Amp Up Your Bathroom Style with a Contemporary Trough Vanity Sink

If you’re seeking to elevate your bathroom to luxurious new heights, installing a contemporary trough vanity sink will make a gorgeously striking statement. With their elongated basins, smooth clean lines, and sleek faucets, these spacious sinks radiate modern glamour. Beyond just looks, trough sinks boost functionality for busy bathrooms, offering expanded space for storing toiletries and getting ready comfortably. Their roomy dimensions also cater seamlessly to multiple users. This bold sink solution will instantly amp up your decor, so read on to learn all about maximizing trough sinks in your home.

What Exactly is a Trough Sink?

Built dramatically wide, trough sinks feature rectangular basins with two drain openings and two deck-mounted faucets. Their extended length stretches from approximately 36 inches on shorter models to a capacious 72 inches on larger installations. Compared to average rounded bathroom sinks measuring around 20-25 inches wide, trough sinks provide almost triple the area! Thisexpanded real estate accommodates multiple people simultaneously with ease. And their linear silhouette adds striking aesthetic appeal, especially in contemporary spaces.

trough sink vanity with 2 faucets

Signature Features

These sinks get their name from their resemblance to livestock troughs in shape. Key attributes include:

  • Elongated basin with length spanning 3 to 6 feet
  • Significantly wider than typical round or oval sinks
  • Rectangular shape featuring defined corners
  • Flat bottom with zero curvature
  • Drain openings at each end
  • Deck space fitting two widespread faucets

Trough Sink Dimensions

Finding the right trough sink size for your bath depends heavily on available space. Measure the existing sink or vanity countertop area beforehand when selecting a model. Standard width options include:

  • 36 inches
  • 48 inches
  • 60 inches
  • 72 inches

Depth is consistent at roughly 22 inches across most styles. Be sure to account for at least 18 inches of countertop workspace on each side too. This clearance eases use without feeling crowded. For smaller baths, tailor dimensions down. Prefer more dramatic impact? Go bold with a 60-inch or 72-inch span to maximize impressiveness.

Primary Installation Styles

Trough sinks come in undermount, drop-in or freestanding varieties. Choose based on personal preference and bathroom layout:


The sink basin mounts below counter level here for a streamlined, built-in look. This creates easy wipe-down cleanup too since no sink edges sit on the countertop. It also keeps counter space visually continuous.


With drop-in models, the sink basin gets lowered into a cut-out hole in the countertop. The lip edges sit flush on the counter surrounding the hole for a smooth appearance. Use with solid surface or natural stone countertops.


As movable, standalone pieces, freestanding trough sinks have finished exterior sides and base. Position against a wall, in a corner or centrally in the space. Their versatility works nicely for unconventionally shaped baths.

Popular Trough Sink Materials

Trough sinks come crafted from various materials to coordinate with any design aesthetic. Choose a medium aligning with your goals for style and functionality:

  • Ceramic – Glossy classic material that’s budget-friendly and easy to clean.
  • Fireclay – Dense porous clay known for its durability and heat resistance.
  • Copper – Gorgeous metal sink material bringing warmth and an artisanal vibe.
  • Stainless Steel – Sleek, modern look with high durability and easy maintenance.
  • Stone Composite – Combination of crushed stone and resin for incredible durability.
  • Glass Vessels – Sleek transparent sinks that refract light beautifully. Delicate & require care.

Matching Faucet Options

Take cues from your preferred design style when coordinating faucet choices with a new trough vanity sink. Key pairings include:

Widespread Faucets

Featuring separate hot and cold handles mounted far apart, these suit the extended space of a trough sink. The broad spread offers superior reach.

Centerset Faucets

With handles centered together, this classic combo works well styled traditional to modern. Centersets come with a 4 inch base that readily covers the two sink holes.

Wall-Mount Faucets

Modern and industrial-vibe baths can get creative with asymmetrical wall-mounted faucets. They lend a minimalist, floating appearance freed from the countertop.

Coordinate with Your Bathroom Vanity

Take vanity pairing into consideration too for your upcoming trough sink installation. Look for compatible double vanity sizes offering deep drawers, cabinets and storage space. This keeps toiletries organized and creates an intentionally designed look pulling the full bathroom zone together.

Ample Storage Space

Since trough sinks consume wider surface area, a vanity becomes key for housing items conveniently. Seek out plentiful drawer capacity and cabinet room to supplement counter space when pairing your sink and vanity combo.

Design Varieties to Suit Any Decor

The versatile, adaptable nature of contemporary trough sinks lets them complement nearly any design motif imaginable. Use in modern spaces for an ultra-sleek statement. Go farmhouse rustic with a fireclay construction. Or inject unexpected industrial edge into traditional baths with an asymmetric copper style. Additional decor directions include:


From sharp rectangles to curved edges, bold contemporary sinks align with the clean simplicity of modern rooms.


The ample proportions of trough sinks offset by elegant decorative legs give a boosted twist to classic baths.


Blending both contemporary and traditional aspects, transitional design welcomes trough sinks as surprises that shake up the expected.


Rustic materials like timeworn fireclay or stone lend trough sinks charm ideal for evoking pastoral farmhouse vintage.

Advantages of Installing a Trough Sink

What prompts homeowners and designers to choose trough sinks? Their unusually wide dimensions unlock expanded functionality for bathrooms both large and small. Benefits include:

Extra Room for Tasks & Storage

From applying makeup to bathing kids, trough sinks simplify daily routines needing space. Their capacious basins also tidy up easier since items fit directly inside.

Sleek Contemporary Style

Linear and opulently scaled, trough sinks infuse showstopping visual tension into baths. This makes an ultra-modern statement perfect for dramatic decor updates.

Easy Access for Multiple Users

Double the sink bowls, double the convenience. Trough sinks readily accommodate two people simultaneously with their extensive reach.

Considerations Before Installing

Thinking of bringing one home? First weigh a few key considerations to ensure it suits your space optimally:

Bathroom Size Requirements

Measure your bath meticulously, as trough sinks need adequate surrounding space for functionality and visual appeal.

Plumbing Needs

Confirm drain locations align properly underneath. Supply lines must also feed both widespread faucet anchors. Consult a professional if uncertain.

Countertop Space

Allow ample surrounding clearance so items don’t feel crammed. Ideally preserve at least 18 inches of countertop bordering each side.


Weigh overall costs for the sink itself plus professional installation. Remember to factor in potential plumbing adjustments too.

Creatively Incorporate into Bathroom

Excited to bring one of these spectacular sinks home? Think through creative incorporation strategies to maximize yours. Here are some ideas on elevating bath design with trough sinks:

Statement Piece for Modern/Industrial Baths

Make it the dramatic focal point in hard-edged contemporary or urban-rustic industrial bathrooms. The architectural scale captivates.

Inject an element of modern surprise into ornate traditional powder rooms. The juxtaposition of styles intrigues delightfully.

Integrating a trough sink Vanity conveys audacious bathroom style with their large impact and smooth linear aesthetic. Beyond just appearance, enjoy upgraded multi-user functionality plus expansive storage capacity. It’s a fixture bringing immensely inspirational design potential. Discover fresh ways to boost your bath vibe with the modern elegance of trough sinks today!

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