The Best Tiny Dishwashers for Maximum Cleaning in Small Kitchens

Having a dishwasher can be a lifesaver when it comes to avoiding the drudgery of hand washing dishes. But finding one that actually fits into a small kitchen can be a challenge. Fortunately, compact and portable dishwashers make it possible to have sparkling clean dishes no matter the size of your space.

From slim full-sized models to countertop units, there are plenty of options to choose from when shopping for a tiny dishwasher. With some creative planning, you can integrate one of these appliances into even the most cramped kitchen.

Compact Dishwashers Blend Right In

Standard dishwashers measure 24 inches across, which can overwhelm precious real estate in a small kitchen. Compact models with 18- or 20-inch widths, however, can slip neatly into tight spots.

Brands like Bosch, GE, and Frigidaire make dishwashers designed specifically for small spaces. Look for models with adjustable tines and racks to accommodate plates and pots of various sizes.

While slimmer dishwashers may have reduced capacity compared to full-sized models, they can still hold 6 to 8 place settings – perfect for a small household.

Portable Dishwashers Offer Flexible Placement

Countertop dishwashers sit directly on your existing counter space or can be wheeled in and out of storage. Without complex installation, they can be set up anywhere that has access to a kitchen faucet.

Portable dishwashers only hook up to the sink when in use and require no permanent plumbing. Just roll them out when dirty dishes start to pile up.

dishwasher for a small kitchen
  • Great for small kitchens with limited cabinet space
  • Easy to store out of sight when not needed
  • Typically offer settings for 4-6 place settings

While portable models may not have as many cycle options, they provide an affordable dish washing solution.

Creative Dishwasher Placement

You don’t need a huge, spacious kitchen to benefit from a dishwasher. With some creative thinking, you can find the perfect spot.

Take Advantage of Corners

Corner dishwashers don’t take up any valuable counter space and can be installed in unused areas of your kitchen. Models with curved fronts or angled controls are designed to fit right into corners.

Consider Unconventional Spots

Run plumbing and electric to install your dishwasher wherever there’s room – even in a pantry, mudroom, or closet nearby. An out-of-the-way placement can still offer convenience.

For portable models, look for an unused stretch of counter space to store it when not in use.

Customize Your Cabinets

With some cabinet modifications, you can build in your dishwasher for a streamlined look. Adjust cabinet heights or remove doors to integrate your appliance.

Hire a contractor to customize your cabinetry and install your dishwasher for a professional result.

Perks of Having a Dishwasher

Once you find the right model for your space, you’ll reap the benefits that come with owning this time-saving appliance.

Serious Time Savings

Your dishwasher can handle the dirty work while you focus on other things. On average, dishwashers use about half the water of hand washing and cut your workload considerably.

Superior Sanitizing

Hot water and dishwasher detergents kill up to 99% of germs and bacteria left on dishware. Hand washing simply can’t achieve the same level of disinfection.

Added Convenience

Simplifying your after-meal cleanup will make your day smoother. With a portable model, just load up dirty dishes and start the cycle whenever it’s convenient.

Increased Property Value

Having a dishwasher, even a compact one, can increase your home’s value by as much as $1,500. It’s an expected amenity for most buyers and renters.

Don’t settle for washing dishes by hand just because your kitchen is tiny. Compact and portable dishwashers bring full functionality in a petite package. With creative placement and the right model, you can enjoy sparkling clean dishes no matter how small your space.

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