Entryway Benches with Hooks—Your New Found Seating and Storage Solution

Cluttered entryways packed with shoes, coats, bags and more are a common headache in many homes. But luckily there is an elegant storage solution that also doubles as extra seating – the entryway bench with hooks!

These multifunctional furniture pieces are specifically designed to help organize your entryway while providing a place to sit when coming and going. With built-in hooks, shelves and storage compartments, they keep essentials neatly stashed but still easily accessible. And with styles ranging from classic to modern, they effortlessly complement your home’s look.

What Exactly is an Entryway Bench?

An entryway bench is typically a long, padded seat placed right inside the main entrance of a home. While it provides a spot to sit while removing shoes or outerwear, its main purpose is organization.

entry way bench with hooks

It achieves this through storage components like:

  • Hooks along the back or sides to hang coats, hats, bags and umbrellas
  • Shelves to hold shoes, gloves, keys or other small items
  • Storage compartments concealed underneath the bench top

Many styles, materials and designs are available. The most common options include:


  • Wood – Warm and natural-looking like oak or birch
  • Metal – Industrial chic styles like black iron
  • Wicker – Softer woven look offered in various stains
  • Upholstered – Cushy padded bench with fabric cover


  • Traditional – Ornate carved details and elegant fabrics
  • Modern – Sleek and simple lines with neutral colors
  • Rustic – Distressed wood with farmhouse charm
  • Industrial – Metal accents and pipes for an urban vibe

Sizing and placement are also important considerations when selecting an entryway bench. Measure the space to ensure a proper fit, allowing enough room around it for moving around. Position it conveniently near doors and traffic flow for ease of use.

Why Choose an Entryway Bench with Hooks?

This storage-meets-seating solution offers versatility and convenience for clutter-prone entry spaces. Benefits include:

Storage and Organization

Hooks allow you to hang coats, hats, purses and bags so they don’t pile up on the floor or furniture. Shelves neatly corral shoes, gloves and other accessories. Bins and compartments conceal clutter to keep your space tidy.

Extra Seating

The bench provides a handy spot to sit down while taking off or putting on shoes and boots. It’s also great for setting bags or coats when guests visit before hanging them up.

Style and Decor

An entryway bench anchors the space and makes a strong first impression. Choose one cohesive with your home’s aesthetic, whether modern rustic or traditional.

Convenience and Accessibility

Located right by the door, everything you need like keys or umbrellas is within arm’s reach. Sit comfortably while tying shoes or removing them easily.

Key Features to Look For

When evaluating entryway benches, keep these top features in mind:

Sturdy and Durable Construction

Since it needs to withstand daily use and the weight of coats and heavier items, a quality bench has a solid wood or metal frame. Avoid flimsy materials prone to wobbling or breaking.

Abundant Storage Options

Hooks, open or enclosed shelves, and compartments accommodate all your stuff. Analyze your needs to determine how much of each is ideal for your family.

Comfortable Padded Seat

A cushioned seat allows comfortable sitting when putting on shoes or waiting on others to get ready. Look for adequate seat depth, height and padding.

Easy Assembly

Many entryway benches are ready-to-assemble for quick convenience. Make sure any required hardware is included.

Design and Materials

Consider the size, style and materials to complement your space. Also factor in maintenance – some materials like wood may require polishing.

Our Top Entryway Bench Picks

Looking for recommendations? Here are some of our favorite entryway benches to consider:

Basic Budget-Friendly: Ameriwood Home Lamar Storage Bench

At under $100, this wood and MDF bench provides great value. It measures 18″ H x 42″ W x 12″ D with a 250 lb weight capacity. Bronze hammered metal handles and knobs on three storage compartments. Assembly required.

Rustic Wood Storage: Altra Dakota Entryway Bench

Offering farmhouse charm, this bench is crafted of wood veneers in a weathered gray finish. It provides a sliding storage drawer, two open cubbies and a slatted shelf plus hooks. Measures 18.5″ H x 47.2″ W x 14.5″ D.

Modern Industrial: Threshold Carson Hall Tree

With exposed metal frame and black finish, this bench works in contemporary spaces. At 67″ H x 36″ W x 16″ D, it offers a bench plus large shelf, small shelf, three hooks and a rail.

Upholstered Storage Ottoman: Christopher Knight Logan Ottoman

The soft gray linen upholstery on this ottoman makes a cushy and stylish statement. Inside is hidden storage of about 19.7 cu. ft. The overall size is 36″ H x 36″ W x 18″ D.

Tips for Placement

Proper entryway bench placement enhances both form and function. Consider these tips:

  • Allow at least 30″ around bench for moving around
  • Angle parallel to wall or doorway
  • Place near light switch for visibility
  • Try different arrangements to find what works best

Entryway Bench Style Ideas

Complement your home’s aesthetic with these stylish entryway bench styles:

Rustic Farmhouse

A distressed wood bench with woven baskets brings rustic charm. Include hooks and shelving for function.

Modern Industrial

Exposed pipes and metal paired with wood or concrete inject contemporary edge. Hang backpacks and coats from hooks.

Traditional Classic

Tufted upholstery and carved details make a sophisticated statement. Storage compartments keep clutter tucked away.

With their versatile storage options, seating and style, entryway benches are a smart upgrade for any home. Hooks and compartments corral entry clutter while shelves stow small essentials like keys or gloves. Their dual-purpose design provides both fashion and function.

When selecting an entryway bench, prioritize durable and sturdy construction along with abundant storage capabilities. Measure the space to ensure proper proportions and allow room to move around it. Consider your decor style to choose a bench that matches or adds contrast. Installation is also typically quick and easy.

With the right entryway bench, you’ll have a space that’s easy to use and seating that’s inviting.

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