Take Your Kitchen To The Next Level With Gorgeous Farmhouse Cabinet Ideas

If you love the charming style of farmhouse decor, consider extending it above your kitchen cabinets. Decorating this often overlooked space is an easy way to showcase your collections and infuse more rustic personality into your kitchen. With the right combination of greenery, vintage finds, and artful arrangements, you can take your kitchen decor to the next level with gorgeous farmhouse cabinet styling.

Read on for tips to create a stunning farmhouse-inspired display above your cabinets.

Prep Your Kitchen for Farmhouse Cabinet Styling

Before decorating, thoroughly clean your cabinets inside and out. Consider removing rarely used items from your cabinets to free up space for essentials and farmhouse accents you’ll display. Measure cabinet dimensions to plan your arrangements.

Measure Your Cabinet Dimensions

Carefully measure the height, width, and depth of your existing cabinets with a tape measure. Note dimensions and draw a simple layout for reference. This allows you to determine what size decorations and fixtures will fit the space best.

Declutter Your Cabinets

If your cabinets are crowded with items you rarely use, consider donating or storing them elsewhere. Remove non-essentials to open up room to organize dishes, cookware and food. This also creates a clean backdrop to build your farmhouse display.

Clean Cabinets Thoroughly

Use a soft cloth and mild cleaner to wipe down cabinet exteriors, removing grease and dust buildup. For fresher interiors, empty cabinet contents and wash all shelves and lining. Let dry fully before replacing essentials and new farmhouse elements.

Farmhouse Elements to Display Above Cabinets

When planning your arrangements, incorporate touches that embody farmhouse style. Vintage collections, fresh greenery, repurposed baskets and meaningful memorabilia turn overlooked cabinet space into an extension of your decor.


Display cherished collections above your cabinets to infuse personality. Options include:

farmhouse decorating above kitchen cabinets
  • Vintage or antique dishware
  • Old cookbooks or farm manuals
  • Upcycled glassware, mason jars or bottles
  • Rustic pottery like stoneware crocks

Collections showcased out of reach become decorative while protecting fragile pieces.


Plants are a must for any farmhouse space. Consider:

  • Hanging basket gardens full of trailing ivy or herbs
  • Terrariums with mini ferns or succulents
  • Vases of fresh-cut greenery and wildflowers

Position them in natural light and water regularly so they thrive.


Incorporate handmade touches with woven nests. Display in baskets:

  • Rolls of vintage silverware
  • Everyday dishware
  • Farm-fresh eggs

For added visual interest, look for baskets in a variety of neutral wood tones and textures.

Arranging Collections and Decor

Thoughtfully arrange your farmhouse finds using these tips for a cohesive display:

Utilize All Available Space

Make the most of what you have. Extend displays across the tops of cabinets, in between them, and even inside glass door cabinets.

Create Groupings

Mimic vignettes you would find on an antique farm table. Group items asymmetrically in odd numbers for a casual, collected look.

Incorporate Neutrals

Embrace an organic color palette of whites, woods and other neutrals. Add pops of black, green or other colors through accents like frames, vases, ironstone and greenery.

Finishing Touches

Complete your farmhouse-inspired space with final touches like:

Task Lighting

Spotlight arrangements while providing essential extra lighting with:

  • Pendant lamps
  • Sconces
  • Under cabinet fixtures


Warm up the area around your range with backsplashes featuring:

  • White subway tile
  • Tin
  • Salvaged barn wood

Swap out standard cabinet pulls for unique hardware like:

  • Black iron handles
  • Glass knobs
  • Oversized rope pulls

The right balance of personal touches and farmhouse decor elements can make your kitchen cozy. For more clever ways to transform your home with farmhouse finds, contact our styling specialists today.

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