The Best White Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets in 2023

Updating your kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of white paint can make a dramatic difference. The right white paint color can make your kitchen look cleaner, brighter and more spacious. With so many options to choose from, selecting the perfect shade of white may feel overwhelming. To help simplify your search, we’ve rounded up the top white paint colors for kitchen cabinets in 2023.

Why White Paint Colors Are Ideal for Kitchen Cabinets

There are several reasons why white paint colors work so well for kitchen cabinets:

  • White reflects light, making kitchens appear larger and brighter.
  • White creates a clean, fresh look that feels modern and airy.
  • Crisp white cabinets pair nicely with any color scheme or design style.
  • White cabinetry makes small kitchens appear more spacious.

While most whites give the impression of cleanliness and brightness, it’s important to note that not all whites are created equal. The perfect white for your kitchen will depend on factors like the existing lighting, floors, counters and backsplash.

Most Popular White Cabinet Paint Colors in 2023

Based on recent trends and expert recommendations, the following three shades stand out as ideal white paint colors for kitchen cabinets this year.

Benjamin Moore Simply White

This lovely white by Benjamin Moore has the slightest hint of warmth, which prevents it from looking sterile or clinical. Simply White is highly versatile – it complements both cool-toned grays and warm wood finishes with ease. The subtle warmth also makes it very livable. Simply White won’t emphasize imperfections on cabinet doors or walls. This gentle white with faint yellow undertones blends seamlessly into almost any design aesthetic.

best white cabinet paint color

Sherwin-Williams High Reflective White

For those seeking a crisp, clean white, Sherwin-Williams High Reflective White is a top choice for kitchen cabinets. With no detectable undertones, it reads as a true bright white that reflects light beautifully. High Reflective White has a slight gloss finish, which enhances its illuminating effect. Just take care that your lighting isn’t too harsh. Without any softening undertones, cabinets painted in High Reflective White can end up looking clinical and stark if the light is too direct or fluorescent.

Benjamin Moore Decorators White

Decorators White by Benjamin Moore is a favorite white paint color for its versatility. It strikes the perfect balance between feeling soft and bright. With barely detectable cool undertones, Decorators White provides a clean, fresh backdrop. Its luminosity brightens up small, dark spaces. Unlike some extra-white paints though, Decorators White is tolerant of less than perfect lighting conditions. Without turning gray or dingy, it holds up well in real world kitchens.

How to Choose the Best White Paint Color

When evaluating white paint colors for your kitchen cabinets, there are a few key factors to consider:

Consider Your Kitchen’s Aesthetic

The white you choose should complement your existing kitchen finishes. Carefully look at your floors, countertops, backsplash and other details. Are your floors warm toned wood or cool toned tile? Do you have white, beige or colorful granite counters? Is your backsplash marble, metal or ceramic? The white paint you select should enhance your overall design, not compete with it.

Factor in Lighting

The lighting in your kitchen impacts how white paint colors appear. Notice where natural and artificial light hits your cabinets. Cool white paints can read “icy” in natural sunlight but beautifully clean under warm light bulbs. Dark corners swallow up crisp white paints. Pay attention to:

  • Natural light from windows – Cool or warm tone?
  • Light bulb color temperature – Cool fluorescent or warm incandescent?
  • Task lighting – Too bright or too dim?

Getting a sense of how lighting interacts in your unique kitchen will help you pick the best white.

Test Paint Swatches

Never select a white paint color based solely on how it looks on a tiny paint chip! For the most accurate representation, brush large swatches of your top color contenders onto pieces of cardboard. Move the cardboard around the kitchen, viewing it in different lights at various times of day. Look at the swatches next to cabinets, counters and any adjacent rooms. When you’ve narrowed it down to “the one”, test it out on the inside of a cabinet before proceeding.

Prepping and Painting Your Cabinets

To achieve an flawless, professional-looking white finish on your kitchen cabinets, proper prep work and painting technique are key.

Proper Prep Work

Before painting, you’ll need to:

  • Clean cabinets thoroughly and fill any holes
  • Lightly sand glossy doors to rough up the surface
  • Remove doors, drawers and all hardware
  • Degrease and spot clean any grimy areas

Taking the time to prep your cabinets properly ensures better paint adhesion and a smooth, lasting finish.

Painting Best Practices

For the best results:

  • Always prime cabinets first before painting
  • Apply 2-3 thin, even coats of paint allowing proper dry time between coats
  • Use high quality paintbrush and mini foam rollers
  • Work in a dust-free area

Rushing the painting process often leads to drips, uneven coverage or brush marks marring the finish.

Here are a few other helpful things to keep in mind with your white cabinet paint project:

  • Hiring a professional painter versus DIY – While a simple door refresh can be a DIY project, a total cabinet overhaul may fare better with an experienced painter.
  • Integrated appliances – Any appliances like refrigerators that will remain in place as you paint around them add complexity.
  • Potential budget – Professional painters, high-end paints or extensive repairs boost cost.

And remember these handy tips:

  • All whites have subtle undertones that interact with lighting. Test them first.
  • Compare paint brands and finishes before deciding.
  • Properly prep and apply paint for a durable finish.
  • Enhance your kitchen’s existing aesthetic with your white selection.

As you upgrade your kitchen with fresh white painted cabinets, suddenly cooking, dining and living in your kitchen becomes a delight again. We hope our top white cabinet paint color recommendations give you the inspiration you need to refresh your space. When thoughtfully selected and properly applied, a cool coating of white paint has transformative power. Enjoy your bright, beautiful new kitchen in the new year!

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