Step Up Your Style with a Navy Blue Console Table

Navy blue lacquer console tables have captured interior design lovers’ hearts in recent years. The glossy paint finish over wood composite lends these elegant furnishing pieces a richness reminiscent of Asian antiques while feeling fresh and current. When incorporated into transitional spaces like foyers, living rooms, and bedrooms, navy blue consoles make sophisticated style statements. From built-in bookcase designs to ornate hand-carved accents, navy lacquer console options range from budget-friendly to luxury splurges. Keep reading to discover what makes these tables special, styling inspiration ideas, top designer collections featuring them, and tips for decorating with navy blue lacquer consoles in your home.

What is a Console Table?


Console tables are a long-established furniture form dating back to the 1600s style periods. These unique pieces feature an elongated, slim profile designed specifically for placement against walls rather than freestanding. Console tables are decorative display platforms perfect for showing off treasured items and adding visual interest. The distinguishing silhouette includes a long, narrow tabletop, lightweight pedestal base or slim legs, and an open bottom shelf for storage.

Distinctive Features

Some trademark characteristics help define traditional console tables. The tabletop’s narrow depth, ranging between 10-14 inches, allows these units to fit into constricted spaces. Ornately curved cabriole legs lend Baroque-inspired flair. Plantation grown mahogany or walnut wood still comprise many antique console materials. Modern renditions substitute solid maple, oak, or birch options. An open shelf below offers storage solutions for baskets, books, or decor while keeping the design lightweight. Console tables infuse spaces with plenty of functional fashion!

Lacquer Finish Explained

Composition and Process

So what gives navy blue console tables their remarkable, liquid-like paint coating? Lacquer refers to several layers of clear gloss resin solution brushed over wood composite to create an impervious, plastic-feel finish. Multiple thin layers of tinted lacquer are built up then sanded down repeatedly to level until achieving a smooth, glassy surface. The curing and polishing steps are labor-intensive, making true lacquer costlier than wooden tables alone. But the payoff is a scratch-resistant, opulent navy color rich with dimension.


Why choose lacquered console furnishings? The liquid-glass layer creates moisture barriers keeping wood from warping while preventing everyday nicks. The non-porous quality also deters dust buildup. Minor scratches can be gently buffed out to regain the lacquer’s hyper-reflective effects. Just use a clean, soft cloth dampened with water for swift cleanup. Navy blue lacquer console tables deliver protective durability alongside drop-dead gorgeous style!

navy blue lacquer console table

Style Inspiration for Navy Blue Lacquer Consoles

Entryways and Foyers

Welcome guests to your home in style by defining your entryway with a navy blue lacquer console table. Their narrow shape suits placement between open doorways while making breezy visual impacts. Complement a traditional foyer console with ceramic lamps boasting crisp white shades. Stacking metallic edged boxes or baskets atop the surface offers decorative storage solutions for odds and ends. Or stage a trio of variously sized glass vases filled with textural pampas grass stems. Keep the look light and contemporary.

Living Rooms

Make a dramatic color statement by offsetting a navy lacquer console table against pale walls and ceiling in your living room. The bold navy color grounds the space while providing an elegant focal point. Try building a custom wall-to-wall bookcase and media center combination, with the console’s color integrated. Open shelving offers display real estate for decorative objects that pick up the room’s cool blue and metallic silver schemes. Don’t be afraid to commit fully to navy’s dark mystique by enveloping the whole space!


Painting one accent wall navy blue then placing a coordinating lacquered nightstand or slim console bedside sets an indulgent bedroom scene. Contrast the darker navy against crisp white bed linens with barely-there sheerness drapery. Stack your favorite literary classics on its surface and hang a piece of motivational wall art just behind. Utilize this bedside console’s built-in electrical outlets and drawer to neatly charge devices overnight. Let layered white ceramic table lamps emit ambient lighting. The overall look feels cohesive yet still casual.

Designer Collections Featuring Navy Blue Lacquer

Mainstay home furnishing companies like Century Furniture, Theodore Alexander’s The Tailored Home, and the John-Richard Collection incorporate navy blue lacquer console tables within their broader offerings. Century’s Casa Cortina group conveys breezy Spanish colonial inspiration through abaca wrapped doors and caned shelving. Theodore Alexander’s Tillinghast selection features curvaceous cabriole legs beside the lacquer’s high-gloss finish. John-Richard impresses with ornately hand-carved details like acanthus leaf flourishes. Meanwhile, smaller boutique designers attract attention like Ambella Home Collection’s adjustable height and glow LED lighting features. Shop around until you discover the perfect statement-making navy lacquer console!

Decor Ideas and Display Tips

Styling Console Tables

Avoid clutter by carefully curating what decorative items land atop your navy console table. Crystal table lamps add glam lighting solutions while freeing up surface square footage. Trail ivy or flowering plants out of metallic planters for organic touches. Stack art books and decorative boxes in similar color schemes for tightened coordination. Leaning framed photos against the wall behind builds personalization. Try topping consoles off with geometric glass vases housing dramatic floral stem arrangements. Remember, every object placed on navy console tables should enhance their aesthetic impact.

Working with the Wall Behind

Strategically painting or wallpapering the walls behind navy lacquer consoles cohesively ties spaces together. Contrast a bold grasscloth covering against the lacquered tabletop. Alternatively, hang an asymmetrical art gallery arrangement mixing modern photography and tribal masks. Install wall sconces illuminating these pieces and your console’s sleek lines for a museum-worthy still life. You could even display a collection of variously sized mirrors reflecting light exponentially throughout the room. Get creative with walls to build captivating console table vignettes.

Considering Costs and Budgets

What design factors influence navy blue lacquer console pricing? As with most furnishings, larger sizing equals greater costs. Consoles spanning over five feet long or incorporating multiple drawers, cabinets, and shelves usually start around $800. Intricate hand-carved ornamentation also heightens prices given the labor involved. Smaller forty-eight-inch entryway styles can retail between $300 to $600. Even big box stores stock inexpensive lacquer console selections these days. Set realistic budgets before falling for showstopping stores showroom displays!

How to Care for a Lacquer Console Table

Real lacquer finishes boast incredible scratch and water-resistance already. But taking basic precautions helps preserve their radiant looks long term. Use coasters under glasses or vases to avoid white marks on the shiny surface. Immediately wipe any spills with a clean microfiber cloth. To remove light scuffs or general haze buildup over time, gently rub the area with toothpaste. The non-abrasive formula acts as a restorative polish, revealing the lacquer’s original sheen. Routinely applying paste wax to console tables nourishes and protects their polished blue finish from deteriorating.

Navy blue lacquer console tables infuse interiors with mystique and exotic allure. Their luminous deep blue color enchants alongside the lacquer coating’s liquid-smooth texture. Fashion-forward painters like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore recently declared a 2023 “navy moment”, confirming these furnishings stylishness. Whether placed in high-traffic spaces like entryways or spotlighted in living rooms, navy consoles create stunning focal points. Materially, they deliver protective durability thanks to the lacquer layer. Preserve their sumptuous color by incorporating handy cleaning practices. But the real delight of navy blue console tables blooms from seeing their dramatic effects transforming your home’s decor!

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