Stop Wasting Valuable Space – Try This Kitchen Cabinet Storage Trick

Do your kitchen cabinets constantly feel jam-packed and cluttered? Are you frustrated by the lack of storage space for all your dishes, cookware, appliances and pantry items? If you’re struggling with limited cabinet space, it’s time to start thinking outside the box – or rather, on top of the box.

Utilizing the often forgotten space on top of your kitchen cabinets can provide a wealth of extra storage without the need for a costly remodel. Read on to discover how this clever hack can help maximize every inch of your kitchen.

storage on top of kitchen cabinets

The Struggle of Limited Cabinet Space

Small, cramped kitchens can present a real storage challenge. From pans and pots to mixing bowls and casserole dishes, kitchen cabinets fill up fast. Before you know it, you’re shuffling items and still don’t have room for everything you need. The result? A cluttered counter covered in appliances and food items that should be put away.

Having to constantly shuffle things in and out of cabinets is frustrating and unproductive. But what choice do you have when you simply don’t have enough space? Kitchen storage solutions typically require major renovations and custom built-ins. Yet finding extra room for your stuff doesn’t have to mean a daunting remodel.

Wasted Potential: The Overlooked Space Above Cabinets

Chances are you have prime real estate going unused right over your head. Even in kitchens with low hanging cabinets, there is often empty space between the top of the cabinet and ceiling. This blank canvas above your existing storage has potential for keeping items out of the way.

Most people simple don’t think to make use of this vertical space. But this airy gap can actually accommodate a variety of kitchen, dining and bar items. Your cabinet tops have the capacity to hold anything tall, wide or bulky that can’t fit in the cabinets themselves.

Benefits of Using Cabinet Tops for Storage

Turning your cabinet tops into storage space comes with many advantages:

  • Provides bonus storage without remodeling
  • Lets you store larger, taller items out of the way
  • Keeps frequently used items handy in lower cabinets
  • Maximizes every inch of existing kitchen space
  • Creates a more open feel by reducing visible clutter

With just a little effort, you can gain a wealth of “new” storage capacity. And you can change things up any time – this versatile space allows you to store items as needed. With less visible clutter, your kitchen will feel bigger and more organized.

Design Considerations for Aesthetic Appeal

While gaining storage is important, you also want your kitchen to remain visually appealing. Avoid the design debacle of cluttered, overloaded cabinet tops with these tips:

  • Use baskets, bins and boxes to conceal contents
  • Only display your most beautiful dishes and decor
  • Arrange items evenly for a cohesive look
  • Add lighting to illuminate the space
  • Incorporate decorative accents like artwork

Thoughtful styling is key to achieving a polished look. Mix closed bins with open displaying of your prettiest serveware and accessories. The overall goal is a composed, intentional appearance – not haphazard overflow storage.

Ideal Items to Store Above Cabinets

Wondering what to store in this out-of-the-way place? Almost anything that doesn’t fit inside your lower cabinets will work. Consider stashing these items above:

  • Large appliances like stand mixers
  • Tall cooking tools like potato mashers
  • Infrequently used serving dishes
  • Holiday dishware like platters
  • Kitchen extras like cookbooks
  • Decorative or sentimental items

This space is perfect for equipment, dishes and other things you only use occasionally. Keep the items you access most regularly in your primary lower cabinets. Make the most of what you already have by designating upper cabinet storage for overflow and specialty items.

Tips for Effortless Accessibility

While cabinet tops offer prime real estate, storage should still be convenient. Follow these tips for handy access:

  • Install pull-out shelves for heavy appliances and cookware
  • Use lidded baskets to neatly corral loose items
  • Label bins and boxes so you know what’s inside
  • Place everyday dishware in lower cabinets
  • Use a grabber tool for hard-to-reach items

A bit of initial organization will ensure things don’t end up buried and forgotten. Dedicate upper cabinets to items not regularly needed and install accessories like shelves and ladders as needed.

Start Making the Most of Your Forgotten Cabinet Space

If you’re tired of having to constantly reorganize your lower cabinets, take advantage of the potential storage above. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Take stock of what you can reasonably store based on your kitchen’s specifics.
  2. Edit the contents of your primary cabinets to free up room.
  3. Neatly organize the items moving to your new upper cabinet space.
  4. Enjoy your newly optimized kitchen storage!

Dedicating your cabinet tops to overflow items and seldom-used gear will give you back prized real estate below. You’ll be amazed at just how much you can fit in unused vertical space. Apply this kitchen storage trick to stop wasting valuable space – and get organized without remodeling.

Struggling with crowded cabinets and cluttered counters? Look up. The often forgotten space on top of your kitchen cabinets has immense potential for extra storage. This clever trick lets you maximize what you already have without an expensive renovation. Use cabinet tops to neatly store overflow items and free up room below for everyday essentials. A few organizational touches will keep the space tidy and aesthetically pleasing. Try this simple cabinet hack to gain storage and reduce mess in your kitchen.

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