The Best End of Bed Benches for Maximizing Your Bedroom Storage

Is your bedroom overflowing with extra linens, sweaters, shoes, and other items that seem to have nowhere to go? An end of bed storage bench can be the perfect solution to gain organized capacity in your sleeping space without taking up valuable floor area. With their dual purpose as both storage and seating, end of bed benches are a versatile addition that can completely transform your bedroom. We’ll explore what makes these benches so useful, key factors in choosing one, top brands to consider, and tips for maximizing their storage potential. Read on to learn why end of bed storage benches are a practical investment for a clean and tidy bedroom.

End of bed benches are typically placed at the foot of the bed and consist of a seating platform base combined with interior compartments, drawers, and shelves. This winning combination provides much needed storage that is both concealed and easily accessible, keeping your room looking neat. The benches come in a range of sizes, shapes, materials and styles to match any bedroom decor. Let’s look further into the incredible benefits these storage benches offer.

Benefits of End of Bed Storage Benches

There are many reasons why an end of bed storage bench can be a smart addition to your bedroom.

  • Added storage capacity – The drawer, shelves and cubbies provide plenty of extra room to organize linens, clothing, shoes and accessories that otherwise become clutter.
  • Concealed storage for a tidy look – By keeping items stored inside the bench, you maintain a clean and organized bedroom aesthetic.
  • Extra seating in bedroom – The bench cushion provides a place to sit down to put on shoes or get dressed.
  • Decorative accent piece for style – With options from modern to farmhouse, storage benches enhance your room’s decor.
  • Flexibility to store many items – You can utilize the storage bench compartments for shoes, blankets, sheets, pillows, sweaters, accessories, and anything else you need to organize.
  • Easy access to items stored – The storage compartments allow you quick and convenient access versus boxes under the bed.
  • Available in range of sizes – End of bed benches come in dimensions like 36″, 42″, 48″ and more to perfectly fit your space.

Key Considerations When Choosing an End of Bed Bench

With many options on the market, keep the following factors in mind when selecting an end of bed storage bench for your bedroom.

end of bed storage bench with drawers


One of the most important considerations is choosing the right size storage bench for your specific bed. Standard end of bed bench sizes include:

  • 36″ – Best for twin beds
  • 42″ – Fits full beds
  • 48″ – Ideal for queen beds
  • 54″ – Accommodates king and California king beds

Be sure to measure the exact length of your bed to find a bench that fits snugly at the foot without awkward gaps. Also factor in allowing enough space to fully open drawers without them banging into the bed frame or wall.

The standard depths of end of bed benches range from 18″ to 22″, and heights typically extend 18″ to 24″ off the floor. Measure your room carefully, accounting for nightstands or other bedroom furniture placement.

Storage Capacity

Maximize your storage by selecting a bench with ample interior compartments. Look at the configuration and sizes of drawers, shelves, and cubbies.

For example, models with two to three larger drawers are great for bulky bedding storage, while benches with a combination of smaller drawers and open shelves provide flexibility. If you plan to store shoes and accessories, be sure there are appropriately sized compartments.


End of bed benches come in a range of materials such as:

  • Wood – Typically oak, acacia, mango and pine. Provides a classic and natural look.
  • Metal – Iron, steel and aluminum provide industrial appeal.
  • Woven – Durable waterproof synthetic rattans and wickers with a breezy style.
  • Upholstered – Padded fabric bench cushions in colors like gray, beige or navy.

Consider durability, maintenance, and style preferences when choosing materials. For example, upholstered benches add softness but may require occasional fabric cleaning.


One of the perks of end of bed benches is they enhance your bedroom decor. Select a bench style that complements your existing furnishings.

Options range from:

  • Traditional – Ornate carved wood details and elegant fabric
  • Modern – Clean lines and geometric shapes
  • Rustic – Distressed wood finishes and metal accents
  • Transitional – Blend of traditional and contemporary elements

Also decide on finishes like white washed oak or espresso stained wood to match your room. Hardware like bronze, brushed nickel or black pulls provide styling consistency.

