most popular farmhouse art themes include:

  • Floral wreaths, wildflower bouquets, and botanical still life art
  • Rustic family rules, blessings, or inspirational quotes printed on wood
  • Silhouettes of trees, leaves, or farm animals like cows, chickens, and sheep
  • Classic farmhouses, barns, fences, and winding country roads
  • Black and white photography of everyday objects like milk cans or washboards

Selecting Artwork for Your Farmhouse Living Room

When choosing farmhouse artwork, keep your living room’s existing design in mind. Your art should complement the overall style and aesthetic you’ve created with your furnishings, accessories, and color scheme.

farmhouse artwork for living room

Some fantastic places to shop for quality farmhouse art include:

  • Boutique home decor retailers like Kirklands, Hobby Lobby, and HomeGoods
  • Specialty stores like Anthropologie and West Elm
  • Small business artists selling on Etsy
  • Art fairs, craft shows, and flea markets for unique vintage and handmade finds
  • Thrift stores and antique shops

Mix up the mediums too. Gallery walls look great with a blend of framed prints, canvas art, vintage signage, black and white photography, and even three dimensional pieces.

For a personal touch, display candid family photos in matching rustic frames or have the kids make special art just for the living room.

Arranging and Displaying Farmhouse Living Room Art

Now comes the fun part – deciding how to creatively arrange and show off your farmhouse art! Here are some attractive options:

  • Gallery wall with clusters of similarly sized and framed prints
  • Oversized canvas or metal art serving as a standalone focal point
  • Art framing a console table or decorating the wall space above
  • Asymmetrical arrangement with art of varying sizes and frames
  • Symmetrical display of matching pieces on either side of a fireplace

When grouping multiple pieces, make sure to leave enough breathing room around furniture. A good rule of thumb is to allow 6-12 inches between your artwork and other elements like your sofa or side chairs.

For a dimensional look, incorporate floating ledges, wall mounted shelves, and rail systems to layer canvases and framed prints.

Hanging and Installing Farmhouse Artwork

Use these tips to professionally hang and secure your farmhouse artwork:

  • Gather supplies – hammer, nails, tape measure, level, pencil
  • Determine the ideal height for your arrangements.
  • Lightly mark the wall with guide lines where your frames will hang.
  • Use a level to double check each piece is straight.
  • Anchor heavier items securely into wall studs.

Proper lighting showcases artwork and adds lovely ambiance to your farmhouse living room. Consider installing picture lights above focal pieces or sconces flanking a gallery wall.

Design Considerations for Farmhouse Art

When decorating your farmhouse living room with art, keep these design tips in mind:

  • Incorporate natural elements like jute, wood, burlap
  • Play with scale – small clustered pieces to large standalone art
  • Mix modern abstract with traditional vintage styles
  • Add pops of black for contrast
  • Embrace imperfections like chipped paint or distressing
  • Display personal photos or your kids’ artwork

Your living room tells a story about you and your family. Let your art reflect your personal style while complementing your farmhouse decor.

Styling and Accessorizing Farmhouse Art

Enhance your farmhouse artwork with these rustic accents:

  • Frames made from reclaimed wood, woven fibers or distressed metal
  • Burlap, suede or wood mats
  • Layering prints with antique mirrors or signs
  • Picture lights shining down on focal pieces
  • Greenery like eucalyptus sprigs or olive branches

Try mixing modern frames with traditional matted prints or vintage pieces. The contrast showcases your personal flair.

With this comprehensive guide, you have all the tips and inspiration you need to find the perfect farmhouse artwork to decorate your living room. Take time selecting quality pieces that reflect your tastes and complement your existing decor.

Artwork brings visual interest, personality, and stunning style to any farmhouse living room. Just use our advice to artfully arrange, properly hang, and accessorize your walls to create a cozy gallery space you’ll be proud to show off.

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