Spruce Up Your Entryway with a Stylish Stone Console Table

A stylish stone console table can be the perfect piece to spruce up your entryway. These multifunctional tables provide decorative visual interest while offering practical integrated storage to keep your space organized.

Stone console tables feature a variety of stone materials like granite, marble, and limestone crafted into stunning furniture pieces. The natural colors and patterns of the stone create a one-of-a-kind look. Tables are available with smooth polished stone surfaces or more rustic and textured finishes.

Benefits of a Stone Console Table for Your Entryway

Extra Storage

The defining feature of stone console tables is that they have built-in storage compartments like shelves, drawers, and cabinets. This provides a place to neatly organize items you need access to in your entryway.

You can store accessories and valuables like your keys, wallet, sunglasses and handbags inside the table. The storage also keeps essentials like charging cables, spare batteries and flashlights hidden but easily accessible.

WalletsCharging Cables

Having designated storage helps prevent clutter from accumulating around the front door when you enter your home.

stone console table with storage


Console tables for high traffic areas like entryways need to be durable and sturdy. The natural stone materials used to construct stone console tables make them extremely resilient for years of practical use.

Dense stone tops can withstand accidental bumps and knocks without damage. Quality hardware keeps cabinet doors aligned properly despite frequent opening and closing.

Design Versatility

Stone console tables have an upscale aesthetic that enhances any decor style. The neutral palette of most stone materials allows them to blend seamlessly into both traditional and contemporary designed spaces.

Choose from modern polished finishes or more organic, distressed stone textures. Rustic farmhouse, industrial loft, traditional and minimalist styles are all available.

Visual Interest

A stone console table instantly becomes a eye-catching focal point in your entryway. The natural variations and textural interest of stone surfaces draw the eye and spark curiosity.

You can decorate the tabletop with decorative trays, sculpture pieces, flower arrangements and other coordinating accessories. The storage compartments can showcase your vases, candles and other treasured items.

Features to Look for When Choosing Your Table

Type of Stone

Stone console tables are crafted from many different types of natural stone. Granite, marble, travertine, limestone and slate are some popular options.

Consider the properties of each stone type such as porosity, density, stain resistance, strength and scrath resistance. These factors impact durability and ease of maintenance.

Storage Capacity

Assess your needs to choose adequate integrated storage for your entryway items. Some tables offer a single drawer or shelf, while others have multiple compartments.

Look at the number, size, and configuration of shelves, drawers and cabinet spaces. Deep drawers suit bulkier items, while shallow shelves neatly display decorative objects.

Size & Dimensions

Measure the floor space in your entryway to find a stone console table sized appropriately for the area. Leave adequate room for walking comfortably around the table after it’s in place.

Console tables typically range between 36-42 inches tall. Length ranges from around 40 inches for narrow consoles to over 70 inches for wider pieces.

Design & Finish

Stone console tables encompass a wide variety of aesthetic designs. Choose a style aligned with your existing room decor.

Options include ornately carved table legs, sleek tapered legs, or a smooth table skirt base. Tops can have polished, honed or textured finishes.

Styling Your New Stone Console Table

Top Decor

Style your stone console table with gorgeous yet functional accent pieces. Sculptures, vases, flowers and candles make attractive decor.

Use trays and baskets to neatly organize items stored on tabletop racks or shelves. Match metals and wood tones with other furniture pieces in the space.

Practical Storage Solutions

Inside the storage compartments, use organizing solutions to make the most of the available room.

Try fabric bins for hats and mitts, baskets for keys or chargers, containers for pens and paper. Install hooks or shelf dividers for custom spaces.

Get creative with how to utilize every inch while keeping your essentials tidy but within reach.

With versatile design options, elegantly integrated storage, and visually striking stone materials, a quality stone console table makes a dramatic statement in your home’s entrance.

Choose the size, stone type, storage layout and style details aligned with your space and needs. Then arrange treasured accessories across the smooth stone surface and within the compartments to greet you and wow your guests.

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