Relax In Style On A Padded Navy Bedroom Bench By The Window

A bedroom should be more than just a place to sleep. It’s also an oasis to relax and recharge. Adding a padded navy bench by the window transforms any bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary you’ll look forward to retreating to.

Strategically placed beside a window, a navy bench capitalizes on natural light for a bright and airy appearance. The padded cushion provides a comfy spot to lounge while admiring lovely views outdoors. Beyond seating, many benches also double up as storage solutions to neatly tuck away odds and ends.

Why Add A Navy Bench In Your Bedroom?

There are many excellent reasons to incorporate a navy-hued bench in the bedroom:

  • Sets a soothing cool tone and brings visual interest
  • Versatile extra seating and hidden storage
  • Complements various modern to bohemian decor aesthetics
  • Space-saving and budget-friendly flexible furniture

These practical perks make a padded bench a wise addition to amplify comfort and utility in the bedroom for years to come.

Prime Placement Spot By A Window

Take Advantage Of Natural Light

Positioning your bench flush against a sunny window allows you to soak up all the glorious natural illumination. Bright, abundant daylight sets a cheerful mood — perfect for leisurely weekend lie-ins. Place some lush houseplants on the bench to benefit from the ambient sunlight streaming in.

You can also artfully drape the bench with cozy textural elements like woven throws and soft pillows in soothing hues. This creates an enticing relaxation nook to enjoy at any time of day while observing the outdoors.

navy bench for bedroom

Enjoy The View

Parking beside a window frames beautiful scenery outside as a living work of art. Gazing out at lovely gardens, green parks, or even an interesting city skyline makes time spent on the bench fly by. If the window overlooks the driveway or front entrance, it also allows you to peer out to welcome visitors.

You’ll reap mood-boosting benefits from being able to reconnect with nature or your surroundings from the comfort of home. Let the peaceful view immerse and ground you during moments of quiet contemplation.

Shop For A Padded Bench For Optimal Comfort

Prioritize Ergonomic Design

Since the bench will likely be used for extended lounging, focus on selecting an option with ample cushions and back support for comfort. Key elements to evaluate include:

  • Contoured backrest that properly aligns your spine
  • Sturdy wooden frame without armrests to maximize seating capacity
  • Thick, soft foam cushion at least 4-6 inches deep

Well-constructed padding evenly distributes weight to prevent uncomfortable pressure points from developing over time. This enables you to fully relax during each use.

Evaluate Upholstery Options

From easy maintenance to luxurious textures, benches come upholstered in various materials to suit different needs and budgets. Compare the pros and cons of each before deciding:

  • Performance fabrics like polyester or nylon are wrinkle-resistant and stain-repellent.
  • Faux leather offers an upscale look that’s simple to clean.
  • Classic cotton upholstery feels ultra-soft but requires gentle care.

Of course, frequent use means normal wear and tear over time. But choosing a durable, high-quality cover extends useable lifespan substantially. With regular upkeep, a well-made bench should retain its integrity for 5+ years.

Style A Soothing Space For Reading Nooks

Layer Decorative Touches

Once your padded navy bench base by the window is set up, have fun embellishing it with accessories to create a cohesive relaxation zone. Some quick styling tips include:

  • Toss on plush pillows and soft throws in complementary tones
  • Use handy woven baskets to stash remotes, books, devices
  • Install floating ledges above bench to display plants and framed photos

Injecting visual interest through diverse textures stimulates the senses in this private personal oasis.

Create Ambience With Lighting

Proper illumination transforms the area from day to night. During the day, layered window treatments like breezy curtains and adjustable blinds filter harsh glares. Come sundown, wall sconces or adjustable arc floor lamps provide a warm, welcoming glow for nighttime reading.

For special occasions, string twinkle lights along the window frame above the bench. Their soft sparkling glow sets a celebratory mood — whether hosting guests or enjoying “me time” with cake and champagne!

