Small Stools That Make A Big Bathroom Statement

A small wooden stool is the perfect addition to any bathroom looking for a functional and stylish upgrade. More than just a humble piece of furniture, these petite perches provide a place to rest and store necessities in clever style.

Continue reading as we explore the convenient benefits, smart placement, and design options that make small bathroom stools a big deal.

Key Benefits Of A Small Bathroom Stool

Convenience For Storing Essentials

A top advantage of a small wooden stool in the bathroom is having a handy spot to keep items within arm’s reach. Instead of scattering towels, grooming tools, and bath products across countertops, they can be neatly corralled onto this compact storage piece.

Folding up fresh towels or keeping hormone replacements close by helps establish an organized, clutter-free environment. For large families, multiple small stools allow each person to have their own personal space.

small wooden stool for bathroom

Added Seating For Pampering

Beyond organization, a bathroom stool also doubles as a comfy seat. While applying lotion or performing a pedicure regimen, it’s useful having a dedicated perch to rest on. The stool prevents having to precariously balance on the edge of a bathtub or toilet.

The added seating similarly comes in handy while putting on makeup or styling hair. The flexibility to sit and stand makes grooming considerably less taxing.

Boost Relaxation & Comfort

For those seeking a spa-like retreat, a small stool lifts both relaxation and comfort. It can provide a place to temporarily rest tired feet after a long day. The ability to sit while moving through your routine also aids those managing arthritis, injuries, or mobility challenges.

Studies show sitting while bathing improves circulation and reduces fainting risk for older adults or those with medical conditions. With built-in handles or grip tape, stools also prevent slips.

Prime Placement Tips

Accessibility Is Key

When positioning your bathroom stool, convenience is critical. The ideal location is within arm’s reach of the bathtub. This allows for easy access to grab a towel or basket of toiletries without extensive stretching or movement.

Check that any cords can extend to outlets to enable using devices like electric toothbrushes or razors while seated. Additionally, confirm there’s adequate floorspace to stand and navigate around the stool.

Smart Spatial Styles

Luckily there are smart spatial solutions if space is at a premium. Look for slim folding stool designs to tuck beside tubs and counters. These collapsed models take up a fraction of the room.

Wheeled stools also add mobility to adjust positioning as needed. When not required, simply slide it into a corner for maximum flexibility.

Complementing Your Bathroom Style

Choice Of Materials

The first step to complementing decor is choosing a material aligning with your bath’s design vision. The most popular options include:

  • Teak, oak, bamboo, or wicker woods
  • Sleek metal frames like brass or silver
  • Ceramic, concrete, or woven waterproof polymers

Aim for tones either matching existing metallic fixtures or wooden cabinetry.

Design Styles For Any Decor Approach

The range of small stool shapes, finishes, and motifs presents choices fitting bathrooms of any style. Rectilinear modern designs look sharp against contemporary tile. Elegant vintage replicas evoke a polished hotel aesthetic. For those desiring a crafted look, handmade hardwood stools with live edges blend beautifully.

The finishing touch is selecting a paint, stain, or upholstery aligning with the color palette. A black stool pops against white interiors, while woven ochre upholstery adds warmth. Customization helps artfully bridge beauty and function.

Enhance Bath Safety

Well-crafted small stools implement smart details to prevent slips, falls, and injuries. Look for quality grip tape, anti-slip leg pads, and stability bars for sturdy balance while standing or sitting. For accessibility, some models come with adjustable height settings to ease mobility.

Proper proportions also enhance experience and safety. Compact dimensions avoid impeding movement while large weight capacities provide ample space to rest or store necessities.

Beyond the initial cost savings compared to built-ins, superior quality wooden stools yield enduring ROI through their longevity and adaptability. Sturdy hardwoods like teak are inherently water-resistant and stand up well to moisture over decades of use.

Small stools easily transition between bathrooms if families relocate or renovate. Some even convert into handy side tables or plant stands around the home. As sustainable pieces crafted from renewable beech or mango wood, these diminutive workhorses check all the boxes for value that endures.

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