Square Up Your Dinner Table with Corelle Lia Dinnerware

Corelle is a trusted brand known for innovative and durable dinnerware. The Lia collection puts a modern spin on their classic vitrelle glass with a bold, graphic square shape. This 18-piece set has everything you need to square up mealtimes in style.

With its sleek lines and vibrant color, the Lia square dinnerware set brings a contemporary edge to any table. The unique square plates make a geometric statement while offering exceptional chip resistance and easy cleaning. Read on to learn why this sustainable glass dinnerware set is ideal for daily use.

Corelle Lia Square Dinnerware Set Details

Set Composition

The Lia square dinnerware set includes 6 each of the following pieces:

  • 10.5″ square dinner plates
  • 9″ square salad plates
  • 22oz square soup/cereal bowls

With 18 pieces total, the set provides dinnerware for 6 place settings. The coordinated square sizes let you creatively stack and arrange the mix-and-match pieces.

Square Shape

The unique square shape gives a modern, geometric look and offers a few advantages:

corelle lia square dinnerware set
  • Squares maximize storage efficiency, fitting neatly stacked in the cabinet.
  • The flat edges and 90 degree corners have a clean, contemporary style.

The squared-off silhouette lends any tablescape a tailored, elegant feel. The square plates also give you more usable surface area for serving compared to round.

Vitrelle Glass Material

Corelle Lia dinnerware is made from Vitrelle glass, Corelle’s patented 3-layer glass that is incredibly resistant to chips and breaks. The tempered glass construction withstands daily use without showing signs of wear.

Vitrelle glass contains no toxic materials and is made using a high heat fusion process that laminates three layers of glass into one durable piece. Corelle Lia dinnerware is strong enough for everyday use yet surprisingly lightweight.

Colors and Patterns

The Lia square collection features a bold swirled blue glass design. The striking color makes a vibrant accent on any table. It also coordinates well with existing Corelle patterns like Bella Blue and Medley.

The navy blue swirls alternate between matte and glossy finishes, adding interest and depth to the simple silhouette.

Benefits and Features

Fits Any Decor

With its neutral glass base and pop of color, Corelle Lia square dinnerware pairs nicely with any style kitchen decor. The blue brightens up modern and transitional spaces while still fitting traditional aesthetics.

The colored glass material and minimalist square shape provide an upscale look and feel. Despite its sophisticated styling, the casual glass construction means you need not worry about keeping Corelle Lia dinnerware looking pristine.

Eco-Friendly Design

Corelle uses a sustainable production process to create Lia dinnerware. The glass pieces contain up to 80% recycled glass, keeping waste out of landfills. The durability also makes it environmentally friendly compared to disposable options.

In addition, the glass material and lightweight design mean the dinnerware has a smaller carbon footprint to ship than traditional ceramic or porcelain sets.

Easy Maintenance

Corelle Lia glassware cleans up easily in the dishwasher without wearing down over time or holding stains and odors. The durable glass won’t scratch, discolor or degrade under normal use.

You can use Corelle Lia dinnerware every day without having to hand wash or treat it delicately. The low-maintenance care makes hosting and clean up a breeze.

Dining Experience

The specialized 3-layer glass results in an ultra-lightweight feel when handling. Corelle Lia plates and bowls are comfortable to lift and pass around the table thanks to the durable yet feather-light glass.

In addition, Corelle vitrelle glass has a smooth surface that won’t scratch delicate dinnerware or dull knives. Food and flavors come through clearly, making for an optimal dining experience.

Tips for Use and Care

While Corelle Lia is designed for hassle-free daily use, following a few care instructions will keep your dinnerware looking its best:

  • Avoid extreme temperature changes to prevent thermal shock. Don’t transfer hot glass straight from the oven or microwave to a cold surface.
  • Stack plates and bowls neatly to prevent rim chips.
  • Load pieces securely in the dishwasher to prevent jostling and contact.
  • Store carefully on shelves and in cabinets to prevent dust buildup over time.
  • Handwash with warm, soapy water for a deep clean as needed.

Alternatives to Consider

Corelle offers several dinnerware lines in both solid and patterned glass designs. For other square collections, look at Corelle SquareTM or Corelle Pure BlackTM.

Other glass dinnerware brands like Mikasa and Arcopal have square dinnerware sets to consider. However, Corelle’s patented vitrelle glass formula is top of the line for unbeatable durability.

With its trendy square silhouette and durable vitrelle glass makeup, the Corelle Lia 18-piece dinnerware set brings modern flair and everyday versatility. The chip-resistant durability, lightweight feel, and eco-friendly design make Corelle Lia an ideal option for stylish strength at the table.

The bold blue swirled pattern provides an energetic pop of color to brighten up daily meals and dinner parties alike. Any kitchen can benefit from Corelle Lia’s combination of sophisticated style and unfussy functionality. Square up your dinnerware with this long-lasting set that delivers flair & strength for everyday life.

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