Top Brands of End of Bed Benches

Reputable furniture brands design end of bed benches to meet a range of budgets and needs. Here are some top options to consider.


Crestview offers a budget-friendly selection of storage benches in versatile linen, faux leather and polyester upholstery. Their Cambria and Talia benches include spacious storage drawers at affordable price points under $300.

Jofran Inc.

Specializing in bedroom furniture, Jofran provides quality crafted end of bed benches with functional storage. Their Alexi bench features a generous three drawer storage compartment and classic tufted upholstery.


Known for luxury bedroom furnishings, Kincaid’s end of bed benches feature premium hardwood construction and top-grain leather or custom upholstery. Styles range from traditional to contemporary.


Olliix focuses on modern industrial design using metal, faux leather, and wood materials. Their Yana bench has a clean lined metal frame with lift-top storage base.

Parker House

Parker House creates handcrafted benches made sustainably from rubberwood solids and veneers. Their Vivian bench highlights beautiful barn door style cabinet doors on the storage compartment.


Bringing unique flair to home decor, Uttermost offers artisanal hand-forged iron benches with woven banana leaf seat covers. The Tulen bench evokes tropical charm.

This sampling of top brands reveals the broad range of styles and price points possible, typically starting around $250 up to $1,500 or more for premium designs.

Where to Buy End of Bed Benches

With many furniture shopping options, here are top places to purchase end of bed storage benches:

  • Online Retailers – Websites like Amazon, Wayfair and Overstock have broad selections and user reviews.
  • Direct from Furniture Brands – Check manufacturers’ websites for latest styles and sales.
  • Brick-and-Mortar Furniture Stores – National retailers like Ashley HomeStore and regional chains offer in-store browsing.
  • Department Stores – Major stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom sell end of bed benches in their furniture departments.
  • Estate Sales and Classified Listings – Search for quality secondhand benches at discounted pricing.

Saving on Your Purchase

Take advantage of these savings strategies when buying your end of bed storage bench:

  • Interest-free promotional financing from stores like Macy’s can allow 12-24 months to pay.
  • Look for seasonal furniture sales around holidays like July 4th, Labor Day and Black Friday.
  • Bundled discounts when purchasing bedroom collections can reduce bench costs.
  • Vintage bench finds on Facebook Marketplace or at estate sales can yield inexpensive gems.

Styling Your End of Bed Storage Bench

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect end of bed storage bench, have fun styling it to complement your bedroom decor.

A few styling ideas include:

  • Layer plush blankets or decorative pillows atop the bench seat.
  • Place fabric lined baskets or bins on shelves to corral small items.
  • Use drawer organizers and trays to neatly separate compartments.
  • Top the bench with decorative vases, trays, candlesticks or plants for flair.

Pay attention to textures, colors and materials that tie in with your room’s overall design aesthetic. Change up bench styling seasonally if desired.

Tips for Using Your End of Bed Bench for Storage

Get the most use out of your end of bed storage bench with these tips:

  • Categorize each compartment or drawer – like sweaters, accessories, sheets, etc.
  • Use baskets or dividers to neatly group similar items within drawers.
  • Designate a drawer or shelf for out-of-season storage.
  • Avoid overloading drawers which makes them hard to open and close.
  • Periodically clean out the bench to maintain organized capacity.

Establishing a system for what you store inside will ensure you maximize this functional furniture piece.

An end of bed storage bench delivers style and storage in one space-saving piece of versatile furniture. With their many benefits like concealed organization, extra seating, and decor enhancement, end of bed benches are a worthwhile investment for any bedroom. Keep size, storage needs, materials and style in mind when choosing the ideal bench to suit your space. Top furniture brands offer well-crafted benches to fit varying budgets. Follow usage tips like assigning drawer purposes and seasonal storage rotation to get the most from your end of bed storage bench. With a little planning, you can enjoy this functional accent furniture that both minimizes clutter and maximizes bedroom aesthetics.

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