Stop Wasting Valuable Corner Space – Use Tall Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen corners often end up becoming wasted space filled with dust and cobwebs. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right storage solutions, those forgotten corners can become prime real estate for organizing your kitchen items. Tall corner cabinets provide the perfect way to take advantage of the full area of your kitchen corners and maximize every inch of available space.

Read on to learn how tall corner cabinets can help you stop wasting valuable corner space and make the most of what you have available.

## Introduction

If you take a close look at the corner areas of your kitchen, chances are you’ll notice some unused and underutilized space. The angled shape and awkward dimensions of corners often make them difficult to optimize for storage and functionality. As a result, many kitchen corners become dumping grounds for seldom used appliances or collections of food containers. But with the right cabinets, you can take back that space and transform it into highly useful storage real estate.

Tall corner cabinets are specially designed to take advantage of every inch of your corner area with their diagonal shape and vertically stacked storage space. While a standard kitchen cabinet may leave up to 30% of corner space inaccessible, tall corner cabinets make use of shelves, drawers, and compartments to provide accessible storage from top to bottom. With their ample storage capabilities and space-saving design, tall corner cabinets are the perfect solution for maximizing storage in otherwise tricky corner spaces.

## Tall Corner Cabinet Benefits

Maximize Storage Capacity

The most significant benefit of installing tall corner cabinets in your kitchen is the ability to maximize storage capacity. Their unique diagonal shape allows them to fit seamlessly into any corner area, utilizing space that would otherwise go unused. The storage capacity extends vertically, with shelves, drawers, and compartments stacked from top to bottom.

tall corner kitchen cabinets

While a standard square or rectangular cabinet leaves difficult-to-access dead space in corners, tall corner cabinets are designed to take advantage of every inch. Their storage components make use of all vertical space as well, not just lower and middle sections. This lets you store a greater volume and variety of items than typical cabinets.

Store More Items

With the ample storage space provided by tall corner cabinets, you gain the ability to store a wide range of kitchen, household, and home decor items. On the functional side, glassware, dishes, pots, pans, and food storage containers can be kept close at hand for easy access during cooking and clean up. On the decorative side, vases, cookbooks, and display pieces can be showcased.

Within the cabinets, adjustable shelves, and drawers allow you to customize storage to accommodate items of various shapes and sizes. And don’t forget about that unused vertical space – with tall cabinets, you can utilize top areas for storing oversized platters, stockpots, and other items not used daily.

Flexible Storage Solutions

In addition to maximizing storage capacity, another benefit of tall corner cabinets is the flexibility they provide in organizing your space. With adjustable shelving and segmented drawers, you can customize the layout to suit your needs. Shelves and drawers can be shifted around or removed/added to accommodate changing storage requirements.

For example, you may want to install more shelves to hold a collection of plates and bowls. Or, you may need to remove a shelf to store tall cooking pots. Adjustable interior configurations allow you to modify your tall corner cabinet over time, ensuring the space continues meeting your family’s evolving storage needs.

Built to Last

When shopping for new kitchen cabinets, quality and durability should be foremost considerations. Tall corner cabinets designed for longevity are constructed using plywood, solid hardwoods, or quality engineered wood products. Dovetail joinery and reinforced connections add structural strength and prevent loosening over time.

High-end tall corner cabinets employ quality hardware including soft-close hinges and full-extension drawers slides for smooth operation. Sturdy shelf standards, metal braces, and corner blocks further contribute to a solid build able to withstand years of regular use without sagging.

## Selecting the Right Tall Corner Cabinet

Measure Your Space

When selecting a tall corner cabinet, the first step is taking careful measurements of the corner area where the cabinet will be installed. The width, height, and depth dimensions of the available space will determine the optimal size and configuration options.

Keep in mind that diagonal corners reduce usable width the higher up you go. Make note of any windows, light switches, or other fixtures that may impact placement. Careful measurement ensures you choose a properly sized tall corner cabinet that makes maximum use of the available space.

Consider Your Storage Needs

Before selecting a specific cabinet, think about how you intend to use the space. Determine what types of items you want to store and in what quantities. Will you use the cabinet mostly for kitchen essentials like dishes, or for home decor items? Do you need more drawers or more shelves?

Take measurements of bulky items you plan to store to ensure the cabinet dimensions can accommodate them. Analyzing your storage requirements will help narrow down your selection to the optimal tall corner cabinet design.

Match Your Style

With their highly visible placement, your corner cabinets should coordinate with the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Tall corner cabinets come in a range of door styles including slab, shaker, flat panel, and louvre. You can choose a style aligned with your kitchen’s contemporary, traditional, or modern design.

For a cohesive look, the finish of your new tall cabinet should match existing kitchen cabinets. Materials like solid wood, painted, thermally fused laminate (TFL), and glass provide varied looks from natural wood grain to sleek color. Even small details like hardware and accents should complement other fixtures and appliances in the kitchen.

Quality and Durability

Be sure to inspect the materials and construction quality when purchasing a tall corner cabinet. High-quality cabinets will be made from plywood, solid wood, or engineered wood rather than particleboard. Dovetail joinery, metal corner braces, and reinforced mounting rails contribute to durability.

Look for full-extension drawer slides for easy access, soft-close door hinges for smooth and quiet operation, and sturdy shelf standards that allow easy repositioning of shelves. High-end fittings and finishes will extend the life of your cabinet for years of reliable use.

## Get the Most Out of Your Purchase

Professional Installation

To ensure your tall corner cabinet is securely and properly installed, consider having it professionally mounted. The angled shape and tall proportions require expertise to fit correctly into the corner space. Professionals have the skills to adjust for any uneven walls or floors and make a tailored installation.

They can also connect the cabinetry securely to wall studs, use shims and levelers, and caulk gaps so the cabinet blends seamlessly into the corner. Trying to install one yourself risks an imperfect fit and subpar performance.

To get the most value from your investment, be sure to make use of the cabinet’s full storage capacity. Take measurements and create a plan for where to place items on shelves, in drawers, and inside compartments. Place frequently used items on easily accessible shelves.

Group like items together, for example pot lids with pots, or drinking glasses with wine glasses. A little organization goes a long way with any storage solution. Maximizing the tall corner cabinet’s space will reduce clutter and make your kitchen items easy to find and access.

## Conclusion

With their specialized diagonal shape and vertically stacked storage, tall corner cabinets are primed to take advantage of the often underutilized space in kitchen corners. They provide expansive storage capabilities not possible with standard cabinets, making them essential for any small or awkward corner location.

Gain the benefits of maximized storage capacity while also customizing your space with flexible configurations adjustable to your needs. And don’t forget about quality of construction – select cabinets with durable build and premium finishes that will last for years to come.

Stop letting your corners collect dust and get the most out of what you have available. Tall corner kitchen cabinets offer innovative storage that transforms useless space into accessible, highly organized storage that both looks great and functions effortlessly.

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