Double Duty Furniture As Coffee Station

Morning Fuel Stop

Mornings often kick off in a rush. Make starting your day smooth sailing by designating the bench space as a coffee fueling station! Tuck away mugs, teaspoons, sweeteners, teabags, and a mini kettle or coffeemaker inside bench storage compartments within arm’s reach.

Top the bench with colorful coffee table books and cherished memorabilia for a personalized perk-me-up spot. You’ll begin each new day centered and grounded — even when racing against the clock.

Display Special Mementos

Curating a corner that uplifts your mood is important for mental health. Transform the bench area into a mini-museum displaying cherished travel trinkets, favorite framed photos, scented candles in elegant vessels, cozy ceramic pieces, and decor trays to corral tiny treasures.

Surrounding yourself with beloved items that spark nostalgia, joy or inspiration nurtures your soul. Soon this space evolves into a special memento nook for daily motivation and comfort.

Take Advantage Of Storage Space

Stash Essentials Out Of Sight

Maximize a bench with built-in storage for tucking away normal bedroom clutter to maintain restful vibes. Use compartments to conveniently organize:

  • Folded extra blankets and pillows
  • Chargers, power banks, cables, and electronics

Hiding everyday provisions inside maintains visual serenity without compromising utility and access when required.

Organize Seasonal Items

Benches with ample storage capacity help sort seasonal items like:

  • Cozy sweaters, slippers, cold weather accessories
  • Light jackets, caps and swimwear for summer

Now scarves, mittens and wool socks remain clean, undamaged but within arm’s reach when the weather shifts. This cuts down precious time rummaging through closet chaos trying to locate what you need.

Navy Bench Elevates Small Bedrooms

Visually Expand Space

In a compact bedroom, a navy bench opens up the area instead of shrinking valuable square footage. The cool-toned navy hue reflects ambient light, creating an airier appearance. Plus, the bench’s vertical design utilizes floor space without sprawling outward horizontally.

Compared to bulky alternatives like a couch or futon, the streamlined bench silhouette maximizes room visually and physically. Even a dainty bedroom accommodates this multipurpose furniture piece effortlessly.

Multifunction Design Saves On Square Footage

Choosing a storage bench over singular seating and storage options maximizes usable space in tight quarters. This versatile 2-in-1 furniture piece means:

  • No sacrifice of extra seating for storage and vice versa
  • Avoids purchasing two separate furniture pieces cluttering up floor area

The compact yet high-functioning bench squeezes in where larger furnishings cannot fit. This ensures your bedroom doesn’t appear uncomfortably cramped.

DIY Bench Adds Personal Touch To Bedrooms

If you can’t find a ready-made bench aligning with your vision, get creative! DIY alternatives allow you to control the design while saving on cost. Simple beginner-friendly projects include:

Customizable Seating Solutions

  • Upcycled vintage luggage as bench base
  • Repurposed wooden crates topped with seat cushions
  • Upholstered top on hairpin legs from hardware store

Raid your garage or attic to discover hidden potential in items destined for landfills. A splash of paint and new upholstered top transforms tired pieces into trendy showstoppers!

Quick Weekend Projects

If short on time, these fast yet fun DIY benches add personality in under an hour:

  • Give a flea market find bench a makeover with patterned contact paper and paint
  • Glue large terracotta pots upside down as unique feet for a bench base

Without professional equipment, almost anyone can tackle these simple renovations using basic hand tools and creativity!

Preserve Your Investment With Proper Bench Care

To enjoy your navy bedroom bench for the long run, be diligent about upkeep. Here are pro tips to maintain its best condition:

Prevent Indentations And Sagging

Rotate bench cushions weekly and redistribute weight evenly across the seat during use. This prevents uneven compression and distortion to preserve structure.

Check frame stability every few months, tightening joints or hardware. Address minor wobbles immediately before exacerbating costly damage.

Gentle weekly dusting keeps the bench pristine and color vibrant for years. Spot clean spills on upholstery ASAP before staining. Every few months, thoroughly wipe down the entire frame and cushions using approved cleaning methods.

Shield your bench from direct heat and sunlight streaming through unobstructed windows which accelerates fading. Limit exposure by closing window treatments during peak sunlight hours.

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