The Best Petite Electric Stoves for Studio Kitchens

Cooking in a studio apartment often means making do with a tiny kitchen. But just because your space is limited doesn’t mean your culinary creativity has to be stifled. With the right petite electric stove, you can whip up everything from romantic dinners for two to late night snacks in your cozy urban kitchen.

You’ll discover single burner countertop models, apartment-sized electric ranges, and even space-saving smart stoves. Let’s dive in!

Types of Compact Electric Stoves

When shopping for an electric stove for your studio, you’ll first need to decide between two main options:

Countertop Single Burners

Countertop single burners offer a minimalist, portable approach perfect for the tiniest of galley kitchens. These electric burners sit right on your counter, so there’s no need for complex installation. From sleek induction cooktops to classic electric coils, single burners maximize your cooking functionality without monopolizing precious counter space.


apartment size electric stoves
  • Ultra compact
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Affordable prices


  • Limited to one pan
  • No oven for baking

Our top pick: Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

Apartment-Size Electric Ranges

If your studio layout allows, an apartment-sized electric range can be a smart choice. These petite stoves range from 20 to 30 inches wide and typically include both a cooktop and small oven. While pricier and less portable than a single burner, they offer enhanced functionality for aspiring home chefs.

When choosing an electric range, look for one with:

  • Front controls to save space
  • A smooth cooktop that’s easy to wipe clean
  • A compact oven with broiling capabilities

Our top pick: Danby Designer DEW2021WDB 20″ Range

Key Features of Small Electric Stoves

To find your perfect studio stove match, keep these key factors in mind:

Size and Dimensions

Compact electric stoves typically range from 15 to 30 inches in width. Measure your countertop space before shopping to ensure your new stove will fit. Look for models with foldable or detachable knobs to save precious inches.


Many smaller units feature wheels or handles for mobility around your studio. Stowing your stove away when not in use can instantly free up prep space.


Single burners often use induction or coil elements, while electric ranges rely on smoothtop radiant burners. Consider how many burners your daily cooking requires along with power and settings.


Mini oven capacities span from 0.5 to 2.0 cubic feet. Check temperature range and broiler strength to find an oven suited for everything from sheet pan pizzas to creme brulee.


Studio-sized stoves range from about $100 to over $1,000. Determine how much you can invest to narrow options to budget-friendly or pro-style models.

Top Picks for Studio Kitchens

Ready to upgrade your urban cooking game? Here are our can’t-miss petite electric stove recommendations:

Best Single Burner: Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

This 15-inch wide induction burner heats rapidly and boils water in minutes. The digital LCD screen provides precision temperature control for the perfect simmer or sear.

Best Double Burner: Summit Appliance FFSD1022B 22″ Stove

Two compact electric coil elements let you multitask on this space-saving 22-inch stove. The porcelain drip bowls and sealed burners allow for easy cleanup.

Best with Oven: Danby Designer DEW2021WDB 20″ Range

This apartment-sized electric range squeezes both an oven and four radiant cooktop burners into a 20-inch footprint. The smooth glass surface wipes clean in seconds.

Best Splurge: Fisher & Paykel 20″ Induction Range

With convection baking and five induction elements, this high-end model brings pro-style performance to small spaces. The brilliant LCD touchscreen offers the ultimate cooking control.

Extra Tips for Using a Compact Stove

To make the most of your petite electric stove in a studio space, keep these tips in mind:

  • Stick with small appliances like an air fryer or microwave for extra cooking flexibility.
  • Organize ingredients and tools to establish a tidy but workable prep zone.
  • Master stove-top cooking basics like stir frying and one-pan meals.
  • Stack your oven with sheet pans or pans with lids to multi-task.
  • Adhere to all safety guidelines and keep a fire extinguisher on hand.

From single induction burners to smart apartment ranges, petite electric stoves unlock serious cooking potential in the smallest studio spaces. With the right stove for your needs, you can conjure up gourmet meals and memories despite limited square footage.

The choices featured here offer the ideal blend of functionality, innovative design, and sensible studio-friendly features. Browse our top picks to discover the perfect electric stove match for your urban kitchen. Then get ready to fall in love with cooking in your cozy but mighty studio home.

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