Stand Out With Vibrant Green Exterior Paint Colors

Green is having a major moment in the world of exterior house paint. Once considered daring and alternative, green is now one of the most popular options for adding vibrancy and charm to a home’s facade. From deep emerald hues to pale minty shades, green offers a versatile range of colors that can completely transform the look and feel of a home’s exterior.

Whether you live in a sleek, modern home or a cozy arts and crafts style bungalow, green has a shade that will boost your home’s curb appeal.

Go Bold with Lively Emerald Greens

For those who want an exterior color that packs a visual punch, emerald greens are a great choice. The jewel-toned shades in this family create an energizing, lively aesthetic. They instantly modernize a home and provide a dose of drama and sophistication.

exterior paint colors in green

Kelly green is a popular emerald green option. This vibrant, saturated shade references the deep green hue of the prized Kelly emerald gemstone. Use Kelly green on a front door or garage door to create instant wow-factor.

Lime green is another bold emerald green. This electrifying shade adds youthful energy and a sense of fun. Lime green looks great on homes with clean lines and modern materials like steel, concrete, and glass.

Emerald greens pair nicely with white and black for contrast. Gold, silver, and chrome accents also complement the intensity of these jewel-toned greens.

Try Soothing Sage Greens

On the opposite end of the color spectrum, sage greens offer soft, muted tones with gray undertones. These greens have an elegant, soothing quality about them that can create feelings of relaxation, tranquility, and renewal.

A popular sage green, seafoam evokes thoughts of the ocean with its pale, watery color. Seafoam green works beautifully on beach cottages but can also add a touch of coastal flair to any home style.

Celadon is another favorite sage green option. Named after old Chinese celadon ceramics, this gray-green shade feels both timeless and sophisticated. Use celadon on homes with traditional or Mediterranean architectural details.

For a barely-there green, try a very pale sage shade such as spa green. This subtle green acts almost as a neutral but still provides a whisper of color. Use this delicate green for a light, airy look.

Create a Natural Look with Forest Greens

For homes nestled in wooded areas, forest greens are a perfect exterior color choice. These rich, deep greens seamlessly blend with surrounding trees and foliage to create an organic, harmonious look.

Pine green is a great forest green option if you want to echo the color of evergreen trees. Use pine green alone or pair it with natural wood and stone accents.

Hunter green is a very deep forest green that adds drama and dimension. Popular in the 1990s, hunter green is making a comeback for its timeless, woodsy appeal. It looks especially fitting on homes with Craftsman or log cabin architectural details.

Olive green is another natural forest green. This peaceful, muted shade works well in outdoor spaces and pairs nicely with terra cotta and ochre accents.

Refresh with Pastel Mint Greens

Mint greens are pale, cool pastel shades that can lend a soothing, rejuvenating feel to a home exterior. These spring-like greens awaken the senses and provide a clean, crisp aesthetic.

Sea glass green evokes the weathered, frosted look of sea glass. This soft green gray creates a relaxing coastal vibe. Use sea glass green with white trim for a casually elegant Hamptons-style home.

Pistachio green is a pale, subdued pastel reminiscent of the interior of pistachio nuts. This mellow green acts as a versatile neutral that adds only a hint of color.

Mint green is super light and refreshing. This barely-green pastel looks particularly attractive on modern farmhouses with white siding and black accents.

Complementary Color Combinations

Green exterior paint colors look their best when paired thoughtfully with complementary hues. Here are some winning color combinations:

  • White: Crisp white trim makes vibrant greens pop even more
  • Blue: As opposite colors on the wheel, blue and green complement each other perfectly
  • Gray: Cool grays blend seamlessly with muted sage greens
  • Brown: Rich browns pair nicely with deep forest and olive greens
  • Wood: Natural wood tones harmonize with greens inspired by nature

Which Architectural Styles Work Best with Green?

While green paint can enhance homes of any style, some shades work especially well with specific architectural details and eras.

Contemporary and Modern Homes

Sleek contemporary homes can handle intense jewel-toned greens like emerald. Use green as a bold accent on an exterior wall or modern front door.

Farmhouse, Cottage and Craftsman Homes

For cozy bungalows and arts and crafts homes, muted sage greens complement without overpowering charming architectural details. Pair with white trim for timeless appeal.

Rustic Cabins and Lodges

Forest greens and pale minty shades boost the woodsy vibe of rustic cabins and lodges. Use green as a nod to the natural world outside.

Green offers an array of shades from punchy brights to relaxing neutrals. Whether you choose vibrant emerald, soothing sage, natural forest green, or cool mint, painting your exterior green provides an inviting alternative to traditional beige and white.

Green promotes feelings of renewal, harmony, and tranquility. Use this color to create your own personal oasis or a home that blends seamlessly with its surroundings. Just remember – when it comes to exterior paint colors, green means go!

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