Small Kitchen? These Smart TVs Were Made for You

Trying to cook and watch TV in a tiny kitchen can feel downright impossible. You want the convenience of steaming your shows or blasting cooking tutorials, but standard TVs overwhelm your limited space.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Compact yet mighty smart TVs now cater to petite kitchens. With minimized footprints and maximized streaming features, they transform your culinary experience.

What to Look for in a Small Kitchen TV

When choosing a small smart TV for the kitchen, size tops the priority list. Aim for 32 inches or under to fit without feeling invasive. Beyond compact form, also ensure your miniature marvel touts the latest smart capabilities. Key features like voice control, built-in streaming platforms, and wireless connectivity are must-haves.

While picture quality takes a backseat to size, you still want decent HD or 4K resolution. The display should accurately render food textures and colors. Connectivity for soundbars, speakers and other audio devices is also ideal to amplify limited volume.

Essential Features

  • 32″ screen or smaller
  • Voice command compatibility
  • Built-in streaming apps
  • HD or 4K resolution
  • Audio connections for soundbar, etc.

Our Top Pick: Insignia F20 Series 32″ Smart HD TV

The Insignia F20 checks every box for the best small smart TV for kitchen use. This 32-inch Fire TV-enabled display maximizes streaming and voice control in a petite package.

best small smart tv for kitchen

With Amazon’s Fire TV platform built right in, you can quickly access Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more without any extra devices. Alexa integration also allows handy hands-free operation.

Beyond smart capabilities, the Insignia F20 sports full 1080p HD resolution. Images and video pop with clarity. The 32-inch screen size slides neatly onto countertops or mounts discretely on walls.

Connectivity options like HDMI, USB, Ethernet and wireless allow seamless integration with soundbars and other accessories. Bluetooth support enables private listening via wireless headphones.

Key Features

  • Built-in Fire TV platform
  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • Hands-free Alexa voice control
  • 32-inch compact size
  • WiFi, HDMI, USB, Bluetooth

Also Consider: VIZIO 32″ D-Series Full HD Smart TV

The VIZIO D-Series also warrants consideration as a petite smart kitchen TV. Like the Insignia, it measures just 32 inches for a discreet footprint. Picture quality is similarly Full HD 1080p.

This budget-friendly option stands out for broad voice assistant compatibility. Use built-in mics to control your VIZIO hands-free with Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant.

SmartCast provides direct access to top streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and more. Built-in AirPlay and Chromecast allow wireless streaming from mobile devices.

Notable Features

  • Works with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant
  • SmartCast streaming platform
  • AirPlay and Chromecast compatibility
  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • 32-inch screen size

Best Budget Buy: TCL 32S335 720p Roku Smart TV

The TCL 32S335 delivers smart streaming and voice features at an ultra-affordable sub-$200 price point. For budget-focused kitchens, it’s a solid pick.

With the user-friendly Roku TV platform built right in, you get quick access to Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and cable-free live TV. Voice remotes accept commands via Google Assistant or Alexa.

At 720p resolution, picture quality falls short of Full HD but remains decent for casual viewing. The 32-inch compact size squeezes into kitchens of all shapes and sizes.

Key Specs

  • Roku TV streaming platform
  • Voice remote control
  • 720p HD resolution
  • 32-inch screen
  • Extremely affordable price

Going Even Smaller: Samsung The Frame 32″ QLED Smart TV

If you’re squeezed for space, consider Samsung’s The Frame . This 32-inch smart display uses QLED technology for stunning 4K resolution in an ultra-slim profile.

When mounting The Frame, use the no-gap wall mount. Its streamlined design hangs TVs flush to the wall, occupying virtually zero space. An ambient Art Mode displays artwork or photos when idle.

Built-in Bixby voice control, smart assistants and the Samsung smart hub offer full streaming and hands-free capabilities. With max style and minimal footprint, The Frame is a small yet splashy kitchen TV.

