Anchor Your Dining Room with the Dramatic Sonali Oval Table

The dining room table serves as the central focus and gathering place in any home. As such, it makes sense to opt for a showstopping table that makes a bold style statement. If you’re looking to anchor your dining space with a dramatic focal point, the Sonali Oval Dining Table from Anthropologie is an ideal option. With its eye-catching sculptural base and sleek oval silhouette, this table is guaranteed to elevate the look of your dining room.

From its artfully balanced base to its warm ash wood finish, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this contemporary yet timeless dining table. You’ll also learn how the Sonali transitions seamlessly from intimate family dinners to festive holiday gatherings with its space-maximizing butterfly leaves. Let’s dive in and see how this striking oval table can anchor your dining room in sophisticated style.

sonali oval dining table

Details on the Oval Sonali’s Striking Design

The first thing that captures your eye about the Sonali Oval Dining Table is its sculptural, artful base. Made up of three gently rounded shapes stacked and balanced gracefully on top of each other, this base provides a sense of visual movement.

The Sculptural Base

The Sonali’s base has an organic, asymmetrical look, with each rounded form tapering at a different angle. The three forms appear almost precariously perched, yet this only adds to the table’s intrigue. The base has an architectural, sculptural quality that makes a bold artistic statement.

The table’s metal base comes in either a brass finish for a glamorous look or a matte gray powder-coated finish for a more understated, contemporary vibe. Either option provides plenty of aesthetic flair.

Organic Yet Contemporary Shape

The Sonali Dining Table is available in both round and oval shapes, providing plenty of options to suit your particular space. The oval version can comfortably seat 6 people without any extensions, while the round can seat 4 to 5 diners.

The oval shape creates a nice flow and movement that softens the table’s contemporary edge. Measuring 78.5″ long by 42.25″ wide, the oval has an organic, asymmetrical look that feels both modern and timeless.

Stunning Wood Finish

The Sonali’s tabletop is crafted from ash wood veneer in a light, blonde finish. Ash wood has a beautiful natural pattern and grain that brings subtle visual texture.

The light finish gives the table a bright, contemporary look while still retaining the natural warmth and elegance of real wood. This gorgeous yet neutral wood hue allows the table to fit seamlessly into both boldly decorated spaces and pared-back, minimalist rooms.

Customizable Frame and Legs

The Sonali’s sleek metal base consists of an aluminum frame with coordinating tapered legs. A unique design feature is that the frame and legs can each be powder-coated in a custom color for no additional cost.

This allows you to either match or contrast the base to your home’s current color scheme and decor. For example, you can opt for a bold teal frame with brass legs for a more eclectic, playful look. Or choose a monochromatic black base for a cohesive, sophisticated style.

Versatility for All Dining Spaces and Occasions

In addition to its showstopping design, the Sonali Oval Dining Table offers incredible versatility. Its modest size works well for everyday family meals, while the extension leaves allow you to accommodate larger dinner parties with ease.

Intimate Family Meals

For daily use, the Sonali table seats 6 people comfortably without extending the top. This makes it perfectly sized for family dinners or casual weeknight meals with a few friends. The intimacy of the oval shape and sculptural base help foster connection during cozy dinners.

The oval table is also an excellent size for open concept spaces. It provides a chic, substantial anchor point without overwhelming more petite rooms the way an oversized rectangular table might.

Dinner Parties with Expandable Seating

Part of what makes the Sonali Oval Dining Table so versatile is its built-in extension capability. The table includes two 17″ butterfly leaf extensions that tuck discreetly away when not in use.

When you’re hosting larger gatherings or a special occasion, simply pull out the two leaves to expand the table’s capacity from 6 up to 10 guests. The extensions allow you to accommodate extra people without cramming them around the perimeter.

The extra seating transforms the Sonali into the ultimate entertaining table. It easily transitions from providing an intimate everyday dining experience to being the sleek centerpiece of your next dinner party.

Anchoring Open Floor Plans

For open concept living spaces, the oval Sonali serves as a dramatic sculptural anchor. The substantial 78″ length provides ample presence, giving shape and focus to cavernous rooms.

Place the oval dining table in the center of a large open area to define the dining space without compromising flow. The table’s intriguing shape and warm finish provide the perfect visual anchor point.

Quality Construction and Convenient Features

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Sonali Oval impresses with its quality craftsmanship and construction. Let’s look at some of the standout details that enable this table to be both beautiful and highly functional.

Durable Materials Built to Last

Expertly constructed from ash wood and aluminum, the Sonali Dining Table is made to last for years to come. The ash veneer finish protects the stability and integrity of the tabletop, while aluminum provides a sturdy, enduring base.

Ash wood is valued for its attractive grain, hardness, and shock resistance that prevents dents. These durable materials mean you can enjoy this table for decades without compromise.

Easy to Maintain

The Sonali requires very minimal maintenance, so you can spend time enjoying conversation around it rather than constantly cleaning. The light ash finish avoids a heavy buildup of dirt and grime that darker stains can show.

Day-to-day upkeep involves simple dusting and wiping the table down with a damp cloth as needed. Annual oiling will keep the ash wood looking its best but isn’t mandatory.

Ordering and Styling Help

The Sonali Oval Dining Table is sold exclusively through Anthropologie’s website and stores. An advantage of ordering directly through Anthropologie is the option to get free home styling assistance.

Work with one of their home stylists to see how the oval Sonali can make the perfect statement in your specific dining space. They can provide personalized guidance on finishes, colors, and decor ideas to truly make this table the sculptural centerpiece of your room.

With its visually striking hand-sculpted base, warm ash wood finish, and flexible oval silhouette, the Sonali Oval Dining Table brings an artistic focal point to any dining room.

The oval Sonali provides the best of both worlds: an intimate feel for everyday family meals that easily extends to accommodate larger dinner parties. And it does so while making a unique sculptural declaration.

Let this versatile table anchor your dining space in contemporary style and gracious functionality. Bring home the dramatic Sonali Oval Dining Table by shopping directly through Anthropologie today.

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