Spacious Soaks: Finding the Perfect Bathtub for Tall Bathers

As a tall person, few things are more frustrating than trying to soak in a bathtub that simply isn’t designed for your stature. From cramped legroom to tub sides that cut into your shoulders, bath time can be uncomfortable and stressful when you can’t fully immerse yourself.

Luckily, the bathtub industry has responded with more options catered specifically to us tall bathers. By keeping a few key factors in mind, you can find the perfect bathtub to stretch out and enjoy a relaxing, spacious soak.

Bathtub Length – Accommodate Those Long Legs

One of the most important considerations for tall people is finding a bathtub with ample length. The average bathtub is around 60 inches long – much too short for the long legs of taller bathers.

For a comfortable soak, experts recommend choosing a bathtub that is at least 70 inches in length. This allows even 6 foot+ bathers to fully extend their legs without awkward bending or discomfort.

70+ inchesIdeal bathtub length for most tall people. Allows full leg extension.
66 inchesMinimum recommended length. May require some leg bending.
60 inchesStandard bathtub length. Much too short for taller bathers.

Some extra long options we recommend checking out include:

bathtub for tall person
  • The Kohler K-4617-0 Memoir Stile Bath – At 66 inches long, it provides that little extra room taller bathers need.
  • The American Standard 2461.002 Cambridge bathtub measuring a spacious 66 inches long.
  • The Empava EMPV-FT1503 at 67 inches long gives you an extra inch to stretch out in.

Consider a Custom-Sized or Extra Long Bathtub

Those over 6’5″ or with extra long legs may want to explore custom-sized or even longer bathtub options exceeding 70 inches in length. Though more expensive, having a bathtub tailored exactly to your measurements ensures maximum comfort.

Bathtub Height – Total Body Immersion

Standard bathtub depths range from 14 to 17 inches tall – often not enough to fully immerse and soak our tall frames. For true soaking enjoyment, taller individuals need extra tub depth.

Aim for bathtubs with a height of at least 18 inches. This allows complete immersion to relax sore muscles without having your knees poke out awkwardly above the water.

18+ inchesAllows full body immersion for soaking
16-17 inchesMay require some awkward bending
14-15 inchesToo shallow for full body soaking

Keep an eye out for these extra deep bathtub models:

  • The Kohler Archer Soaking Bathtub stands 20 inches tall for maximum soak depth.
  • American Standard’s Princeton tub hits 19 inches high.
  • The AKDY 66″ Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub measures 23 inches tall.

Prevent Water Spillovers

With the extra depth required, taller bathers should select tubs with an overflow drain. This prevents water from spilling over the sides as you sit lower in the deeper tub.

Bathtub Width – Room to Stretch Out

While length and height may be the first concerns for tall bathers, don’t neglect bathtub width. Wider tubs provide ample room to move around, change positions, and stretch out.

For spacious soaking, look for bathtubs with a minimum interior width of 32 inches. However, if you have a larger frame or broad shoulders, even wider is better.

32+ inchesComfortable width for most tall bathers
42+ inchesExtra wide to accommodate larger frames
24-28 inchesMay feel cramped and narrow

Some wide bathtub options to consider:

  • The Empava 67″ Wide Freestanding Bathtub spans over 42 inches wide.
  • American Standard’s Americh soaking tub hits a roomy 32 inches across.
  • The AKDY 66″ acrylic tub also measures a comfortable 32 inches wide.

Bathtub Material – Durability and Comfort

When evaluating bathtub materials, durability and comfort should be top priorities for tall users. Materials that flex or warp over time quickly become uncomfortable and unsafe.

Opt for acrylic or enameled cast iron tubs. Acrylic provides a glossy, easy-to-clean surface that retains heat well. Cast iron offers unmatched durability and insulation.

We recommend avoiding fiberglass bathtubs. They lack rigidity and tend to flex and warp from repeated use by heavier bathers.

Freestanding vs Built-in – Flexibility is Key

Freestanding bathtubs offer a key advantage for tall bathers – installation flexibility. Since they don’t have to squeeze into an existing alcove space, you can customize fit.

Freestanding tubs work well if you want to place your tub away from plumbing fixtures. Just ensure it sits level on the floor.

Look for Supportive Armrests

Lastly, armrests provide helpful support and comfort getting in and out of the bathtub. However, they are rarely found on freestanding tubs. If armrests are a priority, built-in alcove tubs more commonly feature them.

Relax in Our Top Bathtub Picks for Tall Bathers

Ready to finally soak without feeling scrunched up? Here are our top bathtub recommendations for tall people:

1. Kohler K-4617-0 Memoir Stile Bath – Best Length

  • 66 inch length and 22 inch height
  • Low profile design prevents water spillover
  • Textured bottom provides secure footing
  • Styled faucet mounting for accessibility

2. American Standard 2461.002 Cambridge – Best Depth

  • Extra deep 19 inch height
  • Acrylic construction prevents flexing
  • Pre-leveled bottom makes installation easy
  • 66 inch length still accommodates taller bathers

3. Empava EMPV-FT1503 – Best Budget Pick

  • 67 inches long and very spacious
  • Budget-friendly without sacrificing quality
  • Textured bottom and included mat prevent slipping
  • Depth still reaches 18 inches high

Tips for Enjoying Your New Spacious Bathtub

Once you’ve found the perfect bathtub for your tall frame, here are some tips for creating a comfortable, relaxing bathing experience:

  • Look for a bath pillow to support your head and neck while soaking.
  • Get a bath caddy for easy access to bath essentials.
  • Use calming bath salts, oils, or bubbles to set the mood.
  • Adjust water temperature for your perfect bath – cooler for calming or hotter to relax muscles.
  • Light candles around the tub and play soft music.
  • Grab your favorite book and soak while you read.
  • Add an inline heater to keep bath water hot for longer.

As a tall person, a properly sized bathtub tailored to your height and proportions is a must for comfortable, truly enjoyable soaking. With ample length to stretch out your legs and enough depth for total immersion, you’ll finally be able to relax during bath time.

By keeping our top tips in mind and doing some comparison shopping, you’re sure to find your perfect oasis to unwind and decompress. No more aching necks, sore knees, and cramped shoulders – just spacious, tranquil soaks in your own custom-fit bathtub sanctuary.

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