Notable Features

  • QLED 4K resolution in slim form
  • No-gap wall mount option
  • Art Mode for displaying visuals
  • Bixby voice assistant
  • Samsung Smart Hub

Key Features to Have in a Small Kitchen TV

While personal preferences differ, any small TV in the kitchen should meet certain requirements:

  • A 32-inch or smaller screen size maximizes usable space.
  • Smart capabilities like built-in streaming apps eliminate device clutter.
  • Hands-free voice control enables convenient operation while cooking.
  • Decent HD or 4K resolution properly renders colors and textures.
  • Audio connectivity allows addition of soundbars or speakers.

Prioritizing size, smart features and connectivity results in the optimal viewing experience without dominating the kitchen.

Small yet Mighty

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean a kitchen TV can’t be mighty. Compact smart displays listed above prove you can have full streaming and voice-command capabilities without an imposing screen hogging up your cooking space.

Audio Options to Boost Your Kitchen TV’s Sound

Small TVs mean limited volume. Luckily, various accessories help amplify your audio:

  • Soundbars offer an easy audio upgrade with minimal footprint.
  • Bluetooth speakers pair wirelessly for private listening.
  • Wireless headphones also allow private sound without disturbing others.
  • HDMI audio extractor upgrades sound signal from TV.

When shopping for a small kitchen TV, look for models with HDMI ARC or optical ports to simplify connecting audio gear.

Positioning Your Kitchen TV for Optimal Viewing

Proper positioning enhances your experience watching a small kitchen TV:

  • Mount it near eye level for comfortable viewing angles.
  • Avoid placing above windows or direct light sources.
  • Allow 18-24 inches between the screen and countertop.
  • Angle toward viewing zones like tables or cooking areas.

Also consider glare. Matte screens help minimize disruptive reflections.

Finding the Sweet Spot

Experiment with height, distance and angles to find your small kitchen TV’s ideal spot. Optimized placement prevents neck strain and glare.

Streamlining Your Kitchen TV Setup

With limited real estate, a cluttered TV setup overwhelms a kitchen. Keep things clean with these tips:

  • Use wall mounts and stands to preserve counter/table space.
  • Mount cables and cords along edges or on the back of the TV.
  • Conceal devices like streaming sticks or consoles in a cabinet small smart TV for kitchen
  • Connect devices wirelessly via built-in WiFi/Bluetooth.

A streamlined installation maximizes your small TV’s footprint. Hide cords and gadgets for a cleaner look.

Less Is More

In small kitchens, less is more when installing a TV. Consolidate devices, minimize cables and declutter your space for a slick, seamless setup.

FAQs About Small Kitchen TVs

What size TV is best for a kitchen?

Aim for 32 inches or smaller. This provides adequate viewing while preserving precious counter and cabinet space.

Which features are most important?

Key features include streaming apps, voice control, connectivity for audio devices and decent HD resolution. Smart capabilities are essential.

Where is the best placement for a kitchen TV?

Mount near eye level on a wall or cabinet 18-24 inches from counters/tables. Avoid placement where glare or lighting obscures viewing.

How do I streamline my kitchen TV setup?

Use wall mounts, stands and cabinets to consolidate devices. Minimize cables. Connect devices wirelessly if possible. Remove clutter from counters.

With the right compact smart TV, you can enjoy streaming and cooking simultaneously in even the tiniest kitchens. Optimal 32-inch and smaller displays like the Insignia F20 provide complete voice-controlled streaming packages without overwhelming space.

Focus on small dimensions but don’t skimp on features. Prioritize usability with intuitive interfaces, voice commands and built-in streaming. Place strategically to prevent neck strain and glare. Streamline cabling and devices for a clean look.

The small yet mighty smart TVs above inject entertainment into kitchens large and small. With their discreet footprints and maximal features, you can binge your favorite shows while whipping up meals with ease.

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